Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Not Planning to Retire for at Least 2 Years


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a bad answer for Democrats who are worried if President Barack Obama can not choose her replacement, the court could flip more conservative because of the high historical likelihood that after eight years of a Democrat in office, the presidency will be won by the opposition party.

Speaking with Yahoo News’ Katie Couric, Ginsburg said, “My answer is, I will do this job as long as I can do it full steam,” she added “When I feel myself slipping. When I can no longer think as sharply, write as quickly, that will be the time for me to leave the court.”  

The 81-year-old Ginsburg said her role model is Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis who retired at 83.

“I expect to stay at least that long,” she said. “All I can say is that I am still here and likely to remain for a while.”

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5 thoughts on “Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Not Planning to Retire for at Least 2 Years

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