Harrison Ford storms off ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

Harrison Ford on 'Jimmy Kimmel'/ABCTV Buzz

Harrison Ford appeared on last night’s edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote his new movie, “42,” but the visit did not go quite as planned.

Things got a little tense after Kimmel brought up the upcoming “Star Wars” movies, in which Ford is rumored to be reprising the role of Han Solo.  

Ford politely refrained from discussing the movies, but was open to taking questions from the audience. That’s where the real trouble started.

It seems someone from the actor’s past was there to settle a longstanding grievance — but Ford was not having any of it.


4 thoughts on “Harrison Ford storms off ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

  1. Wow… a spoiled Hollywood actor had a temper-tantrum. I won’t consider anything Harrison Ford does to be “news” (or even interesting) unless it involves his head being removed.

    1. Hey J R ,Now dont be hating on “indy” He has given us some good movies over the years and I passed this along for some small comic relief from all the convoluted B S it made me laugh going back to my early 20s when star wars came out and “hans ‘and the “wookie” were partners and come to find out the wookie stole his wife ,now thats funny whether you like them or not.

      1. Yea Steve, I agree , this was all just a part of Harrison Ford and Jimmy Kimmel`s gig. It is all too obvious. This was all probobly part of the show preplanned LOL. It is all so obviously ridicoulous the it has had to have been rehearst. It is all just entertainment, that is all that it is

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