Secret Service Agent Reveals the REAL Hillary Clinton! 7/28/16

Published on Aug 1, 2016 by World News Daily

Sean Hannity talks to Ex Secret Service agent Gary J. Byrne, author of “Crisis of Character”, reveals the truth about Hillary Clinton’s personality and what Hillary Clinton is like behind closed doors in private. He say Hillary Clinton has an extreme temper.

Fox News – Hannity – The Real Hillary Clinton – Gary Byrne – July 28, 2016

4 thoughts on “Secret Service Agent Reveals the REAL Hillary Clinton! 7/28/16

    1. I agree.
      But that’s not the point.
      I read this guys book and there is quite a bit of revealing, damning, interesting info. There’s also a lot of naive blather that doesn’t question any of the, too numerous to list, false flags.

      I’m sorry, but why are the comments on my submission nearly always off the point of the post.

      Sean Hannity is not liked. I get it.
      But there’s some great info in this video that we can all follow up on.

      1. Captain Obvious, I certainly did not intend to offend or belittle your post.
        I have heard the secret service fellow speak concerning Clinton in other venues, although I’ve not read the book.
        I felt his claims and testimony were legitimate, no problem there. I just did not want to have to endure Sean in order to hear what I’ve already heard from the SS fellow. Watching Hanity is an insult to every American National, imo. Here I am bashing him again, it’s just that for him to have this SS guy on gives the impression to dumb Americans that Sean is a “true” patriot, when imo, he is most certainly assisting in the destruction of our way of life.
        Again, no offense to you or your post intended.

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