Veterans Must Unite And Close Ranks Against the Gun Grabbers

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Right now the veterans are the number one threat to the power structure, especially the battle hardened Soldiers and Marines returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Why? Because they are well trained, they have been in combat and have a sense of duty and honor even after their term of service.

What is really strange is why has not the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign wars come out to defend the veteran’s right to keep and bear arms. I have not heard anything from these organizations from the national level. These two organizations chartered by Congress are controlled by them. I heard that former servicemen or members who talk about real issues concerning the veterans in these halls of these Veterans organization are told to keep quiet.  

Right now nationwide veterans are being picked off one at a time by the Gun grabbers, being raided and having their guns taken one at a timeThere is no due process. Some head shrink in the Veterans hospital will declare someone mentally ill therefore taking away the Veteran’s right to keep and bear arms.There is no court of law to make such a designation or the defense of the veteran to bring forth character witnesses in their defense.

So how can veterans fight back against such an onslaught and attacks from the anti gun forces?

First, veterans have to start getting together and start talking to each other.  Communication is the key. They do not need the VFW and the American Legion to meet. Those organizations are already compromised. We need veterans groups outside having a government charter being independent to start addressing real issues concerning the government’s betrayal of the veterans.

Second, veterans and those of like mind ought to start to set up mutual defense ready to come to the aid of the one attacked in the community. This is not to start a shoot out. But if the other side knows veterans have set a system of mutual defense, it will serve as a deterrent to the anti gun forces. Why wait for the house to house searches of veterans homes when everyone comes to the aid instead of waiting for the storm trooper to arrive at your door? Mutual defense does serve to make a community of veterans hardened target.

Third, Veterans must arrange meetings with the county Sheriffs, Groups of veterans in mass must attend the county commissions, and City council meetings. They should be talking to the Police chiefs about interposing themselves between the Federal power and the people as they are supposed to serve. Their terms must be simple to these local government servants. No gun confiscation with out due process in a court of law. No more allowing the right to keep and bear arms based on a psychiatrist designation. Force the US Government to provide the burden of proof in a court of law if they want a veteran disarmed. Let the veteran have his day in court.

Veterans ought to take part in the Sheriffs posses if one is formed in the county. Veterans are many, there are many things they can do to head off the attack on the right to keep and bear arms. Oathkeepers cannot do it for the veterans. Sheriff Mack cannot carry the load convincing your sheriff to stand of the Veterans right to keep and bear arms. Veterans must be the own leaders.

The Veterans must close ranks and unite against tyranny coming against this land. They owe to those who gave their lives on the battle field. Am I calling for the veterans to start a war with them? No, of course not! No, not at all.The US government is already waging war against the veterans calling them terrorist, mentally ill and a threat to national security according to the Homeland Security, The Anti Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. By those designations they are the target to be disarmed. The VFW and the American Legion has not stood in opposition against these designations calling former servicemen terrorist. They have been silent on this issueVeterans must not allow these attacks against their fellow comrades to happen to them anymore.

The American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign wars are not going to stand up for the Veteran’s right to keep and bear arms. They are an arm of the government. They already have silenced Veterans taking about real issues inside their halls. It is up to the Veterans to do this going around these groups to organize. If Veterans do not stand together to counter the attack on their right to keep and bear arms, they will lose. They must document every time they are raided and disarmed because the media will not cover it. It is time to take the story to the alternative media. If action is not taken standing together against the gun grabbers disarming the veteran’s right to own guns. They will all be disarmed one at a time and helpless like the slaves..

For those people who never served in the Armed Forces. Putting a bumper sticker on the bumper of a car saying they support the troops is not enough. We must stand by them when they are wounded and need care. We must stand with the families that are affected. Most of all we must stand with them for their right to keep and bear arms. Why because if this group is disarmed. There will be no force that will stand between the people and tyranny committed and determined to answer the call again like the American veteran. When one groups rights are threatened. All our rights are threatened.

Sent to us by the author.

11 thoughts on “Veterans Must Unite And Close Ranks Against the Gun Grabbers

  1. The author makes very good points about the American Legion and VFW.
    He left out Viet Nam Vets of America. No matter, they are just as stifled. I ended my association with ALL veterans groups after “Desert Storm.”
    I could no longer stomach the effeminate stand these organizations represent.
    Sorry for the sad commentary on the VVA and VFW. Of course the VFW didn’t even want us to begin with because Nam wasn’t a declared war. Screw em all, I don’t need to pay dues to sit and drink! And I damn sure don’t want to hear war stories, I have my own nightmares.

  2. Amen Brother…….Im on the same page..!
    But I will also add Oath Keepers and Most State Militia Groups to the page …

    Most all of ’em are as useless as tits on a bullfrog!

  3. Hey All Heres a new and improved thought on all these get together feel good talky talk organizations LEARN WHAT YOUR GUN IS FOR AND USE THE DAMN THING ACCORDINGLY.These parading costumes make me sick I ve never took a damn oath and Im well aware of MY DUTY to me and mine and this nation why cant these fkn “oateaters” shut up or issue more than tired empty words.

  4. Preach it brother preach it!!!!

    I have said the same very thing with less words for several years now….an all I got for a response was STFU

    I am so glad others are seeing this crap……

    1. Hey oldvet<Im Mr.mellow just wait til NC reads this,he has a way with getting the message out crystal clear.

      1. Naw bro,..for as long as you have been here..I have watched you speak out….However, are more eloquent in you rants than I am…haaaaaa we dayum near got banned a cpl months back….remember?

        When Henry bans you butt…..(Not for being a troll,..but too outspoken) you know you need to chill a bit and have a cold one…..LOL!!!

    2. What did Oath keepers just do?…instead of going to help the public…they P*SSY’d out and file a petition to get their dayum permit back for a rally……….

      What did the Mass. Militia do??

      Who knows…they aint been heard from since!

      Tits on a bullfrog

  5. Perhaps any veterans, any age, any service will google [ 23 star fraggers + pat tillman ] and then wonder if Generals Cody, Abizaid, Dempsey, Petraeus, McChrystal, Kensinger and Farrisee understand what swearing an oath means. Any oath keeping veteran that seeks intel need look no further than Abel Danger which is the rogue intel group that survived and prospered when Slick Willy tubed Able Danger in the 1990’s. Field McConnell, four oath Marine, Abel Danger Global Intel

    1. If that is really you, welcome aboard! I’ve heard of you!
      You have been a thorn in the side of the NWO for some time now!

      1. Thank you for the positive response. Field McConnell, 715 307 8222, in Plum City WI and I am very much a thorn in the side of those, including my only sibling, who wish to complete the GHWB-Windsor-City of London takeover of our Constitutional Republic. Over my dead body, literally. If you like intel and know what a dot net is search abel danger. Getting lots of positive feedback from veterans below the 4 star rank. Speaking of rank, google [ 23 star fraggers + Pat Tillman ] Abel Danger was ‘front and center’ at Pat’s Run last Saturday in Tempe, AZ. FMcC USMC 0116513

        1. I had to google Plum City. I’m only about 3-4 hours away! I plan on being up in that neck of the woods this summer to hook up with a couple of other regulars here!
          I honestly have not followed your work much but have run across your name and some of your work. As I said above, Welcome to the Trenches! I look forward to your input.

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