Rush Limbaugh Has A Theory About Harry Reid’s ‘Exercise’ Accident

Rush Limbaugh Has A Theory About Harry Reid’s ‘Exercise’ AccidentChicks on the Right – by Red Dawn

I have to admit it. I totally bought his whole, “I was injured exercising” excuse before. But his face is still jacked up. And his vision is all wacked out. And he freaking had to wear sunglasses on the Senate floor. And he did all that damage with an “elastic exercise band.”


Rush Limbaugh thinks he got beat up.  

“Does anybody believe that Harry Reid really had an accident with his exercise machine?” Limbaugh asked after touching on Reid’s announcement. “Does anybody really believe that’s why Harry Reid is still bruised and is still wearing dark glasses, what, months after this accident with his exercise machine?”

“I don’t believe for a minute that whatever happened to Harry Reid has anything to do with an exercise machine unless somebody repeatedly threw him into it,” Limbaugh said mocking Reid. “Harry Reid looks like and is acting like — and now with this announcement, behaving like — somebody who may have been beaten up.”

“Nobody… I’ve never seen anybody have an accident with exercise machine that ends up suffering symptoms much like Harry Reid’s for as long as Harry Reid has,” Limbaugh said. “Three months, and you still have signs of injury for accident running into your exercise machine? Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah.”

Maybe a labor boss beat him up in Vegas. Because let’s be honest. Does it look like he works out? He’s a little frail wussy boy.

Powerline had an interesting take on the mystery too.

A friend of mine was in Las Vegas a week or two ago. He talked to a number of people there about Reid’s accident, and didn’t find anyone who believed the elastic exercise band story. The common assumption was that the incident resulted, in some fashion, from Reid’s relationship with organized crime. The principal rumor my friend heard was that Reid had promised to obtain some benefit for a group of mobsters. He met with them on New Year’s Day, and broke the bad news that he hadn’t been able to deliver what he promised. When the mobsters complained, Reid (according to the rumor) made a comment that they considered disrespectful, and one of them beat him up.

Is that what really happened? I have no idea, but it is a more likely story than the elastic exercise band yarn.

I think they may be on to something. Thoughts?

h/t Daily Caller

27 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Has A Theory About Harry Reid’s ‘Exercise’ Accident

  1. i never believed the original story..and as a good lie, the story has changed a few times already as to what really happened , so

    maybe i look at things a little different than most people
    ask yourself,, how buff does this 75 year old really look?
    does he really look like he “works out”
    and as a general rule i have , if they are connected with government , or a politician, or have been for most of their life.. the credibility factor goes significantly against them in he case of Mr Reid..his story is a lie , so anything other than what he says happened is more likely than his version

    most minor injuries heal within a week or so,, this guy has been sporting bruises an eye patch, and special glasses for quite some time.. looks like he’s healing from a beat down

    oh and lets not forget Hillary’s eye injury ,, remember?
    and when that took place and what was going on at the time ..remember?

    nice try though Harry

    1. EOS—

      Yep…somebody took to heart and…applied “Hunter’s dictum & 1st Law of Attitude Adjusting”….that being:

      …a hard right-cross to the (eye) orbital-socket…hopefully followed by a left-hook to the rib-cage…a knee to the chin…then stomp the collar-bone…roll-em-over…and stomp a MUD HOLE in their….a–…er…bottom!!!

      …a salute to ya, pal…kudos!!!!!

      1. I don’t know Hunter, but your description of engagement has “cop” smell all over it. Just sayin’.

  2. Everyone can see that Reid got one of the many ass-kickings that he deserves, so Rush is trying to blame “organized crime” for the beating to take the focus of curiosity off of the Chinks.

    At the time of the beating, was he involved in a mob dispute, or was he involved with unsuccessfully stealing land for the Chinks?

    Shovel some more BS, you pill-head, child molesting piece of crap.

    1. I agree. The Chinese would be prime suspects.
      But remember, the major “organized crime” group runs the banks and financial sectors of our country. They run the media and Hollywood (making movies that make most people think of Italians when organized crime is mentioned). They purchase our government. They coerce us to fight their wars.
      And they have their own “country” in the Middle East.
      I think it just as likely that they administered the beat down and “convinced” him not to run again.

  3. “Pills” Limbicle needs a couple mobsters to pay him a good ass-whooping! “With talent on loan from God” he spews the airwaves with total jibberish and turns to sh*t anything he approaches. He is the epitomy of cronyism and I would be delighted if some terrorists would kidnap him and behead his sorry ass to spare us his unrepentant, egotistical, and bigoted mouth. There’s a reason why the NFL and ABC said thanks but no thanks.

      1. Wow, that’s the first time I’ve been addressed as Mr. Millard. Homeless Jack does “ring a bell” but I’m not in the know. I am curious and await further correspondence regarding Homeless Jack. Quite frankly, I may be on my way to a title of Homeless Millard.

          1. I got family around but I’m the “odd man out”. You know, deceased wife, a little on the “touched” side with my beliefs, and I say things they don’t want to here such as “Why do you waste your time voting?” That’s about where I’m at. Aflac has just today been approved for my medical leave so at least I’ll be able to pay some of the bills without dipping into my retirement which I probably should considering the wolves in the banking industry licking their chops looking at everyone’s 401K.

          2. Hey Paul and Angel-NYC, I’ll get through this and continue my bothersome comments on the trenches. Just one of the many struggles we all face every day. We are all just one unfortunate accident away from the breadline. I may just hop in my jetboat and live on the Chippewa this summer. I know some spots where I can hook into some WiFi so I’ll be able to stay in touch. I got my tent, camping gear, fishing pole and firearms for critters and such. It may turn out to be Millard’s excellent adventure. I know I can live off the land, my only real expense would be gas for the boat. I grew up living on that river and, right now, an extended campout sounds just fine to me. The Chippewa river, where the walleye tastes great and the squirrels taste like chicken. Rabbits o’plenty, ruffed grouse, and pheasants as well and let’s not forget the venison. The woods along the river hold many edible plants for survival. I got about a 50 mile stretch along with a 15 mile run up the Red Cedar River. It’s beautiful country and the campout option is on my table for now. This is something that I’ve thought about doing for quite a few years and, if I’m unemployed, I could certainly save the rent money and get by just fine.

          3. Hey Millard. Sounds like a good plan. There are some that i know who are already doing such. 🙂

        1. You’re not alone in being alone, Millard. Stay strong and hold fast. You know what’s right and you don’t ignore it. Good on ya and keep hope alive by continuing to resist the way you have in every way possible. Apathy is consent and YOU are not apathetic! F these guys and we’ll see to it together they are f’d.

          1. Thanks Martist but when I’m posting from a beautiful sandbar next to a reef drowning a worm with walleye fillets in my cast iron skillet, I guess I won’t feel too sad for myself. If you’ve never done a “clam bake” on the Chippewa, you have not had a full life. The spirits of the water will entertain you occasionally along with the “Hellhounds of Meridean”. Old folklore from years past in the stretch of the river I’ll be on. Google it if it peaks your interest.

  4. I’m more inclined to think Harry’s beat down and subsequent retirement announcement had more to do with getting Chuck-Israel first-Schumer into his committee spot.

  5. Well…yeah…look at how many elected officials have “accidents”. Either they are the clumsiest bunch of damned idiots to ever walk the earth or someone is smacking them around. Usually the accidents coincide with votes on bills that have the interest of heavy players. When the official decides to spill the beans they usually commit suicide or have a plane accident. The US would not be in the shape it is in today if not for so many plane accidents and suicides.

  6. Harry Reid was just on Communist News Network saying he “wants to be remembered for his 34 years in office”. Don’t worry Harry, none of us will soon forget you. Just another candidate for “the list”.

  7. I think that it has something to do with the BLM, Cliven Bundy and the militias… I hope that is where his beating came from?

  8. Rush . . . the Trenchers came to this conclusion L-O-N-G before you ever announced your theory.
    . . .

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