2 thoughts on “Seattle Officers Stop Several East African Migrants with Suitcases of Cash Leaving US – And They’re ALL ON WELFARE

  1. A lot of people without a brain try and poo poo this issue. The illegals working here, and then either leave the country with the dollars that they made, or sending most of it back to their home country of origin, Mexico for example. We have been finished as a nation for a long time.

    1. yep — it’s a direct drain on the nation’s wealth, and a big one when you multiply this by all the ones that didn’t get caught, and the decades it’s been going on.

      I don’t think they’re all making off with suitcases full of cash, but I do think it’s fairly standard procedure for these wetbacks to send money back home. Millions of them sending home a twenty dollar bill every week adds up real fast.

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