Senate Defense Bill Would Require Women to Register for the Draft

The Senate Armed Services Committee’s proposed 2022 defense policy bill contains a provision that would require women to register for the draft, officially known as the Selective Service System. 

The initial version of the Senate’s proposed National Defense Authorization Act would amend the Military Selective Service Act and for the first time include a requirement for women.

Congress previously has contemplated including women in the system, although the change has never survived negotiations over the annual defense policy bill.

The move follows recommendations by the National Commission on Military, National and Public Service last year that Selective Service registration be extended to women. Since restrictions on women serving in combat arms were lifted in 2015, lawmakers — as well as plaintiffs in a lawsuit over the constitutionality of men-only registration — have argued that they should need to register.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court decided against hearing a case on the issue, with the justices agreeing with the U.S. solicitor general’s argument that Congress, not the courts, should decide the matter.

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