Sanctuary State California: Gov. Gavin Newsom Authorizes Border Crossers to Police Americans as Cops

Breitbart – by John Binder

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has started implementing a new law in the sanctuary state of California that allows recently-arrived border crossers to police American citizens as law enforcement officers with local, county, and state agencies. 

Last year, Newsom signed S.B. 960, which only requires that law enforcement officers in the state have a work permit to be employed in the United States — removing residency requirements that mandated law enforcement officers be either American citizens or green card-holders that had at least filed to become naturalized American citizens.

The new law, which went into effect this month in California, states:

Existing law establishes the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training within the Department of Justice to perform various functions involving the training of peace officers. Existing law requires peace officers in this state to meet specified minimum standards, including, among other requirements, being at least 18 years of age, being of good moral character, as determined by a thorough background investigation, and being either a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident who is eligible for and has applied for citizenship, except as prescribed. [Emphasis added]

This bill would provide that those standards shall be interpreted and applied consistent with federal law and regulations, as specified. The bill would remove the provision that requires peace officers to either be a citizen of the United States or be a permanent resident who is eligible for and has applied for citizenship, and would instead require peace officers be legally authorized to work in the United States, and make conforming changes. [Emphasis added]

In effect, the law allows recently-arrived border crossers — released into the U.S. interior and given work permits by President Joe Biden’s administration — to secure jobs in California as law enforcement officers.

From February 2021 to October 2022, Biden’s DHS has released at least 1.4 million border crossers and illegal aliens into American communities — most of which have been given work permits allowing them to stay in the U.S. while awaiting their immigration hearings.

Most recently, Biden announced a plan that blows open the doors to an even more expansive Catch and Release network at the U.S.-Mexico border, where 360,000 more border crossers will be able to get into the U.S. interior by applying for parole.

8 thoughts on “Sanctuary State California: Gov. Gavin Newsom Authorizes Border Crossers to Police Americans as Cops

  1. Giving the farm away by any other name is still giving the farm away. A nation of laws is a laugh and they smear it in our faces all the time and tell us to remain peaceful while being raped. We do get to foot the bill for our own demise though and we haven’t seen anything yet.

    1. As for the policing and the raping… it’s vinegar in the wound when done by invaders. And Gavin Newsom is as guilty as they. Justice knows that cruelty has its place.

      You mention “nation of laws.” Funny thing is we are a “nation of laws.” I mean The Bill of Rights. If that is upheld and enforced, we get the farm back.


  2. This actually was already done in 1996. He is doing publicity stunts as usual along with the other communist. In early 96, county, state and federal job applications all said “must be a citizen of the united states”. Later in the year, the “revised” applications came out stating “only to have applied to be a citizen”. No one back then, had a legitimate answer as to why the change,,,,

  3. We American National don’t owe a fckg dime. The corrupt Com Gov and the Central Banks IRS want to you to believe this Horshit! They will repay what they have stolen from us Don’t stop preachin this fact … They owe us Trillions!!!! They won’t be giving it back, We the people will topple this and take back what is rightfully ours!!!

  4. I heard a tiny war story on the radio yesterday. Supposedly it’s a true story, but I can’t say who the players are. Anyhow, an assistant to the general comes riding up to him and says,

    “Sir, we’re surrounded on all sides.”

    The general replies,

    “GOOD!! Now we know where they are.”

    Ha!! Not a bad attitude to cultivate.


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