Scopolamine: The Devil’s Breath & Confessions of an MK ULTRA Sleeper Assassin

Abel Danger

The Murder of Time: Making and Unmasking a Sleeper

By Matthew Pauly

A non-consensual Canadian test subject of MK-ULTRA R & D reveals clandestine sleeper assassin training and testing over a decade by an operator in American intelligence with Canadian paramilitary support. This report explains how many hate crimes, assassinations, and terror events are manufactured using non-consensual, scopolamine drugged, mind-controlled slaves as actors and patsies. The mind-control mechanisms are explained in detail, including summaries of experiments conducted in Toronto, Canada and a USA test. Declassified CIA documents at ‘mind control’ topic reveal mind-control R & D started in 1945 in North America when CIA Project Paperclip resettled over one thousand Nazi Germany mind-control and rocket scientists in American institutions. This book reveals a Nazi influence still.Link to eBook

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  1. The most dangerous drug in the world: ‘Devil’s Breath’ chemical from Colombia can block free will, wipe memory and even kill.
    Scopolamine often blown into faces of victims or added to drinks.
    Within minutes, victims are like ‘zombies’ – coherent, but with no free will.
    Some victims report emptying bank accounts to robbers or helping them pillage own house. Drug is made from borrachero tree, which is common in Colombia.

    By Beth Stebner
    Published: 17:44 EST, 12 May 2012 | Updated: 08:43 EST, 13 May 2012

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    1. yes, I’ve read about this stuff before (no time to watch the 54 minute video now, but thanks for finding it, Mary)

      Like you said, GrayRider, it allegedly has the power to eliminate someone’s free will, and turns them into compliant sheep with just one breath. I’ve even heard of someone being convinced to give up a kidney for transplant on this stuff.

      Now… if you could mass-produce a synthetic version and spray it with the chemtrails, all you’d need to do is coordinate the chemical’s reaching the population with instructions coming over the TV, and it could pose some serious problems. (and I’m sure DARPA has a team working on this right now, if they haven’t already accomplished it).

      1. Chemtrails offer several avenues of thought. Sources and research suggest the clouds once seeded are able to be used as a massive reverse-looking radar when combined with HAARP technology at ELF levels, also the depopulation agenda, morgellans, virus vector, aluminum poisoning, crop poisoning (F#@k you Monsanto) weather modification and other facts are just diabolically coincidental.

        On the other note, if you feel someone you know is working for the NWO or CIA or other. Just check their house and property for a Borrachero tree and Digitalis plants, if so, either fake your own death (lol) or do something else a little more ‘proactive’….

      2. I realized years ago the purpose of teLIEvision and got rid of mine…..the time the switch was being made from analog to digital……I wonder who mind controls the mind controllers

        1. Ditto on the TV here too. Except for Walker Texas Ranger if I can see an episode on someone elses TV. So over the top, it’s awesome. What I was going to say was, look into GWEN towers and their frequencies. There is a lot of very disturbing research on this. They are on the exact range of the human brains biorythm, and there are 10 times more of them than needed. I wonder why….

      3. YES I had mentioned that when this article came out and speculated about how it could be used Inmass via Chennies or as ‘Aroma Therapy’ piped through the Drop Celings in Department and Grocery stores … there is a lot or room up there for many different things and systems …

  2. Just want to point out that though this guy’s info in general is accurate he is a nutter. He said he was first hit with skopolamine in June 2014. Then says he was programmed on skolopamine in 2004. That is a 10 year discrepancy. Schizophrenics often have elaborate tales containing acuurate descriptions.

    1. the first abduction was in 2005… 2007 he was injected with scopolamine…that is when he killed someone…in 2014 he was used for the testing of the aerosolized scopolamine………as a side: in very small amounts the drug may be used to alleviate motion sickness which may be why NASA acquired it……I wondered why the dog was not affected but that was explained in the comments section……

  3. The Vice website had a great documentary on this about a year or so ago.
    You can find it in the archives. Scary stuff….they’re probably putting this stuff in the chemtrails too! Evidently the trees are everywhere even as landscaping on common streets. You are warned not to fall asleep under these trees. Deadly, potent and frightening. Worth watching if you can find the archive on Vice and have the time.
    Mindblowing…and you thought heroin, and meth was bad.
    It has nothing on this stuff.

  4. I have given small amounts of this drug to many people in the past. It is a sedative that was usually used as a synergistic adjunct to a narcotic pain killer. I and many others used it as preoperative sedative. It was actually marketed premixed with fentanyl in the mid-1980s.
    Within the first year or so it fell into disfavor due to dysphoric and other bad psychological reactions. These occured all across the country.
    The wife of one of my fellow residents was given this pre-op as a sedative.
    She reported absolutely freaking out and screaming inside her mind and yet was completely passive in external appearance. She wanted to tell them to stop the surgery from going ahead but was unable to speak it out loud or do anything to prevent it.
    Needless to say, this was extremely traumatic for her. The surgery went ahead and went fine. She was not happy and not fine with what had happened due to this drug.
    By the end of my second year of training it was not used at our facility due to several other bad psychological reactions and a rare case of brain damaging hyperthermia.
    I do not know when or if it was ever pulled from the market.
    I never used it after 1985.
    Like all medications dosage and individual physiologies can have widely ranging effects.
    Today I believe it is successfully used in a low dosage skin patch to treat motion sickness without problems.
    Just an FYI.
    It’s powerful stuff and I can imagine it being used nefariously in the wrong hands. As noted from my above case story the amnesia does not always work. The “zombie” sedation symptoms seemed quite reliable. But anyone on a sufficient dose of this will appear with a very abnormal blunted affect and extremely dilated pupils.

  5. A Clockwork Orange.. excellent example of mind control. Whack movie, Kubrick was definitely out there.

    Naturally, I have it.

  6. I loved “A Clockwork Orange” when I first saw it in college. ~ 1977-78 at Oregon State. Why? At the time, the movie was “old”. But it struck me strongly. Maybe deep seated MK TV programming. WhoTF knows?
    I go to this site daily. Sometimes, I have felt criticized for what I believe to be misunderstandings about my posts. I’m human like all of you, and hurt like all of you. I am retired from the world so my interactions are few and cherished. I may not seem like like a typical trencher, but who is, really.
    Yes. I am a retired physician. Also a vet. As is my wife. As is my father and my wife’s father. I look at myself as a lucky man. I went “overseas” to Europe during the 1st gulf war. Hospital Commanders all over Europe were fighting over war injured soldiers with trivial shrapnel injuries to run up their numbers.
    Looking for their star(s).
    I know how the system runs.
    As to the latest Middle East conflicts? “There, but for for the grace of God, go I.”
    Doctors are mistrusted on this site. I get it. Most are not bad people. Just imagine spending 60-100 hours/week for 6-8 years of your life. Honestly believing you have the best interests of your patients in mind. And then coming to grips with the fraud and corruption involved with big Med and Pharma.
    Christ, I can’t even get my crippled father to stop taking documented toxic anti-cholesterol drugs. They’ll listen to the untrained caretakers before they’ll listen to me. But, that’s my family dynamic.
    I’m trying to get both of my chronic pain parents to try cannabis in any form. I may as well ask them to pull their fingernails out with pliers. But, goddamn, they’ll listen to the maid or the daily caretakers.
    I really don’t care. I just want them to have a better quality of life.
    And, trust me, I’m no cannabis expert. At least it’s legal in Oregon now.
    I’ve had to completely reevaluate my Medical and hard science undergrad Engineering Physics education.
    Realizing the major energies and time of one’s life have been misspent and misdirected is not a pleasant experience.
    But, I’m working as hard as I can to remedy the situation.
    I thank you all here at the “trenches” for being here. In spite of what I have exposed of my past, I believe we have much more in common than you may realize.
    Hey, “they” expended a fed to see if I was a Burns/Mahleur Wildlife refuge militia guy on the 12th of December while flying to Medford OR. You know. the whole Hammond thing. I guess they’re too stupid to find out my Dad was in the hospital. This guy was so obvious I was stunned. He answered none of my questions related to migrating birds, or anything else for that matter, with ANY real knowledge. It’s really ashame that there are so many Feds that they would waste their time on tracking me while I’m trying to help my Dad get better.
    Anyways. A Happy New Year to all of you “Trenchers”.
    CO – MSM

    1. Glad to see you back, CO. Dialogue is good, and there are learning curves and communication differences for everybody, sometimes misunderstood.

      In the medical field, allopathy is a religion for the majority. The propaganda about alternative treatment being quackery has been swallowed whole with relish, and some just will not or cannot see the alternatives staring them in the face – it would require deprogramming. Sometimes all you can do is lay the options on the table and then let go (the hardest thing to do).

      An older alternative is ozone therapy, which apparently is very effective at relieving pain. It’s said some naturopaths do administer it, and naturopaths are licensed in Oregon. I’m just trying to give you another alternative, CO.

      This is an old documentary but it is still so good that I found mostly censoring of it searching for it on line (the old 404 error message):
      Part 1:

      Part 2:

    2. Wow, if you’re the Captain I know from other sites you are extremely suspect. I can only look like an egomaniac to think that you followed me here since I never tore you down at like I should have but lost the energy to do so and no longer cared about your limited hangouts with El Gordo Duffo who is beyond doubt a f@#$ing liar. If you’re legit, welcome, if you’re who I think you are…….man, I have a f@#%$ing limit. You can’t hide behind a keyboard anymore these days and I think you know that? Like the little green man has said, “Warned you are”.

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