4 thoughts on “Sebelius on Calls for Resignation

  1. She’ll get it up and running just as soon as a bunch of kids and older people have died. Then it will work just ok till more die and when the population is down a few million then she will forget about the whole thing. Instead of a watch she needs a rope.

  2. She claims not to work for the people who want her fired? Once again they believe they are above us and dont work for us. THis country needs an enema


    In the distant past when people in authority failed this bad they had the morality to throw themselves onto their swords. This illegal insurgent government has no morals.

  4. First, as an employee of the federal government Sebelious was lawfully required to take and KEEP an oath and agree to the contract to support and defend the US Constitution above and before anything else.

    The fact that she said that she does not work for the people says that she either did not take the oath and is occupying the position unlawfully, or she is going against the US Constitution.

    The US Constitution requires ALL (that means everyone, ft workers,, pt workers, temp workers, contract workers – those bid and work on gov contracts because at that time they are being paid to do a specific job… ALL to take an oath to support and defend the US Constitution.

    Fire her, we do not need to keep her if we feel she is lying tous no matter what Obama says. If criminal intent was discovered in what she did or might be covering up, charge her and prosecute her. A full investigation can be required by us to find out if this was another Missapropriation of Funds, a felony.

    Start requiring ACTION. I do.

    It is when you just post and not name the crimes that is being committed and REQUIRE action for those crimes that the fed gov or state govs get by with it.

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