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  1. I would love having that much right now, get everything paid off in one shot and sit comfortably for till I drop dead on the rest.

    So what is this for?

      1. Deb I just got one for 3 years ago LOL. Magically they found “money” that I “owed”them. Lol f@#these assholes.

        1. They will always find money owed to them! In bizzaro world, we owe them while they screw us. Hell, after all the damage they did to us, they told me I owed them over $65,000! And I haven’t worked since 99. They’re trying to double dip on what they claim my husband owes them. This is insanity.

    1. Not registered. It was just dropped in the mailbox. Father fed crackes me up. They act like the average joe can just send them nearly a million, while they screw us for faaaarrrrr more.

  2. Nine hundred ninety three thousand eight hundred eighty five and let’s not forget that quarter! OOOOOOhhhhhh! Melania Trump, our soon to be first lady, says she’s an “immigrant”. I met the Donald and I was extracted from poverty to a “rich bitch”. “Yes, I haven’t used my boobalicious body and puckered lips to get ahead, and look at me now! So just pucker up and get ahead, or give head, either way, you’ll be ahead.

    Still, I’d rather see her than Hitlery. Just remember, we have no choice in the matter.

    1. The quarter is what had me in stitches! It would have been funnier if it had been .99 cents lol! These bastards only sing one song, and it’s money for them.

  3. Deb, is this bill from the IRS for real? Are they saying you owe this amount to them? I’m aware of some IRS scams, where people are saying to pay a certain amount that they owe.
    This may be personal, but why do they say you owe the money?

    1. Yes Katie, this bill is for real. My husband and brother in law spent 27 months in prison for trying to fight the IRS on what grounds they could fleece us in this manner. They never give up, and they never go away.

  4. Deb, you may have heard me rant and rave about Cracking the Code, and the fact that we owe no taxes, period. Obviously, your husband and brother in law know this as well.
    I’m sending you a link, scroll down to honor roll and witness the full refunds, everything that would have been stolen had these regular folk not filed properly. How’d you like to turn this crap on their heads, and get EVERY RED CENT back that they are saying you owe? Now, I’d imagine the amount on the bill you posted has late fees attached. Anyway, do what you will with the info.. If you decide to re-file with amended forms attached keep in touch, and I’ll assist you. If they did not work in connection to the fed. govt., they owe no taxes. If they did do some work for the fed. govt. then they would owe ONLY on that portion of the activity performed. Also, if you live in a state that steals state taxes, they too will go to the wind because state taxes are based on fed. taxes.
    Link- http://www.losthorizons.com/BulletinBoard.htm

    1. I’ve seen your posts Katie. I’m going to give Ray this information tonight. They’ve lost so much and have already paid a dear price. If this can help them it would be great. Thank you so much. 🙂

  5. Looks like its due to a “court”.

    many ways to solve that problem.

    talking would not be my first choice.

    Does it list approved “payment” types/methods?

    Hard to pay in money when it all has been seized and foreign currency was used to REpresent it.

  6. The IRS uses the Internal Revenue Code.
    The laws of the United States is United States Code (U.S.C.)
    The contents are identical but does the IRC have the same AUTHORITY of the USC?

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