So this is how Liberty Dies


Life imitated art in Boston, as residents recreated Star Wars.

“So this is how liberty dies. With thunderous applause”

What an incredibly sad statement of how stupid Americans have become.

Sent to us by a reader.

Boston Hoax Cheerleading squad

Sent to us by JM.

14 thoughts on “So this is how Liberty Dies

  1. Successful beta test in Boston. So . . . has anyone given any thought to:

    1. Yes, dramatic show of Martial Law in Boston accomplished, however that was ONE city. How will even tens of thousands of DHS, police, etc. do the same in every city, and in every nook and crany of the USA, population 320 million plus, and do it in unison at exactly the same moment?

    2. When the economy collapses, how do tens of thousands of DHS, police, etc. get paid to enforce the will of TPTB? I could be the most vicious, empathatic-less thug around, but as soon as my paycheck stops, so does my compliance.

    – CGF

    1. Well Constable, In the case of the newest hoax in Boston, I do not believe for a second that they locked down more than a few streets, and made sure to do the ole mossad/cia/MSM psyop of showing the same pics/vids in heavy rotation of the mossad network called TV. In this case, a couple of MRAPs with a of JBT’s [jack booted thugs] roboticly plodding down the street as if they were extras in “saving private ryan”

      They sure do WANT us to believe they successfully “locked down” lots of ppl. THAT is the precise reason for the entire hoax. “Let’s let them think we have total control over a city of 4,000,000. – Then they’ll really be scared.”

      Don’t forget the motto of mossad: “By way of deception thou shalt do war.”

      In reality, even in Boston, there would have been hundreds of shooters blowing their treasonous heads off while they tried to assault residences all over a major city.

      As I watched the hoax, I was happy to see that a simple ole’ Rem 700 could have been so much fun with neck/facial shots, in a real situation wherein the enemy is committing REAL and terrifying illegal home invasions en masse.

      To answer your overall question – these putrid insects KNOW they do not stand a chance of locking down, for REAL, even a city of 500,000 without a revolution exploding on the streets of that city. THEN it spreads faster than one of the F-18’s we all never saw on 911….

      This was a complete psyop, again.

      Just like the single blackhawk, manned by enemy traitors, who buzzed my town lo n’ slow, twice this week so far.

      I notice they now fly at 700 + meters v. 150 meters. Hmmm wonder why? That is still “accessible” to many many many ppl in my small town.

      1. Interesting breakdown…

        Yes, I suspect after all is said and done it will come down to a final game of chance and bluff until the very end, perhaps Vegas style.

        After decades of putting all of this infrastructure in place, now that the tyranny has finally broken the surface and is completely out in the open, they know they don’t have very long to (try to) lock it all in place. They know they can’t back off as people continue to awake, so all they can do is full throttle, hence the ever increasing insanity we are witnessing on a daily basis.

        I know, personally speaking, I’m getting tired of a daily routine comprised of taking note of unrelenting chemtrails, helicopters, random bag searches & “security” cameras while the majority of the population, despite what sometimes seems like an awakening at times, nonetheless still walk around completely oblivious to it all.

        If this isn’t the final episode of the Twilight Zone, I don’t know what is…

        1. Tell me. Despite my analysis, I know they do not know when to stop, and only a wall of lead will help them comprehend WHO we are.

          We are heading to the mountains up north of ATL in a few weeks, v. sitting in this potential lockdown zone off I-95 in FL. Looking to form up with a group in the Smokies. There is no BOL around where I am. I got my gear, new big 4 X BOV, food, tactical stuff, maps etc.

          I know exactly how much the zion ist infection has permeated America for over 100 years, [and the world]. I do not under-estimate the enemy and their goyim accomplices.

          I also know there are SCORES of millions of us who are now awake. SCORES of millions of us are armed to the teeth. Many millions of us who will not hesitate to open fire upon the enemy, when the time arrives. Even if some of us die, we are ready. We know that LOTS more of them will be wounded, and very very fast. They know that we know that one wounded = much better than a kill insofar as consuming enemy resources. No prisoners will be taken in this war. Not by any unit I join.

          The astounding incompetence of the obvious Boston hoax alone opened the eyes of MILLIONS of ppl who know even basic 1st aid – MILLIONS of: EMT’s parameds, nurses, firefighters, cops, and doctors, who all KNOW there is NO way “tibia boy” in the wheelchair with the FAKE “blown off” legs, would have been evacuated in a wheelchair v. a gurney, right into a rig on the spot, and without any plasma units running into him, O2, etc etc, as he would have been dead in under 120 seconds from dual femoral severance.

          As far as the transparency of the hoax, that pic of that traitor cruising along in his wheelchair with not a drop of “blood” pumping out of his “legs,” sitting upright, when the opposite would have happened [prone, while elevating his leg stumps above the torso while pumping plasma units into him, while praying he does not die on the spot, was the equivalent of the laughing dad “robby parker” at Sandy Hoax. (watch the vids on jewtube)

          Now that THESE new millions of awakened ppl know the whole thing in Boston was a GD lie, followed by and the broadcast home invasions by JBT’s etc – you know what they do? They question all the other rash of crap: Sandy Hoax, jewish actress “gabby giffords,” VA tech , (and much more. Then a percent of them TELL EVERYONE the truth.

          1. It’s beyond the pale at this point. As crazy as it may seem, I’m beginning to think we’ve been invaded by aliens. I say this one part seriously, one part joking; I simply cannot get over how this “thing” has infected so many people, like a real-life version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

            Think about it – think about: THOUSANDS of politicians, THOUSANDS of bankers, THOUSANDS of judges, THOUSANDS of law enforcement, THOUSANDS of military, THOUSANDS of the media – you get my point? Does this not go beyond a logical explanation of a few hundred psychopaths that rose to the top?

            Then you have the other invasion – that of the populace. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of zombies who still cannot wake up from their coma no matter how much evidence is in front of them.

            The sheer numbers of all of these people who have been “snatched” simply boggles my mind. There’s no way I can comprehend it logically. And on top of all of this (as if that wasn’t enough) NOTHING has slowed this down or stopped it – at all – no movements (Occupy, Tea Party), no truthers, no marchers, no protesters, no whistleblowers, no amount of lies the tyrants have been caught red handed in. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. What the F is going on is the question that comes to my mind, seriously…

            And, with a slight segue here, the seemingly super sad part of it all is that unlike any other time in history, where a population that was being repressed/killed etc. could escape to another part of the world, this time around it seems like there is no where to go for that “better life”. And even if there was, again it’s beyond sad to know that hundreds of millions of good souls all around the world have been permanently dumbed-down, poisoned, and corrupted beyond repair by the Cowards that Be, so much so that at least in our lifetime we seemingly are destined to be surrounded by collateral damage forever.

            All of this makes me wonder if it’s all but a dream – The Truman Show meets The Twilight Zone meets The Outer Limits meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers ….

  2. Every last one of those idiots that cheered their enslavement should be relegated to a FEMA camp forthwith.

    The dawning realization of their stupidity on their faces would be be priceless.

  3. Although the zion ists and their propaganda arm would like us to, I do not believe for a second that those are REAL citizens who are REALLY “cheering” anything.

    I believe they are like the other teams at these hoaxes – actors PAID to do as they are told – in this case; rabidly chant USA USA USA!!!.

    Where did they get all those little flags from? Do you all have little brand new American flags laying around your homes? I don’t. Obviously they were part of the set.

    As with the entire Boston HOAX, this was ALL scripted.

    1. If I am someplace there is a drill happening I am fleeing the vicinity post haste.

      Strange how there are drills happening at the place/times these ‘real’ events occur.

    2. Granted, there were undoubtedly paid agitators whose express purpose was to initiate the cheerleading, but I’m just as certain there were plenty of clueless sheeple that were cheering right along with them, caught up in “the moment”.

      1. Yep, flouride is better than anything for turning someone into an idiot.

        Thx for putting my pic up Henry.

  4. counstable
    you can nearly sum it up with two things public indoctrination programing centers rrrrrrrrrrrrr i mean skrools and brain and nervous system destroying shots oopsie i meant vaccines all have one porpuse to destroy the mind and create drones and lets not forget the mind control device in every home on many streets coffee shops resteraunts offices etc etc televisions and one of the simplest body and mind destroying devices dispensing drugs to nearly all daily pop machines deployed decades ago now around every small town and so many in cities on building towers everywhere my favorite miss gwen towers

    7.83 Hz (earth‘s pulse rate) made a person ”feel good,” producing an altered-state

    10.80 Hz causes riotous behavior

    6.6 Hz causes depression.
    .GWEN Towers, Mind Control, ELF Wave Sickness,Tinnitus, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Fatigue. .

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