Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on Burning Spree; Burns House and Jeep

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There are two recent incidents that have alarmed the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 users after a fire was involved with both. The cause is reportedly, a faulty battery of Note 7.

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a user of the Galaxy Note 7 left the smartphone charging in his Jeep and the next thing he noticed was that his vehicle was consumed by fire. He was busy unloading furniture and could not pay attention to what was happening while the phone was charging. He believes that during the charging process, the phone somehow caught fire and burned the whole vehicle afterwards.  


The other incident also occurred this week. A Horry County, South Carolina man left his Note 7 charging in his garage. Suddenly it went ablaze and the garage caught fire. According to investigators, the fire started from the wall outlet where the phone was being charged. As per the man’s statement, the phone was left charging for about an hour. During this time he went to pick up his kids from school. When he came back, he noticed that the house was on fire.


In both incidents, authorities suspect that the Note 7 played a key role and have included it in their investigation of the fires. If it is concluded that the Galaxy Note 7 caused both fires, Samsung would have to pay the affected families compensation.

Until September 1, Samsung has received at least 35 complaints of similar incidents but this is the first time that people have come out and reported the incidents while others chose to keep their smartphones.

Samsung is offering exchange and replacement offers to users of Galaxy Note 7 already at its new website. The deal is that you can take your Note 7 and get it replaced with a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, and get the difference of amount refunded. Even the accessories of Note 7 that you have already bought can be returned to the company.

We recommend that you get the new fireproof model of phones from Samsung and give this risky device back to save yourself, your family and property from any devastating incidents like those mentioned above.

The Federal Aviation Administration has also issued a statement late Thursday that,

“strongly advises passengers not to turn on or charge these devices on board aircraft and not to stow them in any checked baggage.”

However, Samsung is not the only company having its devices burning, in August 2016, a cyclist wasleft with third-degree burns thigh after his iPhone 6 “exploded” in his pocket. So whether you are a Samsung or iPhone user watch out and don’t leave your device charging in your absence.

Source: Fox10/Wmbf

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  1. Good. I hope it burns everything you own. YOU had to have the latest gadget that permits government spying on everyone around you, so when your house burns to the ground, you’re getting what you deserve.

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