‘Show me your passports!’ White woman demands of Spanish-speakers at Virginia restaurant


The video of a white woman confronting a Spanish-speaking family as they were trying to enjoy a meal at a Virginia restaurant, even demanding to see their passports, has gone viral.

The agitated woman is seen shouting “show me your passports” at the family and telling them to “go back to your f*cking country” as the manager of Andy’s restaurant in Lovettsville attempts to usher her out the door.  

The increasingly angry woman accuses the family of trying to “freeload on America” and does not even give up once she has left the restaurant, where she continues to complain about the family’s presence in the country. “I’m tired of this shit,” she says, while continuing to rant about “freeloaders” to the restaurant manager.

A Guatemalan woman filmed the incident and shared it with the Telemundo 44 channel in Washington, D.C.

The restaurant later lashed out at the woman in a sarcastically worded Facebook post, saying that her expression of free speech had resulted in everyone who saw it realizing what a “a vile and loathsome individual” she is. The restaurant said that although the woman had the “right” to declare her “despicable views,” she also has “the obligation to bear the consequences for speaking them.”

“Thank you—and we mean this with all the aforementioned respect that you rightfully deserve—for never returning to Andy’s. You are not welcome,” the post said.

The encounter is the latest in a long line of viral video incidents which show white people confronting Spanish-speaking people about their immigration status in public places.

Earlier this month, another viral video showed a woman harassing Spanish-speaking shoppers at a supermarket in Colorado, telling them to speak English — and in May, a man threatened to call immigration control officers on customers and employees at a restaurant in New York after he heard them speaking Spanish.


8 thoughts on “‘Show me your passports!’ White woman demands of Spanish-speakers at Virginia restaurant

      1. She may get demonized in the media, but out here in the world of the 75% of heavily armed Americans, she is Rosa Parks.

  1. joe morris has a freudian slip @ :28 and tells us what’s REALLY on his mind.

    Degenerates like this are always the ones spearheading the destruction and amorality agenda.

    Our borders should not be as open and accessible as this “man’s” orifices.

  2. My mom’s parents came to Ellis Island just after WW1. They needed a sponsor in order to enter the US. They understood that this was the land of opportunity if you work hard and become American….to fit into the existing society. It was considered extremely rude and unforgivable to speak your native language within earshot of other Americans. This may seem old fashioned, but it worked. I understand this woman’s angst. I feel the same. Be a polite American or get the hell out.

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