Score Card: Hal – 1, House – 0.

An it only cost one bumper that was going bye bye anyhow. It was a wonderful mess. Did it on Thursday while listening to Henry.

The remainder will be remade into a cabin. The only electricity will be produced on site. NO smart meter.

The tool shed was built from almost all salvage and free materials, had to buy the roof sheeting.

The House of Shumer/ Septi-gog was all free material so far.

And a very useful limb.

15 thoughts on “Score Card: Hal – 1, House – 0.

  1. 😀 Well done, Hal.
    I like your tree. Looks right up there with diggerdan’s for hemp rope usage. As a matter of fact, your’s looks like it could handle one more. 😆 😉 😀

  2. Excuse me son, but I am going to have to see your license and registration please. The reason I am pulling you over today is that I noticed your right rear tail light is not working. I am letting you off with a warning today but you will need to get that fixed immediately. Have a better day.

    1. LOL!
      I aint registered for a license occifer, and you can write as many tickets as you want.
      I’ll be signing none of um.
      Ever heard of a four on the tree?

      1. Back in the early 70s I had an Austin van(1960 mail delivery vehicle that was converted into a camper) that had 4 forward gears on the tree.

    1. I’d be hovering over that mtfkr, it would have to be a quick drop wipe and go, reminds me of some of the 5 star truck stops on the road . LMAO

      I’d have to take a knee first, make the sign of the cross, then go for it.

      1. I know, just ribbing you a little 🙂 I’ve had to go in worse truck stops, believe me, and some of these rest stops, uh yeah, pretty bad. I’ve had to park, walk into the bush and let it fly, better that than dealing with the sht on the road, some of which you wouldn’t believe.

        Believe me, I get it.

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