Satanic Temple Holds First State-Sanctioned Ceremony at Michigan State Capitol

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Just in time for Christmas, The Satanic Temple of Detroit held a Satanic ceremony on the steps of the state Capitol in Lansing, Michigan on December 19, 2015. Members dressed in black held black and white American flags. The group has posted a video of the event on YouTube, and a transcript can be found here.

The speech began with, “Hail comrades. Hail sisters and brothers. Hail Satan.”  

templedetroit“We are gathered here to celebrate the spirit of humanity and the dawn of a New American Era…”

While some argued this constitutes freedom of speech and religion, others argued it is a sign that America is (literally) going to Hell.

In a related story, Satanic Temple Unveils Nine-Foot-Tall Baphomet Sculpture in Detroit

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15 thoughts on “Satanic Temple Holds First State-Sanctioned Ceremony at Michigan State Capitol

  1. “Members dressed in black held black and white American flags.”

    Unless they’re red, white & blue, they’re nothing more than caricatures of an American flag.

    Guess these losers willingly choose the smoking section.

    1. I’d say the genuine US flag has become a true symbol of evil. Pentagrams, inverted crosses, etc., are generally nothing more than fun and games for atheistic goths who get a kick out of pretending that every day is Halloween. The US flag, on the other hand, has come to symbolize lies, tyranny, oppression, and insatiable greed.

      Those who are the most emotionally attached to that flag are invariably those who support the US government’s murderous foreign policy. Most such individuals call themselves “Christian,” but their values are about as far from Christ’s teachings as it’s possible to get.

      1. I myself am agnostic. I call the people you describe “FRISTIANS” (fake Christians). Regardless of if Jesus ever existed or not, these people would crucify him today as they are evil and vile. They do evil while espousing his name. They are worse than the idiots in this article.

  2. Hardly

    If you dont think the Michigan State Capitol is satanic your dumb.

    IF you think this is the first time the state of michigan has sanctioned satanic rituals at the capitol your really dumb. Hell they probably did the first one while the capitol was being built…

  3. Freaks! You speak of liberty, you twist the foundations of this nation as well as life, the laws of nature and of nature’s God.

    You have used the liberty of self governance to pervert this land with your deviance disguised as acceptance for all people’s choices.

    You will be dealt with in this life, receiving the wrath of American Nationals. You are part of the destruction of this nation by way of twisting the 1st article so you can worship satan.

    You sick punks, you turn my stomach.

  4. I’m not going to waste my time listening to these morons. If they are advocating humanism, they don’t need a personified boogeyman for that. If they are advocating servitude to a magical non existent boogman then they should all be committed. Either way they are just a bunch of idiots trying to rile up Christians. If they don’t like what Christians do then just stay away from Christians. These people are all very young and very immature.

    1. You’ve basically nailed it. These people don’t even believe in Satan (or God). This is all just humanism dressed up for shock value.

  5. Never underestimate the “dark” occult.
    If people ever realize we have been farmed like cattle for generations from these entities.
    They’re gonna be pissed.
    That’s what they’re trying to conceal. .. to postpone their demise.
    Not gonna work.
    We have Universal and Natural law.
    If you think you can TRUMP that…. good luck.
    Truth is the enemy here to them. Yet truth will always succeed.
    Sorry devil worshippers….. but that’s the truth.

  6. Just an FYI, but out of sheer curiosity I’ve read quite a lot of the writings of so-called “modern Satanists” like these. Not only do they not actually worship Satan, they don’t even believe in Satan as anything more than a symbol of rebellion and independence. They’re really nothing more than atheists or agnostics who are into a kind of goth subculture. I don’t see them as a threat. They’re just having fun being “outrageous.”

    If you want to see REAL evil, look no further than those who actually harm innocent people, including those who blasphemously do so in the name of Jesus, God, or whomever. “Christian” and Jewish Zionists, politicians and their mindless enforcer pigs, sadists of all varieties — these are all people whom we can judge by their fruits, as Jesus told us to.

    1. That depends on if they align them selves with Anton Levey (humanism) or temple of sett (Michael Aquino, bohemian grove, etc).

  7. Don’t let these idiots disturb you. If they’re not all Jews, they’re angry kids rebelling against religious parents who’ve been organized by Jews (useful idiots) to piss off Christians.

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