Score One for the 1st Amendment and We the People

As all have noticed, WE’RE BACK!  We fought the fight united and we won because we fought as individuals.  A leaderless resistance cannot be stopped as there are 40 million strategies being enacted at one time.  We can all be proud that we stood in defiance of tyranny and for the 1st Amendment rights for freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

If I am not on the radio tomorrow morning on RBN, it is because that is what this fight cost me, but it was absolutely worth it as the support we have received from other alternate media outlets has been overwhelming.

We are at war and there are no half measures in war.  Our enemies would offer us no quarter and we will offer them none.  We are that rattlesnake on that flag that says, “Don’t tread on me”.  If you step on us we will turn and sink the fangs and pump poison into you to our dying breath.

I have often said that this is a contest of numbers versus wealth and if we stand together our numbers will prevail.  We are 40 million strong and heavily armed.  And as for those who will not support us, you have chosen your side of the fence and I promise you, you will not be coming back over.

We have not stepped up to this fight for want of fame or money.  We have done so to mutually come to the defense of our Republic in this most dire time of need.  And we will not waver.  We will seek one another out using every venue available to us and if one turns its back on us, there will be another, as nothing can stop the truth.  Every word I write or speak I believe to be the truth or I would not speak it and or write it.

No one can take this victory away from us.  But make no mistake, there are many battles ahead and at a point, they will turn bloody.  We must stay individuals and fight for our rights as described in our Bill of Rights, using whatever means are at our disposal.  We are the American sovereign people of the American race and we cannot be defeated.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

42 thoughts on “Score One for the 1st Amendment and We the People

      1. All I got to say Henry is – who does this guy think he is and who is he workin for. I better shut up right now. My personal opinion is, and this is my personal right isn`t it PAUL?, what is the victory and what was won PAUL – what we won here is our right to freedom – what do you think to ask any think else here PAUL

        1. My spelling and such – as I`m sure you guys can see in my last comment to paul – really sucked. Any way why do you even have to ask, Paul. You must be new on this site to not to know what we won. I`m sorry if I took ya the wrong way here Paul but where have ya been not to know what happened the other day.

      1. HAHAHAHA!!!! I know. I asked that guy, Rob from the site if he had proof of the copyright infringement yesterday so that I could look at it and he never sent me anything. Then today he sent that email to me. POWER TO THE PEOPLE, buddy!!!

        1. HAHAHA, NC. I bet it was my fault that that Rob guy didn`t get back to ya – HE WAS PROBOBLY S**TIN` OUT THE FEATHERS FROM WHEN I TOLD HIM TO EAT CROW the other day. Of course Rob might be chokin` on a crow bone though, LOL.

  1. We can defeat them with truth. Yes, we are armed but the truth is more damning than all the bullets that we could fire. The masses are kept busy with “un” reality TV. TV is there because they know this is a mind control device. It has been used in an efficient way for many decades. We can win without firing a single shot. We are not outgunned but the truth can free the minds of the many. The tide is turning and we shall prevail. Bring the fight to `them`, fight with truth and reason. Hang the bankers and lock up the political elite. Look at Iceland, it worked out really well for them. Power to the people. Stand shoulder to shoulder and we can take the bastards down. NO MORE DEBT!!!!! To wall street, JUMP YOU F#@KERS! Expect us! We are legion.

  2. It would be useful to people who can’t or won’t have time to listen to the broadcast to write an article detailing exactly what happened the last couple days. There must be many people who end up reading something here just from clicking a link elsewhere that aren’t regulars and aren’t familiar with anything about the site or what’s been going on.

    1. HI, s2s
      The back-stabbing traitors known as “off-grid survival” attacked the entire patriot movement with false claims of copyright infringement and this resulted in a bunch of important websites being shut down by GoDaddy, based on completely false charges.

      Make sure you tell all your friends to boycott “off-grid survival” because they only exist to rob people by taking advantage of their fear to sell over-priced products, and when they’re not doing that, they’re trying to subvert the patriot movement, and the truth in general.

  3. Welcome Back!
    I was wondering what was going on when I couldn’t get the site.

    Keep on keeping on!

    ~Blessed Be to all~

  4. It is great that your site is back up, but now, why are you not on RBN this morning? That really sucks! Are you not on RBN anymore? Please explain this to me.

    1. Kind of up in the air right now. Guess I’m waiting to find out if John Stadtmiller can handle the truth.
      I’m on another broadcast from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm Pacific time today on Liberty Tree Radio
      There are a lot of good people at RBN but what is the use of having an army of supporters if they are only there to support the message and are to be discouraged from being proactive?
      If I do not go back up on RBN I will pick up more hours on Liberty Tree and go to the next network that says it can handle the truth.

      1. Henry I emailed Travis yesterday with a simple message. That shutting down your website will only serve to wake more people up and I demanded he put it back online immediately.
        Then I thanked him

      2. need to get after stadmuller for being a censoring nazi also not the only time he has stabbed someone in the back
        gonna miss ya on in the morning was nice to have something worth broadcasting
        have micro
        ltr is great but not reliable enough for me to rebroadcast the way it is
        have you tryed joe at the micro he was hurting for ppl guess why hahahah see above on stadmuller
        good to see the site back up hope we all can find better places than godaddy that dont do this bs without due process

    2. Yea, I noticed that also, Smilardog. I just – once again – sent another e mail to that rob guy from Off Grid Survival – we all cannot let those like that Rob guy think that every thing is easily forgotten, ya know. The same goes for that GoDaddy. I wish that GoDaddy would just pack their bags and just go. It realy bothers me also that his show – The Word – wasn`t on too. When ya show the class that Henery does there is always gonna be some jerk like that Rob guy trying to take ya down and not to forget about what GoDaddy did to The Trenches.

  5. Ok, now I really don’t understand what is up with you not being on RBN and John Statmiller??? Can someone fully explain the issues with John Statmiller?

    But, I will say one thing. I am constantly promoting RBN, Infowars, Word From The Trenches, and all of the other Truth/Patriot Radio and News sites by sending links, articles, and radio archives to everyone on my email contacts list everyday. If John Statmiller is turning “Turncoat”, I will turn on him on a dime, and all of the RBN shows. He either needs to man-up and back the Resistance to Tyranny, because we are the Resistance, and Resistance is Victory.

    I wonder if his network is run by GoMommy??? hehe I better stop because my blood is starting to boil.

    Okay, let’s see… security question: What is 11+14 = 25, right? See, no flouride here! hehe

    1. This question would best be directed at John Stadtmiller and thank you for your support and for being another individual among our patriot army.

    2. I hate to disillusion you, Smilardog, but Infowars (Alex Jones) has been exposed as a Zionist shill. He points the finger at everyone BUT the true perpetrators behind the NWO, the Zionist AshkeNAZI so-called ‘Jew’ pigs.

      Don’t feel too badly though, many of us were formerly taken in by his deception for years, myself included.

      1. Not to worry, #1 NWO Hatr.
        As you will notice, I said, I send links from Infowars, not AJ. Infowars does have excellent reporting on current events going on around the world. You can’t deny that. It is and excellent source to wake up the people, and trust me I hammer people with the truth, and what is coming! There is no delusion here! You can’t tell me that you don’t go to Infowars daily to see what news, commentary, or current events, are going on, and you probably listen to him a least a couple times a week. Tell the truth, now! I notice you post a lot on What Really Happened, and From The Trenches. So, you can’t tell me that when you are on the hunt for new news, you don’t ever go to Infowars or PrisonPlanet. We all do!

        Now, as far as, AJ. We all know he doesn’t discuss those who say they are Jews, but, are not, as Jesus said, they are from the Synagog of Satan. We both know that. Did you hear AJ squealing like a pig, when Dr Steve Pieczenik was on a couple months ago and he started talking about Israel and the Saudis… AJ was screaming, “Woe, this is way above my pay grade, this is all new info for me”, and was supposed to have Pieczenik back on to discuss Israel, and AJ cancelled the show.

        We all know about AJ. No delusion here. I can’t say that I have ever been a sleep. I grew up with all the old timers telling us about this stuff 40-50 years ago. Thanks for calling me on it though… “Checking myself, before I wreck myself”. As, I like to say. Keep up the good work, I like what you post!

        1. Smilardog, Henry can confirm this one. Everything I post (except what I’ve personally written) comes from Before it’s News. I’ve never posted on What Really Happened, I have no idea how my name showed up there, unless it came from here.. I used to post comments at BIN, but I finally got tired of arguing with the trolls and idiot anonymous posters there, so I stick to FTT exclusively now, since Henry is so adept at weeding out the trolls and clowns. He may allow them to comment once or twice, but I think that’s just to give us a chance to have some fun with them. (we do get a kick out of that occasionally)

          But I honestly don’t go to Infowars anymore, and if articles I think might be worth posting from BIN here have A.J.’s name on them, I decline to do so.

          1. Believe that WRH gets lots of FTTWR articles linked or posted. That’s how I found the site.

          2. Yeah, That’s how I actually found From The Trenches myself, from WRH, and then listening to RBN in the morning. I was trying to catch John Moore in the morning, but got Henry instead. After the first couple of times listening to Henry, I said, Damn, I like this guy, he speaks and thinks just like me. As in, we out number them, were armed to the teeth, we can take them, and we’re gonna fight like demons, and their blood will fertilizes our soils. That’s me to the “T”. Then I also remind my friends, that there were around 20 million registered deer hunters last year, and that is only the deer hunters. Anyway, I had to start getting up earlier in the morning just so I could catch the whole 3 hours of Henry. hehe

          3. Thanks, BentSpear, it was a mystery to me. I’m grateful to BIN for the same reason, it led me here.

  6. The only thing I can say is that I am damn glad you are up and running again . For a minute I did not know / realize what was going on . I thought I was having problems w/ my computer . Damn near threw the s.o.b. out the window .

    Keep piss’n in their Wheaties Henry , and I’m sure we who frequent the site will be more than happy to release some of our own !!!!

    Reminds me of the old saying ” BETTER TO BE PISSED OFF THAN PISSED ON”.

  7. Okay… I spent about a half of an hour trying to figure out what is going on with John Statmiller and RBN, because it just didn’t make sense for John Statmiller doing what he has done keeping Henry Shively and Word From The Trenches off the air. But, now with a little research here is what I found and now it make perfect sense.

    Follow along closely now…
    The key is a company called SECURENET-SERVER.NET. uses Wild West Domains, LLC for their domain registration on a server CENTOS-SERVER.NET.


    SECURENET-SERVER.NET registers their domain through Wild West Domains, LLC, SECURENET-SERVER.NET uses their own server called SECURENET-SERVER.NET.

    Now… Guess who uses as a server? You guessed it… SECURENET-SERVER.NET. So, now we know the connection between John Statmiller and GoDaddy, and why we do not have Henry Shively and Word From The Trenches on the air at

    Now, we all need to do the research and find out all we can about who is this SECURENET-SERVER.NET. Something tells me they are big, and dark, and will be somewhere at the top of the Lucy Pyramid. Either way, it will lead us to the top. The question is… Who is John Statmiller in all of this, and why is he choosing the wrong side on all of this?

    I am interested in what you all have to say about this revelation. We could be opening Pandora’s Box on this one.

    Be Blessed and Keep Being a Blessing

    Sponsoring Registrar:Wild West Domains, LLC (R120-LROR)
    Name Server:DS611-DNS1.CENTOS-SERVER.NET

    Domain Name: CENTOS-SERVER.NET
    Registrar: ENOM, INC.
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:

    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:

    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:

    Domain Name: GODADDY.COM
    Registrar: GODADDY.COM, LLC
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:

    1. Started doing a little more research on SECURESERVER.NET and it is located in Scotsdale, Az on GoDaddy’s property but it is not known if they own it for some reason.
      On June 24, 2011, The Wall Street Journal reported that private-equity firms KKR and Silver Lake Partners, along with a third investor, were nearing a deal to buy the company for between $2–2.5 billion.[5] On July 1, 2011 Go Daddy confirmed that KKR, Silver Lake Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures had closed the deal. Although the purchase price was not officially announced it was reported to be $2.25 billion, for 65% of the company.[6] As of December 2011, Bob Parsons had ceded the CEO role of Go Daddy to Warren Adelman, who had been with the company for about 10 years.[1]

      So, now I am on to find out who these private equity crooks KKR, Silver Lake Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures are.

      Life’s a conspiracy

  8. A lot of these clowns talk a big game but where the rubber meets the road (Constitution of the United States of America), they fold like toilet paper in a wind tunnel. The constitution was written so everybody could understand it. Some people want to understand it differently than it was intended.

    Henry, has this stuff running through his veins. Anybody clowns Henry, your through. Probably the same with most of you guys as well. The conversation on this site will last about 1 minute if you start to talk sideways from our Constitution. Then your gone, banned, 86’d, finished to wallow in your unpatriotic BS.

    Doesn’t take long to figure the ass wipes does it?

    Thank God for this site and all who frequent it. Oh and by the way, don’t piss Henry off, not a very healthy way to go….. he he he

    1. I am beside myself. Henry’s show is the best and if John takes him off I am going to be so ticked off. I am going to scream and shout and bitch like hell to keep him on the air or RBN loses all my respect forever.
      Every freaking host should be screaming at the top of their lungs for a patriot to come forward and buy some dam servers and spread them throughout the land to be used for truth only.
      Patriots should NOT be patronizing these lowlifes that enslaves us. All this dam energy these zionist pr#@ks have spent trying to control humanity..What they spend on putting out fear porn alone could feed the World.
      I have been listening and learning from RBN for years and all I can say Henry. World Report is the best dam show in RBN’s history. If John is half the man i think he is. He should be fighting to keep you on the air and your website up. If he does not have your back on this he is going to piss a lot of folks off including me.
      God bless your work as you awaken the sleeping giant….

  9. John Statmiller is on air in a few minutes. Is anyone going to call him on air and see why he is a TURNCOAT? I will be listening. Maybe, even calling him.

    1. Can’t fing believe this..what the 7uck? Why is John not on today>???
      EVERY FRICKING PATRIOT OUT THERE SHOULD BE SCREAMING ABOUT THIS..Not this silence of the lambs bullshit…
      Took him off the air…
      Mr.Stadtmiller is not on the air today explaining. .. whatreallyhappend posted a single article but made no mention during his show today.

      1. Statmiller was on today, I just got finished listening to him. He read a paper the whole show (how convenient) called The Jew World Order Unmasked, by Zander C. Fuerza, The webmaster of It was a really good history lesson on the Zionist. I will be passing it on to all my contacts.

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