SF officer suspected of making prohibited assault rifle

SF Gate – by Jenna Lyons

A San Francisco police officer was arrested after an investigation revealed he manufactured and possessed a prohibited AR-15 style assault rifle, police said Tuesday.

Thomas Abrahamsen, 50, of Berkeley was booked on suspicion of manufacturing an assault weapon and possessing an assault weapon, both felonies.  

An investigation into Abrahamsen began in the summer of 2015 after other members of the department tipped off officials. The probe found the officer manufactured and owned a prohibited assault rifle along with AR-15 receiver components, police said.

Abrahamsen, an 18-year-veteran, surrendered Tuesday, authorities said. He was on unpaid administrative leave, police said.

The department’s Internal Affairs Division has given a report on the investigation to the district attorney’s office, police said.

“Department members will continue to hold each other accountable and will act swiftly to report any behavior that might bring dishonor to the Police Department,” Acting Police Chief Toney Chaplin said in a statement.

Jenna Lyons is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: jlyons@sfchronicle.com Twitter: @JennaJourno


12 thoughts on “SF officer suspected of making prohibited assault rifle

  1. BS, they just passed this bill and now they are going to arrest pigs, that are killing people everyday and getting away with it, BS.

  2. They’ll never miss a story about a cop being charged with anything, just to show the public that it actually happens.

    I think they set up cops they don’t like as a way of weeding out people of conscience. If you’re not willing to murder innocent Americans, there’s no place for you on a police force these days.

    1. It’s likely he did something to make himself disliked in the department, but I honestly doubt the problem was that he had a conscience. After all, he must have helped lock up a lot of people for victimless crimes during his 18 years as a pig. So it serves him right that the same is now happening to him, even if it’s for a bogus reason, and even though his fellow pigs deserve it just as much as he does.

  3. Maybe we the people should get addresses and start getting them all arrested
    We know all of them are criminals , we just have to find out what acts they are committing
    And start flooding the system with reports
    Keep em in their toes

    Plus it might keep them off our streets messing with us if they are too busy running around covering their own asses

    I also agree with the above comment of them getting away with much more than this and nothing happening to them but paid vacations and promotions after acts of murder

    1. “… start getting them all arrested”

      Arrested is one thing, EotS.

      Getting them prosecuted in the jew courts… that’s something else entirely.

      What they REALLY need is permanent early retirement… complete with dirt overcoats.

  4. It’s pretty ironic that the pigs are willing to bust one of their own for a non-crime like this, even as they do everything possible to cover for one another when they commit real crimes against citizens.

  5. Cop was being taken down for a reason. A real reason, not the “possessing an assault weapon” BS cover story. Merely a means to their ends. He was being taken out for doing or not doing what he, as a cop, should have been.

    Again, this was a tool used to get to him for reasons we can only suspect.
    More BS.

  6. Setting aside the COP thing. (e.g. Sheriff Constitution vs Police Corporation I get all that I get it)

    The Justice system so screwed up that there’s no rule of law, so I have mixed ideas and strategies.

    Depends on the Circumstance. But with Jury Duty vs No Rule of Law
    This opens up interesting possibilities, not unlike visiting a murdering cartel by an INFORMED black op visitor who could really HARM their corporate treason.

    On the one hand you could simply refuse to serve since there is treason unaddressed. e.g. want me to serve? Fine pass me your hand gun, now your going to take a NEW oath of office, okay here’ s your gun back. Now we go arrest Hillary, Eric, Loretta, bush right now. You don’t want to do this, fine you can point your gun and pull the trigger at my head, I am done talking to you.

    Jerry Brown was wrong with that crap he just passed about ghost guns-
    I speak for a LOT of intimidated silent voice.

    Don’t leave California hangin.
    There’s a lot of us that want to arm up and can’t and even more of us have been shot at and want to arm up but can’t. We need a plan, more quick options when this DNC mafia rolls with these communist bills and unconstitutional poop, to nullify thousands of laws. I want to see the large clips come back. most my ole metal 30 round clips I had JAMMED unless I really worked them out.. heh.. Maybe with all the printing stuff they can make unjamming clips? still I aint sold on plastic…

    We need real MEN and WOMEN in California to teach the kids an alternative to whatever and where ever this ****ing commie nonsense is.

    You just saw the insolent treasonous dnc who controls which direction the state guns point. You saw how it is utterly insolent and corrupt underneath and at it’s roots, I let you in on a secret, that’s the same way California officials are, they put on this show on the outside but they are rotten underneath. If one could get a warrant and point it at our officials it could clear out this treason. They just lost their authority. Add that to the lack of rule of law

    darn it don’t give up or forget us! we are the ORIGINAL wild west!

    These commies and dual citizen traitors holding office do not represent the spirit or people of California! They ignore our voices directing their paid media to tell us lies to hide their own treason. Part of the useful idiots are the Free **** army that they have used like zombies to force more unconstitutional laws in. They think they gonna keep going with this but already some things which had logic are now broken. They stand on their platforms and have their sound men cut off your voices and pretend you do not protest or accuse them of treason.

    They’ll HIDE from their own summons.

    Turning me into smuggler next.

    1. “Don’t leave California hanging”

      Already did.

      The reasons you listed following that statement are only a few of the many why I left.

      The millions of scumbag illegal Mexicans there was a big one all by itself.

      Too many damn targets, once the SHTF!

  7. “… after other members of the department tipped off officials.”

    Axes to grind, obviously.

    “Department members will continue to hold each other accountable and will act swiftly to report any behavior that might bring dishonor to the Police Department,” Acting Police Chief…”


    He said that with a straight face?

    At least they got the ‘acting’ part right.

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