Sadistic Cop Shoots Puppy in Front of Children, Laughs About It, Charges Owner with a Crime

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Clayton County, GA — A tragic and insidious puppycide was reported this week in Clayton County when an officer callously and sadistically shot a puppy in front of children.

A family is grieving after witnessing Clayton County police officer Walter Dennard walk up to their five-month-old lab-pit mix and shoot it, claiming the puppy “lunged at him.”

“He just shot the dog and stood there with no remorse, no regrets in front of her and her kids,” neighbor Aijohli King told Channel 2 after she witnessed the shooting.  

puppyClaudette Terry was moving into her new home when officers stopped to harass her friend who was sitting in the driveway. As two officers were questioning Terry’s friend, a third walked up and cowered in fear as a five-month-old puppy approached. He then pulled out his service weapon and fired without any regard for the children playing in the yard.

“My son opened the door the dog ran out and kind of stood by me where the other officers were,” Terry explained. “He didn’t bark, growl or anything.”

When she heard the gunshot, Terry thought her son was shot by this cowardly officer.

“When the gun went off, my son went down in the yard crying. I looked thinking my son may have been shot,” she said.

Neighbors who witnessed the shooting said the officer’s account of the puppy lunging at him was not true.

“He just took a step back and he just shot at the dog,” witness Brandon Smarr said. “And then he started laughing afterward.”

After recklessly discharging his weapon around multiple children, the officer then walked up to the puppy as it lay on the ground and put another round in him for good measure.

“The dog was shaking on the ground,” Terry said. “And he walked up to the dog and shot it a second time. He walked closer and shot it a second time.”

After this cop shot their beloved puppy, he then charged the mother with a crime.

According to WSB-TV, Officer Dennard’s file showed several use of force complaints, including a suspension for Tasing a suspect in the neck. But Terry is the one facing charges for not having her dog on a leash or showing rabies paperwork.

Clayton County police assure the community that they are investigating the incident.



16 thoughts on “Sadistic Cop Shoots Puppy in Front of Children, Laughs About It, Charges Owner with a Crime

        1. You are quite welcome.
          I have the album and CD. LOL 😉
          (We’ve posted a lot of Pink Floyd in the Trenches. 😀 )

          1. I am a big Floyd fan and have thought the song “sheep” fit years ago but this particular video kind of says it all. Well done on the part of the video poster I thought. Anyway, thanks again Angel.

          2. Bleating and babbling I fell on his neck with a scream.
            Wave upon wave of demented avengers
            March cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream..

  1. Yep, these are the kind of psychopaths the enemy force in occupation gives a gun and authority to. That arrogant piece of shit is going to eventually open fire on the wrong family. When he gets his face blown off, no one will lift a finger to help him. I hope there is a dog nearby to piss on his filthy carcass.

    1. Sunfire,no worries,one of my ex’s used to refer to me as a human German Shepard ,be happy to piss on said cops corpse!

  2. What’s important to remember here is that it’s not a matter of this one dog, but that it’s more evidence of the psychotic, sadistic behavior we’re seeing from ALL COPS, all across the country.

    Forget this dog, and remember that it happens everyday. Cops laugh about it (as this one did), and they brag about it, and they do it repeatedly simply because they can get away with it. And they also have a good time getting away wit rape and murder whenever it suits their whims, too.

    The only justice for this cop, and the rest of the sick bastards, would be the same treatment he gave the dog.

    Just scroll through the headlines ANY DAY, and you’ll see more examples of this same behavior. Killing innocent people, killing the family dog in front of the kids, raping women at traffic stops, and beating the crap out of anyone that doesn’t submit to their “authority”.

    It’s not one cop. It’s a sickness that’s sweeping through police departments across the country, and there’s only one thing that’s going to stop it.

    1. I’m getting sick of reading about it. It’s long past time that this problem was addressed effectively.

  3. “Clayton County police assure the community that they are investigating the incident.” Well, alrighty then, case closed!

  4. Another perfect example of “WHAT” we’re dealing with.
    And “WHY” We The People must begin the restoration process,
    NOW !
    The enemies of our Republic are pure evil and worthless.

  5. Clayton County is a lower socio-economic county about 20 miles south of down town Atlanta. It’s known for having it’s share of problems – with it’s city and county councils, with it’s police departments and with it’s citizenry. This is a county most people wouldn’t much care to live in. I am only slightly surprised this has happened in this county. Usually it’s shootings, robberies, etc. The shooting of a puppy by an officer isn’t a daily occurrence in this country, but I’m not overly surprised it’s happened.
    If the rest of the state had their say about it, this is one of the counties we would like to move to the inside of the ‘perimeter’ (sorta like the DC beltway), wall it all up and not let anyone in or out without a damn good reason. This is not a good county. So if you’re planning on moving to the Atlanta area, I suggest you look into other counties beside this one. There are a couple other counties much like this one, but this is one of the more notorious.

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