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  1. Banks World Wide Taking a Beating – Bank of America Down 50% – Others Aren’t Too Far Behind

    While our illustrious leaders in Washington are taking sun at the beach, banks world wide are swirling down the toilet. Today, the market fell off a cliff once again, worse yet, housing took another bath. Nobody except the filthy rich can afford to buy a new home. Re-financing a home is going crazy, some rates as low as 2.0 percent!

    Markets in turmoil world wide! Investors are all over the map scared too death, up and down market action faster than ever seen before. America is in a depression, and the professional teleprompter readers are scared too death to admit it.

    So now the question is, would you buy stocks right now? Many say yes! Others’ say no! Gloomy is the word of the day. Who is going to put the key into the lock and unlock the economy to start it rolling again?

    Do we cut or grow taxes? Do we bring our military home or do we leave them in Afghanistan at $2 billion a week. These are the questions our new presidential candidates face today. The national psychology needs help, but who has the wherewithal who is up to the task? Who has the balls to bring America back from the brink? Is there anybody out there up to the task? The United States is dead folks,and we are now looking to Europe for answers.

    We are going to have root canal spending cuts soon, and the retirees of America are scared to death. Will the cash keep flowing? Today the market dropped another 319 points, trillions of dollars out the window. Asian markets have dropped like a rock as well.

    Want to solve all of our problems? Vote Ron Paul, Americas problems will be over in a week!

  2. What was that Patrick Henry is noted for saying? Did that somehow get left out of history classes in the last 50 years?

  3. What is it going to take to get Washington DC bums to finally understand what us American
    people want. These guys are only in it for there own personal gain. We American what do we need to get to get these non performers out of there job.We to take away all there perks and they should be treated just like all the other American People are treated by government. We need to some how get all of them out. I don’t ever remember voting to have these guys receive the bens they get. Oh now I understand they vote in these bens by them with no say from the American people. They are not doing a dam thing but in fighting and getting nothing done.Then they sign a last minute bill for the control spend and budgets. Then go off
    and take 4 weeks off. Bullshit…Bullshit and Bullshit. All these folks don’t have a idea what they heck they are trying to accomplish. The only thing they try to accomplish was to fool all the American people. By word smithing and playing word games. They all need to go now. For Obama he is weak and caves in to the reps. He needs to growth some balls and quit falling into the reps games. We need to have someone that says the buck stop here and if you don’t like resign from office. We the America people need to take back our USA and get ride of the non performers last and for all. The American people need to stop being so weak and stand up strong and sent a real message to these government officials. Dam this make me sick every time I read about them. All these government officials just lie..steal and cheat.
    We the American people need to stand up for what is ours and over take Washington DC.

    Hang Them all from a Tree and let them all rot where they are hanging.

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