Sad Days

Sad days continue to descend upon our Republic. When there’s a freak show occupying our government, we’re guaranteed even more unfortunate times ahead. Fortunately, we have the means to change this alarming trend.

The question remains …. “Do We Possess The Will To Apply It?”

I would like to think we do. As these atrocities continue to slap us across the face, the American Patriot must be moved to action. Honor and integrity has been programmed out of the American people at large for several generations by social terrorists and it will take those who didn’t experience this social terrorism during their rearing, to lead the way.  

Those of which I am referring to are the modern day Three Percent, the Three Percent of the herd which will stand for what’s right, stand for righteousness, and stand against evil and oppression. Just as the original Three Percent did, those who stood up to King George. We must find the Three Percent on our watch, to stand up to the criminals of our day.

Friends, “It’s time the Passion for what’s right, and the rule of law, to come into view on the plane of Truth and Reason.” The political and social terrorists which we’ve endured, for some time now, MUST be done away with, immediately! If they’re allowed to continue, the changes which they’ll make will not only be hard to restore….(and they know this) …. and quite frankly, near impossible to do so as they move with lightning speed to sterilize our history and our heritage, these monuments cannot be brought back to their original order. It could take years to replace them…if at all.

We need to be on guard in each of our respective A.O.’s to protect these sites, with any and ALL means, especially our honored fallen places of rest. If they’re willing to exhume the dead, they’re also willing to replace them with you.

Death to ALL Tyrants and Oppressors!

Death to the N.W.O.!

We SHALL Prevail!

7 thoughts on “Sad Days

  1. As we move forward with heavy hearts and our crushing burden, remember that victory belongs to our Savior, Who will soon return and crush our enemies before us. This is the beginning of sorrows. The next 15 years will be devastating, and then the great tribulation for another 3.5 years.

    Keep the faith, endure until the end. Keep your rifles at the ready and be prepared for anything – especially the unexpected.

  2. Be careful of patriotism. To thy own self be true. Love your family and respect your neighbor’s property. That’s what great nations are made of. Free trade, commodity money, peace, free markets, savings and education. When is the last time your country has lied to you, spied on you, robbed you or committed atrocities in your name and at your expense? Today. And it happened yesterday and it happened a hundred years ago and it will happen tomorrow. Individuals thinking for themselves make nations great even if they accomplish it by collective accident while collectivists fail time and time again through central planning because they understand neither history nor economics nor the nature of man.

  3. “Honor and integrity has been programmed out of the American people at large…..”

    Ain’t that the truth. We’ve gotten to the point where honor and integrity are mocked rather than respected, and it’s no accident. Endless media messages have encouraged lying, stealing, and cheating ay every opportunity, and this has reduced us to a nation of whores.

    Important article, Paraclete. The moral aspects of our struggle are ignored to our own detriment… but there are enough of us who still take pride in our honor. Millions of derelicts will join the battle out of self-preservation, but they’ll struggle to regain their honor when it’s a sought after commodity again….. and if not, they’ll probably be hanged soon enough.

    We’re all tired of the criminal class.

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