0 thoughts on “Ron Paul "This Is Probably A Bigger Problem Than The World Has EVER Faced Before!"

    1. Mark,

      “The truth was obscure, too plain and too pure. To live it you had to explode”.—Bob Dylan

      Ron Paul is simply telling the truth. I believe his ratings, given the historic unpopularity of truth, give added credence to what he is saying.

      This is, of course, unfortunate, but also unfortunately true.

      1. Brian-

        He is damn close to second, and not too far from #1. Could this mean a possible VP spot? You bet it does. This game is far from over. The Trenches has been pushing Paul for months. The Game continues.

        1. Thanks for that feedback…let’s hope the people of this nation don’t need to be set on fire in order to feel the heat!

          Is it still okay to say “it ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings”? Should I say large woman?

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