Scientists Find “Persuasive Evidence” Of Vote Hacking, Demand Clinton Recount In 3 States

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Between the so-called ‘Hursti Hack’, questions over Soros-linked voting machines, some peculiarities in Texas, and the media furore over Trump’s democracy-threatening questioning of the election outcome; it is perhaps ironic that, after being soundly beaten across the vast majority of counties in America, NY Mag reports, a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers are urging the Clinton campaign to call for a recount in three swing states won by Donald Trump after allegedly finding “persuasive evidence” of vote hacking.  

The group, which includes voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz and J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, believes they’ve found persuasive evidence that results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated or hacked.

New York Magazine reports that sources confirmed that the activists held a conference call last Thursday with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and campaign general counsel Marc Elias to make their case…

The academics presented findings showing that in Wisconsin, Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in counties that relied on electronic-voting machines compared with counties that used optical scanners and paper ballots.

Based on this statistical analysis, Clinton may have been denied as many as 30,000 votes; she lost Wisconsin by 27,000.

Notably, however, it’s important to note the group has not found proof of hacking or manipulation, they are arguing to the campaign that the suspicious pattern merits an independent review – especially, as New York Magazine so gleefully points out, in light of the fact that the Obama White House has accused the Russian government of hacking the Democratic National Committee.

As a reminder, via, Geographically speaking, Trump won at least 80% of the Nation.

The only states Hillary carried are Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut.



Trump won every county in Oklahoma and West Virginia. Trump won all but one county in Wyoming, and Kansas. Trump won all but two counties in North Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Utah, and Nebraska.

Nearly the entire state of Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, etc., went for Trump. 

Geographically speaking, except for big cities and a few isolated areas, the country cannot stand Hillary.

So the big question is – could she win? Well the answer is complicated…

According to current tallies, Trump has won 290 Electoral College votes to Clinton’s 232, with Michigan’s 16 votes not apportioned because the race there is still too close to call.

It would take overturning the results in both Wisconsin (10 Electoral College votes) and Pennsylvania (20 votes), in addition to winning Michigan’s 16, for Clinton to win the Electoral College.

There is also the complicating factor of “faithless electors,” or members of the Electoral College who do not vote according to the popular vote in their states. At least six electoral voters have said they would not vote for Trump, despite the fact that he won their states.

The Clinton camp is running out of time to challenge the election. NYMag notes that according to one of the activists, the deadline in Wisconsin to file for a recount is Friday; in Pennsylvania, it’s Monday; and Michigan is next Wednesday.

Of course, should this happen, we can only imagine what carnage it would cause to global financial markets as the Trump Bump hope fades into the Clinton crash.

Finally, it appears that far from a frivolous flight of fancy, Huma Abedin’s sister, Heba Abedin, has been encouraging her Facebook followers to call the Justice Department to have vote in key states audited.

None other than Nate Silver is now chiming in on these ‘scientists’ claims…

Which is also wonderfully ironic, though he does point out one glaring hole in their ‘hacking theory’…

7 thoughts on “Scientists Find “Persuasive Evidence” Of Vote Hacking, Demand Clinton Recount In 3 States

  1. Trump won, get over it. It is amazing that the idiot democrats and their suckup media was all over Trump before the election on his reply of whether he would abide by the results. Now it is the hypocritical donkey party that is all over themselves with angst about LOSING the election, Snowflakes melting in the hot light of truth and justice.

  2. Not a peep when Oblah blah won 120% of votes in precincts in Ohio and Pennsylvania, not a peep when there was clear evidence of vote fraud favoring the idiot in chief, not a peep when even the news here in Chicago showed Jessie Jackson busing black people from Chicago to Wisconsin to vote. But now that a “republican” won, oh boy Katy bar the door! We MUST re-count everything so we can rig it for the Hildebeast. Do these “people” even realize how stupid they look?

  3. Hillary and pedodesta don’t need back in the spotlight…she WILL be hung if people could get hold of her being involved in all that sick, sick demented stuff!!!!

  4. “Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in counties that relied on electronic-voting machines compared with counties that used optical scanners and paper ballots.”

    And if the election weren’t rigged, she would have received seventy percent fewer votes.

    It doesn’t matter, because if they try to challenge this in court, Trump’s people will expose the wetback & corpse votes. Any attempt at a re-count will only result in Trump winning by a wider margin.

    This is just a gang of liberal college professors crying because their utopian dreams have been shattered by reality. Get over it, and wipe all the BS off your eyeballs instead of just the BS that you don’t like seeing.

  5. It figures that the “scientists” didn’t mention the 3 million illegal votes for Hillary that occurred during the voting!

  6. I am so surprised at what people actualy believe . Since Trump said it was rigged and the left are investigating it . I think every one should know more about how are voting system works from top to bottom . And why would it be so far fetched that it was rigged in favor of Trump ? American people are about to get raped again just like Bush did .

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