8 thoughts on “Drunk Fag Target

  1. Dammit, I absolutely hate that son of a bitch. Gay as a 3 dollar bill, Lindsey Graham has besmirched the Senate by his mere gay presence and the interns look forward to his attention. You don’t become the Captain’s “Peg boy” without doing a stretch.

  2. Haha! I wonder how many fellas have had their turn in lindsey’s barrel? Just look for the bung hole.

    I am with you, Millard. This knob-gobblin’ closet fag has been a go-to guy for the kikes and zionists “Christians” for a loong time.

    1. I wasn’t sure anyone would know what a “peg boy” was, but we’re “in the trenches”. It’s where “old school” knowledge is retained. Thanks Martist.

    2. “closet fag”?

      I don’t know how that flaming sissy could be “in the closet” for a minute. You can see he’s a fag from a hundred yards away just by looking at him.

      I can guess what his voice sounds like.

  3. Lindsey “Lohan” Graham is a faggot who never tires of bending over for the Zionist schlong. I can see him going the “Caitlyn Jenner” route and then becoming John McCain’s mistress.

    What the hell is wrong with Americans that leads them to vote people like that into office?!

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