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  1. “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality” — I forget who said that.

    My fellow patriots, its going to take many a ‘Brass Pair’, for any working (militia), group(s), to gather as a force to effect the change that is needed to restore our land. It’s long past time to get things in motion, to that end. Most of us have the will and ability to protect our families, our country, and our way of life, but are looking for the leaders to step forward!… I commend you all for having the guts to take up this cause. By doing so, you’ve become a target of the evilness within our government. They have yet to feel the sting of the ‘Modern American Patriot’!…
    Until now the patriots among us, shouting in the streets and alleyways have not awakened the sheeple. They have grown soft and complacent, lulled by lies and false alarms over the last 60+ years. With operation Jade Helm 15 in sight, none of us wants to see America’s landscape in ruins, But there may be no way out of it now. It’s fight to restore America to her former glory or surrender to the tyranny at our doorstep. If talking could have done the job, we would not be litigating to keep the 2nd Amendment alive. We have been deceived by corrupt elected officials for way to long. Deceived by word and deeds that have a direct adverse affect on the security of America, it’s founding documents and the people’s liberty.
    The whole planet is feeling the crunch of tyranny, and the dangers of Islam. We have to but open our eyes, rock up our guts, and put one foot in front of the other toward the enemy. We must show them the ‘Will’ in our eyes, and the ‘Spirit of America’ in our hearts, or… it will be the back of our bowed heads on bent knees… History will remember those who ‘Stood and Fell’ , not those who ‘Failed’ to stand at all!… Some say we are not ready!… So I ask… If not now, when?…
    We must show the world that ‘We The People’ have given ‘Peace’ a chance! Its now time to ‘Lock N Load’… To stand with ‘Honor’, in the shadow of our Nation’s forefathers. To carry high the banner of ‘Liberty’ that has been lowered by a mask tyranny has worn to fool the masses. The enemy is in the White House backed by the ‘Traitors in Congress, and the Judiciary!… Its time to put the point of our blades to their throats! I Love my country! I stand ready to be of service to her survival. I have only my life and liberty to lose!… What say YOU?

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