3 thoughts on “Slave Nation Warning – Currency Reset

  1. This was her message to the Elite, the average person would be totally confused at what she is saying and means. Things are going to start popping this month and for the rest of the year. Did you figure it out July 20th the date for the reset?

  2. I agree with you grin…not sure if it will be a global reset, but it seems likely. But i totally agree that things are going to start popping etc…
    And to others reading this, when she talks about optimism, she talks of it as goodness for her satanic acquaintances, not for you and I. Optimism for them is to have us all dead.

  3. From what I have picked up from sites that study numerology, numbers are compressed by adding individual integers in the number:

    25 = 2+5=7

    Christina equated 2014 as a representative of 7 because 14 divided by 2 = 7, but that is not normal compression and may represent her limited knowledge of numerology that she speaks about. As she says in the opening of her presentation, “As you can tell, I do what I’m told,” indicating she is simply following orders from an anonymous authority when talking numerology to the press corp. Reverend Farrakhan was lampooned mercilessly by Rush Limbaugh when he talked numerology at the Million Man March. She doesn’t do this lightly.

    In numerology letters can represent numbers. G is the 7th number in the alphabet.

    G20 = 7/20
    7/20/2014 may be a significant date. It’s a Sunday. It could be the beginning of a bank holiday, announcement of a cyber attack on financial institutions, a 70% devaluation of the dollar; we don’t know.

    7 is the number of God in the Bible.

    BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) open their own central bank on 7/15/2014. Their currency will be backed by gold and commodities rather than just debt like the dollar.

    15=1=5=6, the number of the Devil.

    The Illuminati want Lucifer to triumph and God loose. By having the debt based dollar system loose to BRICKS money may symbolically represent a victory for Lucifer.

    We doom-porn junkies wait on the edge of our seats to see what this new cryptic date will bring.

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