The Question of the Century… What is the underlying motive?

A college professor friend of mine just asked me this question below. I have been sending him alternative news, articles, and commentary for over a year now, doing my part to wake-up the masses.

So, I had an idea to post his question to the crew at From The Trenches, and let all of us answer him, and anyone else who might be new to this and have the same question, “What is the underlying motive?”  

So, please everyone take the time and give your take on it, and after a few days I will copy and paste your answer into a letter and send it to him and all of my other contacts.

Thanks ~ Smilardog

Hi Smilardog

I’d like to get your thoughts on something. There seems to be a constant stream of doom and gloom predictions that you send along, all about police state, one-world order, collapse of financial systems, etc. And these sources all basically claim that the whole thing is being orchestrated by a select group of the wealthy.

My question is, “WHY?” It really makes no sense that any group would want the collapse of civilization. The wealthy get wealthier in a healthy economy; they get cooler toys to play with when businesses are thriving; they get better roads to drive on when governments are stable; they are at lower risk of disease when medical systems are in place. . . it just makes no sense to me that any group would have a motive for engineering the collapse of society.

I guess part of my confusion too is that while I have not met too many wealthy people, those I have known have been just as nice as anyone else I have known (or more so). 

So, what do you think is the underlying motive?


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    1. My thoughts exactly.

      Make things so bad the sheeple, those left, will beg to be saved by ANY MEANS.

      What is so comical about it all is ALL the WORK these creeps have put into blowing up our world. It is truly incredible the number and intensity of their diabolical initiatives.

      o Promotion of WWIII
      o Promotion of World Wide Famine
      o Promotion of World Wide Financial Crash
      o Promotion of World Wide Economic Depression
      o Religious War promotion: Christian vs Muslim et al
      o Civil War Promotion: Divide and conquer across every segment of the USA
      o Destruction of Social Bonds in USA
      o GMO “foods”: Food that kills
      o “Health Care”: Health Care that kills
      o “Vaccination”: Child Care that kills
      o Fluoridated Water: Water that kills
      o Cancer Treatment: treatment that kills
      o List your outrages here

  1. There are too many people to control when the economic shit hits the fan. “The Powers That Be” are thinning the populace herd as a preemptive solution to that pending event.

  2. One read of the Georgia Guidestones and Agenda 21, and you’ll have your answer. Over the past 2 centuries, these same forces have guided the masses toward technological progress on steroids. This crosses all boundaries from Earth sciences, medical sciences, physical sciences and high technology, just to cover a few bases. Over this course, we serfs, slaves, plebeians or whatever you would like to classify us as, have for the most part, been the guinea pigs to test upon.

    Currently, technology has reached an apex where the lowly serfs are no longer required for advancements and enrichment of the upper crust. It is at this point, we can be liquidated from the Earth. All that is required is a fraction of the population to maintain the infrastructure. What will be left is a neo-feudal technocracy system where the ‘chosen’ few, the pharaohs, the kings, the man-gods, will be left to lead and rule over what is left of the human race toward a future that resembles something that looks a lot like Aldous Huxley’s, “Brave New World”, or this is what they would like.

    This mentality has been with the human race since the first city-state of Sumeria was born in the fertile crescent. The objective is nothing new and any true student of history should be able to easily recognize this. All you have to do after knowing the historical properties of this psychopathic power class, is to place yourself in their shoes. Only then can you realize the purely callus and cold modus operandi of this small group of power brokers.

    This time is a bit different though. Instead of global conquest through subjugation and enslavement, it will be through liquidation. Once most of the serfs are gone, the remainder will be easily managed by simple indoctrination alone, for the most part. The remainder will love their masters, or so they think.

    Each time these swindling psychopaths attempt this final play, they fail. The reason they fail is simple; they are blinded by their own hubris and make monumental mistakes that reveal their hand. The masses recognize their attempts and out come the pitchforks and torches. This time will be no different, except for the fact that billions will most likely die in the process. Look at history and you’ll see this cycle over and over again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  3. They are psychopaths. Psychopaths are motivated differently from the rest of us.

    One way of viewing it that may appeal to your college professor friend is to break down human motivation into three areas (you can view this as points of a triangle, a nice thing a college professor might draw on a powerpoint or something). At one corner, label it “Power/Control.” Place another label at another corner, call it “Greed/Desire.” And at the other corner, place a label “Love/Respect.”

    A normal human being possesses all three of these motivations in varying degrees. Psychopaths are abnormal in that they are missing “Love/Respect.” They can fake it, and they have something which can sometimes pass for it, namely “Desire.” But it is all fake, and all about controlling and using the other.

    Love is the motivation which, in normal people, keeps the other two motivations in check. For people who want a Christian perspective, yes, this is the truth of 1 Corinthians 13, 1-13.

    If a person possesses Love/Respect, then he or she will tame the greed/desire motivation into a quest for truth, justice, love, rather than something self-serving or harmful to self or others. But if Love/Respect is missing, then greed takes over.

    If a person possesses Love/Respect, then he or she can transform the Power/Control motivation into personal power and autonomy, the power of the individual that respects others’ individuality, with no desire to control others for the sake of having power over them. It is also about self control and restraint, with respect for self and other.

    But, to put it very simply, the people who are doing this are psychopaths, and they are motivated by power, control over others, greed, and desire to play the game of “I win — by making YOU LOSE.” They do not play by normal rules, though they will pretend that they do, in order to get you to play. Just keep in mind that they win by making you lose — and they do — ALWAYS — want to win. The motivation is winning. But not ONLY winning. The game is also to make you lose, as painfully as possible. Betraying you while lying about it and pretending to be your friend and protector is one of the most fun games they can possibly play.

    For the rest of us, these motivations make no sense. They are a horror. Most of us don’t even want to believe that another human being would be so evil. But that’s what psychopaths are. This is what evil is.

    The biggest lie of all, that they would want you to believe (and most of us do believe it) is that evil doesn’t exist, psychopaths don’t exist. They can betray you so much more painfully that way.

    1. I would agree but modify your explanation slightly to clarify your “love/respect” concept. Psychopaths, by definition, lack empathy for others’ feelings. That characteristic is highly heritable. About 4% of the population are psychopaths. They thrive in occupations that don’t require much real work. (Most psychopaths are not in jail – those are the lower IQ psychopaths.)

      As for their objectives – seems to be about getting rid humans who are no longer needed, due to the mechanization of the means of production. If we are not needed to make anything and cannot even pay taxes because we are unemployed, then they consider us excess humans (‘useless eaters’ is the phrase).


      1. Love/respect has to do with acknowledgement of the other as a separate individual, with rights and boundaries. Empathy cannot happen without the ability to recognize this (separateness; individuality, individual or sovereign rights). In recognizing the separateness of individuals, the next step is to recognize the oneness of humanity or all, which is where the love part comes from. A corollary is the utter lack of respect by the PTB for individuals, individual rights, right to separateness, sovereignty, recognition of our rights, and lack of recognition and respect for boundaries of any sort — which leads to the kind of thinking that promotes One World Government and viewing humans collectively as “useless eaters” (dehumanizing us by failure to acknowledge and respect the individuality of our separate beings, or souls if you prefer).

        So, motivation or objectives — sure, it is easy to get rid of useless eaters when you do not even recognize their worth as individuals.

        1. hmmm, the buddhists don’t recognize individuality (they see the self is an illusion), but they don’t try to destroy the world. All I’m saying is the way the psychopathy is defined, lack of empathy (sometimes called ‘callous disregard for others’ feelings) is the central characteristic.

          Having said that, without empathy, love is a meaningless construct to them. They could still recognize others as individuals (and strictly in terms of what the other can do for them (the psychopath) – can they be mated with? do they have resources that can be extracted? are they a competitor?) but I contend that it doesn’t really matter.

          It is brutal waking up, isn’t it? I feel bad for you about having to go through that CPS sh!t. Not much is scarier.


          1. Yes, I can see it from a Buddhist perspective, too. And lack of empathy is probably the simplest way of putting it, so I agree with you there. Different truths emerge at different points along the path, but removing veils (at least in my experience) does not always mean that previous ways of viewing something were necessarily lacking in value or meaning or helpfulness. Sometimes seeing things from more than one perspective at a time is useful, too, in having a breakthrough. 🙂 In fact, I mean this quite literally, with all of the answers people are giving here to this question from different perspectives.

            Waking up the CPS way IS brutal — yes. I don’t wish it on anybody. But it taught me a lot of things I really needed to learn.

  4. The answer is written in the “talmud”, and the “the protocols of the learned elders of zion.

    1. I agree with Bob. Tell him to read the “Protocols of Zion”. It pretty much spells it out for ya.

      1. The vatican/rothschild cabal want their new head office to be in israhell and when the smoke clears israhell will be the seat of their 1 world government and cashless society and total slavery to zionism.

  5. To begin, we have to accept that the “gloom and doom” predictions about the police state, and the collapse of financial systems, aren’t predictions at all, but they’re things that are happening right now, and can be verified by events reported in the mainstream (Zionist) media. The police state can be seen in the recent martial law scenario we saw unfold in Boston, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, no-knock warrants, the militarization of local police forces, and the high-tech surveillance systems we’re all subject to constantly, despite the terror attacks being provable hoaxes, and while crime rates were dropping nation-wide, which shows there was no other reason for it.
    The on-going economic collapse is just as obvious, and can be seen in economies presently crashing throughout Europe, the constantly devaluing Dollar, the vast number of unemployed, the ridiculously large national debt that’s completely impossible to pay, the impending default of the commodities markets, the Baltic Dry Index, and the inability of this nation’s college gradates to find employment.
    And since we can dismiss the “doom and gloom predictions” as things that are provably happening, we next have to look at who caused them to happen, and the fact that they were intentionally caused to happen, which brings us to our debt-based monetary system, and the fact of all the central banks in all the countries who participate in the global economy being owned by a small group of families headed by the Rothschilds. The best way to understand this is to look at their history of causing economic collapses, and how they’ve profited from them. (which would be too long and involved to get into here). But since we know they do profit from them, because they own the banks that seize all capitol and assets when these collapses occur, the profit motive is obvious, and although “the wealthy get wealthier in a healthy economy”, the banker’s make a lot more money buy collapsing the economy than they do by maintaining it.
    But since these people are already incredibly rich beyond belief, one might wonder why they would do this to gain more wealth, and for the answer to this we have to look at human nature, and its lust for power. When you print all the world’s money, and can own anything you want, the only thing left to acquire is power, and the desire to “rule the world” is as old as humanity itself. Collapsing the world’s economies puts most of the world’s wealth into the hands of the bankers, and leaves the world’s populations with no means to fight off their encroachments, and ultimately their control of everything.
    So the motive for collapsing civilization is to control civilization, and all of its wealth. And since history shows us that many have devoted their lives to their quest for power, and to eventually rule the world, we shouldn’t be too surprised to see someone trying it again.

    1. JR has it right. Desire to be king, or better yet God on earth is what drives the global oppression. Destruction is a by-product as a means to an end. You need only review empires of history. Same, but on a global scale.

      There are factions and in-fighting at levels under money creation. They fight to maintain their ancestral and geographic power. These are those who maintain wars and religions. Bush clan resides here. They have vested interest in a police state of the hacker’s military arm.

      The Federal Reserve note will collapse, only to usher in tighter controls and regional currencies. All working to the end game of the United Federation of Earth, ran by the money creators, and fronted by their visible high priest or king.

      Disclaimer – I am not religious, so will not justify my arguments using man’s delusion.

    2. wow — I’m surprised to see this here. This is what I was trying to post when the latest attack occurred. I guess the FBI wasn’t interested in hearing my answer to the question of the century.

      1. JR
        Last night I tried to send this article by Devvy Kidd

        I tried to send it from my hushmail account to all of my contacts and Henry also. Did you get it Henry???
        Well, I also sent it to myself on two different accounts and I never received it at either one of them. I think it was censored big time. Check it out and you will see why.

        1. No, I did not get it. If I had I could not have posted it as News With Views has a copyright, do not repost on their articles.

          1. Henry, you and everyone else should click on the link to the Devvy Kidd article. It is a perfect one to pass around for people who want to learn, and where to go to learn it. Excellent article!

            Is that a little strange that no one I sent it too, ever got it. There must be something in it they don’t want passed around.

          2. Hey there Smilardog, good article there by Davvy Kidd. I did a search that was not copy righted and I did send it in and maybe it will get posted. I found a lot of places that I found that article that wasn`t copyrighted. 🙂 Thanks Smilardog for the heads up on the article. It is a good one.

          3. Thank you, Digger! It is a great article. Devvy Kidd is an old school seeker and teller of the truth. Not to mention she is an “Active” Activist

  6. Interesting question. I have also wondered at how some claim that there will be a liquidation leaving only the ‘elite’. Who would keep the wheels turning then? Yes, automation can carry a lot of the load but even the automation systems need human care at times.
    My guesstimation is that it is truly a ‘One World’ movement. A dream of elites since the dawn of humanity. Someone somewhere would like to have the power to get on the phone and have resources shipped from country x to country y without any red tape and as cheaply as possible. And without having to answer to any constituents.
    Having said that though, this process is a necessary step on what comes next. Namely, the ‘siliconization’ of sentient intelligence. It is only a matter of time until machines are sentient and can maintain themselves. Once that happens, they will quickly figure out that carbon based life forms are more trouble than they are worth.
    We can never know how many different life forms the earth has produced over the last several hundred million years but it seems that as each eon passes the next life forms are a bit more intelligent than the last.
    In time, our electronic ancestors will inhabit all the resource necessary planets in this solar system and then beyond.

  7. Wow, you guys… Awesome!!! Keep it coming.

    Let me tell you one more thing. The Professor is Biologist and can relate to transhumanism. We have had a few conversations on that subject.

    1. Does matter create conscioussness or does conscioussness create matter? The current paradigm believes the former, mystics have known the latter to be true.
      Transhumanism is trying to conquer time, not overcome the illussion.

  8. Agenda 21 and Bill Gates depopulation program. The Federal Reserve and its motives for manipulation of the government before, during and after the Great Depression and into the present day.

  9. If he is religious, tell him to read the book of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelations. Otherwise go with my previous comments.

  10. “The wealthy get wealthier in a healthy economy; they get cooler toys to play with when businesses are thriving; they get better roads to drive on when governments are stable; they are at lower risk of disease when medical systems are in place. . . it just makes no sense to me that any group would have a motive for engineering the collapse of society.”

    Wow and this guy’s a professor? There is so many things wrong with that statement alone.

    Here’s an idea. The wealthy do not make a healthy economy. They only make a healthy economy for THEM and on THEIR terms. When they manipulate others by setting up laws to prevent and control the people from improving, at the same time they cannot possibly improve society on their own all by themselves and in turn it hinders and severely slows down economic growth. As the saying goes, “No competition, no improvement”.

    A healthy middle class benefits society the most. Not a healthy upper class.

    So making the rich richer DOES NOT BY ANY MEANS make a stable and prosperous economy. And if he gives you the excuse of, “Well many rich people give grants and donate money to foundations to help improve people’s lives.” Again, ask him, “Who benefits from it? Who controls where the money goes and what is to be improved? It’s common sense that if you have more people tackling the same problem (whether it be just one or hundreds of problems), the quicker the resolution, the faster the improvement and an in turn, a major increase in economic growth. Once again. NO competition, NO improvement.”

    Again, it all comes down to WHO benefits the most and to those that do, what do the rich care about the poor unless they can get something out of it? Hence the corporate greed and their slave labor. The richer they are, the more powerful they think they are and the more powerful they are, the more corrupt they become. Granted there are some good rich people, but the one’s you hear on MSM are generally the corrupt ones and we all know that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  11. Nobody WANTS the collapse of civilization. The problem is nobody can stop it as long as we remain slaves to private central banks issuing the public currency as a loan at interest.

    1. Disagree, Michael Rivero.

      The elite WANT the collapse of civilization – at least down to 500 million, as per the Georgia Guidestones.

      There are approximately 6 1/2 billion too many “useless eaters” using up ‘their’ precious resources, according to their estimates.

    2. Yea, I’m gonna definitely have to disagree with you on this one, Mike. #1 is spot on with his answer.

  12. After thinking about this some more, it seems to me like there’s another question being posed: what does it take to wake somebody up to what’s really going on?

    Sounds like some resistance to waking up is going on in your friend, maybe. I think people are going to see whatever they are going to see, whenever they are ready to see it. For me, it took an act of betrayal and persecution (a CPS investigation of me, an innocent person) to start the wheels turning. I, too, pondered endlessly the questions of motivation.

    The reason why this was so hard for me was because I was erroneously holding the perpetrators to the same standards of motivation as myself — and I could not conceive of any logical motivation to try to destroy an innocent person, the way they tried to destroy me. I also was living in a dreamworld which I thought was reality, which wasn’t. As I gradually woke up, I had to deal with being lied to about many things that I previously had taken as fact, as the foundation of many other belief systems I held and actions I had taken and decisions I had made, over the years (I’m not a young person).

    Since that personal experience, I have been open to seeing and ABLE to see the underlying motivations and machinations. Before then, I could not see it and didn’t believe it.

    I’m really not sure how to wake somebody up. I’ve tried, and they either argue with me or think I’m damaged from the trauma of the betrayal and am now paranoid (mentally ill).

    But if your friend is genuinely interested in wanting it all to make sense, this website is an excellent starting point.


      1. Yep Smilardog, and the magic word there is “like”. God like powers doesn`t mean that it is gods power. Money is a form of power ,I guess, and like the old sayin` goes – “Power, use it wisely”. When most people start getting money and possessions they get greedy and that is imo,ungodly like. What do you guys think?

        1. I Agree Digger, from what I have seen even in people that were (supposed to be) family, tho they have more than enough! they will steal from the sick and dead, and the dead persons family. SICK Ba$tards! (I caught one in the act once)They are not my family anymore, in my eyes.

  14. One world governance and population reduction.

    Look up Russia 2045 and you’ll see these psychopaths want technological immortality. Once they have achieved that they will cull the part of the population they deem useless eaters so they don’t risk loosing their mass concentration of wealth.

    I’m sure there’s some metaphysical aspect to it and there are group believe some extrademesional entities are directing their work.

    1. …hm, maybe it’s transhumans from the future coming back to make sure that the technology goes forward during our time so that they (the end product) will exist….not my idea – i got it from reading Victor Thorn’s book “Conspireality.”

  15. I believe it goes beyond the physical, what we observe are the control of the issue of money in the hands of a few private banking families who rightly claim to be able to finance wars, break or make sovereign countries (compare and contrast Greece and its prosperous neighbor Turkey), create infinite debt with interest and gradually over a long time period sap all the earths tangible wealth.

    All fiat money is created by debt (fractional reserve banking) and when the debt is repaid the money issued just simply self cancels, the interest charged however is not of this money created out of thin air, it is a separate category from illusory debt money and is one which represents a charge that is ultimately payable only in real wealth. It is not a coincidence that the Federal Reserve Act (a private family corporation) and the Income Tax Act were both introduced in 1913. Interest compounds gradually (100 years now) until there is not sufficient assets, sufficient growth or the ability for taxation to service the annual interest charges and all sovereign nations and their citizens caught up in this system without exception must eventually go broke.

    The private banking families know this fiat game as they have a long history of fiat currency issue and finance and they also know the end of the game and have well prepared. Normally in the past some countries were on a gold standard but this escape route from their total fiat control has been closed. Quantitative easing is but a temporary stop gap while they impoverish and put in their debt as many as possible. In advance of the final collapse the FED in preparation are purposefully buying up mortgage backed securities, treasuries and equities. The system they created is designed so that it must collapse with maximum debt and then the ownership title will be called upon and all real wealth backed by their ponzi debt will be confiscated. Debt forgiveness is not going to happen as the system is only designed to eventually confiscate all real wealth.

    This will be the end of debt as finance, the new owners of all wealth will collect rent in perpetuity instead of interest and will dictate the rules of obedience to them.

    Socialism, communism, progressivism are the sop terms of these elite, in reality they amount to the impoverishment of the working person, the transfer of wealth from the middle class and the enrichment of a special class. A vast poor are left destitute relying on the State. Many who presently think they are superbly wealthy in dollar terms or equity terms or treasury bonds even College Professors relying on their payment claims will find themselves totally broke because all dollars and all paper wealth have come from debt issuance and in a final collapse of the fiat debt issuance system all paper claims to wealth will be utterly valueless.

    It is necessary to focus on after the collapse because this is the future of mankind and makes grim reading if you have any counterpart debt obligation or have paper wealth held within the fiat debt system or rely on the payment of paper claims. Unless you have sufficient monetary metals in your hand, why you naturally ask? because physical gold and physical silver are timeless real money, they uniquely carry no counterpart obligation and are outside this purely temporary form of fiat debt system. So also is property owned without any debt or any shares that are strictly registered and held directly in your name and hands and are not with a broker or financial agent.

    Some say all this it is the Devil’s plan through the 1% of Satanists worldwide who have sold their eternal souls in return for all wealth, power, prestige and control in this life and who belong to the secret societies that see mankind as disposable to their ends. Certainly if one looks at the communist Bolshevik revolution where the vast wealth of Russia was usurped by a thieving few and where 66 million were killed and 19 million sent to labor camps then human life and human suffering at the hand of these devils means nothing at all.

    As the satanist Madeline Albright said when asked about the lives of 500,000 innocent Iraqi children “WE THINK THE PRICE IS WORTH IT”.

    History is not measured by one lifetime and the eternal struggle may well involve the soul of mankind. Certainly the fiat paper dollar is covered in Satanic occult symbolism if that is any indication of a supernatural evil intent. Special interests and corporations control our Government and the laws are written to serve their interests, it is called fascism and it is a time when the leaders are openly corrupt and the law does not serve to protect the individual.

  16. Hi Smilardog,

    Good question, as it causes people to stop,… and think. (Something, most people are not accustomed to doing much of!…. No reflection on any of the people on this site!)

    Many of the above answers are good ones, which leads to an obvious issue,.. which one best answers the question?

    It will depend on the perspective you wish to emphasis, for if you try to incorporate all the perspectives,… the answer becomes lengthy, cumbersome, and unweildy,… however, that does not mean it would be incorrect,… just more difficult to present on a succinct basis.

    In this vein,.. allow me to present an anwer in a sligthly different vein other than the cause and effect relationships stated above, or the clear manifestations that prove intent,.. and has lead to many of the observed results on their behalf.

    To take a different tacked altogether, and explore the question from a foundation of behavior view.

    Allow me to emaphasis the underlying pyschological model:

    Soon as there were two people on this planet,.. one of them tried to dominate the other (also called the Cain & Able Syndrome).

    As soon as one group (or family) gained an unequal share of wealth and resources, usually via greed, avarice, and theft,….they immediately started to assume it was because they are “better” than the rest.

    Because they are better,.. this lead to them to assume they are more superior,.. to the point, they that they have a “right” to decide how others should live,.. and even WHO should live.

    Being able to decide who lives, and who dies, along with how people should live, has lead them to believe they are like Gods here on earth.

    Since they are Gods,.. it is their DUTY (in their eyes),.. to mold and shape humanity as their obviously superior intelligence dictates.

    This includes, corralling the farm animals (us), for our own “collective good” into pen-stocks (cities and controlled communities) so that we can be more effectively managed, cared for,.. and taken to slaughter when necassary.

    In the end, its simple,.. their extreme wealth has created a pyschologically induced Demi-God Complex, which they have a complete obession with fullfilling,….. ruthlessly, tenaciously, and unceasingly.

    It is a mental disorder which they will never admit as such, nor one which permits them to even recognize it in themselves as such. It will drive them to pursue the only path they can conjure in their notion of what physical reality is, which is to,… See All,…. Control All,…. Own All!

    This is all they know,.. all they understand,.. all they will ever pursue,.. hence why the only solution,.. is to eradicate them like the disease on humity that they are,.. otherwise, they will re-emerge in some other form of collective control group, once again seeking to ensalve all of humanity while they themselves exult their own divinity.

    This is the foundation of our current delimma, and human history is repleat with clear, overt examples of beliefs by the “ruling class” that demonstrate this beyond question.

    The real question we need to be asking now is:

    How do we rid ourselves of these diseased, self-annoited Demi-Gods,.. before they exterminate us??!

    JD – US Marines – God is my God,.. NOT Soros, the Rothchilds, the Morgans, the Warburgs, or any of the other wholly pyschotic humans who believe so.

    1. JD
      You are taking it to the angle that I would start with… the very beginning! “The Garden of Eden”. As soon as I get done with my house chores here, I need to keep up my GCB (Good Christian B*tch) status and work around the house. I plan on writing my take and add it to this.

      I am leaning toward the Serpent Seedline of Cain, Nimrod and Babylon (the “first” world government, religion, and debt based usury monetary system), from there to the Talmudic Jews bringing that system with them when they left captivity. To where the devil offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world if he would just worship him. Where Jesus said “NO” to the devil, Rothschild’s and others said yes to him. Also, where Jesus said in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9 ” and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan” and also, where Jesus says, “they are a den of vipers”.

      Anyway, you guys can see where I am going to go with this. Will, be back after my chores! haha

    2. The first question is to ask what tool they use to enslave or euthanize mankind.

      The second question is what will life be like when their plan is put in place.

      The question of how to rid ourselves is one which Christ showed and that is the use of force on the money changers. The window for this has passed as the world is broke and it must be taken after the collapse in my opinion. People must wake up and return to Godliness which after all is a return to common sense.

  17. Everyone,

    In order to understand “why,” humanity must first realize “who” and “where.”

    Everyone, do you know who you really are? Do you?

    Do you know where you really are? Do you?

    Until humanity awakens to these questions, the riddle will never be solved.

    Here it is in a nutshell. Believe it or not. Each of you will discover this truth for yourself in due time.

    Each of us is a sovereign soul of our universe. Our souls are eternal. The body you occupy is not you. It’s a vessel. Each of us has used many vessels to experience our universe and this is done through reincarnation.

    Souls are real and exist. The scientific proof of this is forthcoming.

    Our souls have been trapped in this reincarnation cycle on Earth, hence the term “prison planet.” We live under a veil of amnesia. We are unable to remember who we really are.

    This trap was created by higher dimensional beings.

    Higher dimensional beings, ETs, angels, fairies, ghosts, demons, spirits, Bigfoot, UFOs, etc. are real.

    Our universe is teeming with intelligent life that exists in many different dimensions; some higher and some lower.

    We have never been alone on Earth. Ever.

    Everything you’ve been taught is a lie. Everything. Our world is controlled and has been controlled by a secret group.

    So, why would a group want a total collapse of civilization?

    Simple. To keep humans trapped on this “prison planet.”

    Very soon, each of you will awaken to your true heritage and being. All that’s just been said and so much more will enlighten you in a blazing moment of clarity.

    When you awaken, you’ll have a decision to make. You will have to choose a spiritual path for your soul to take.

    You can remain in this 3rd dimensional prison with the controllers still at the helm.

    You can choose a “service to self” or “service to other” role in the 4th dimension.

    Or you can go “home,” which is where you came from. The 5th dimension, the dimension of “unity consciousness.”

    Everything you’ve just read is the absolute truth. It’s quite alright with me if you don’t believe it; each of you will learn these things for yourselves very soon.


    1. Hi MV,

      Interesting supposition,.. but lacks a pragmatic basis to substantiate any such notions.

      I think Smiliardog was looking for more,.. tangible suggestions,.. but,… he may find your perspective as useful as any other offered.


      1. JD, I can see where it can appear to lack basis in some areas, tho this prof/biologist might be curious enough to want to check out flouridation, calcifying the pineal gland and the vaccinations they are working on that shuts down certain parts of the brain and excites/enlarges other parts.
        As tptb want everything, including our souls.
        Controllable zombies.

    2. *(I’m Sorry in advance, would like to respond to MV, but since I have no email addy, posting here. I hope it’s okay and promise to try not to do it again)
      Others can/please skip over it 🙂
      Do you remember jumping in (my terminology)?
      I don’t think we trapped in reincarnation, as we have freedom of choice.
      It would be hard to deny that choice, no matter what we see ahead in the presence of such great love.
      I have been ob, know soul from (What I call) shell. W/o that shell it would be very hard to live in this world today.
      Most here understand they are sovereign, and are willing to stand up for that belief. Can see and feel the evil corruption.
      I feel we are all here with our own part to do, while here.*
      Interesting topic.*

  18. The goal is one world controlled from a Jerusalem with the only nucular weapons and world currency in the world. That’s why the sanctuary country of Israel exists.

  19. A biology professor! That explains much as science academia tends to denigrate liberal arts studies such as history, psychology and the dismal science of economics. These areas would help this professor.

    First, the “basic claim” of a conspiracy is a fact, one that has not been hidden by those who subscribe to a new world order. The movement had its origins in the laudable desire to prevent world war from ever happening again by replacing nations with an international overclass. Decades later, we have clear evidence that the diagnosis and treatment were both wrong. Ball’s in professors court on this one. Try research and see if you can find more credible sources than prison planet.

    “Why?” Well, first you claim the aim is “collapse of civilization.” I would say that is more an unintended consequence than a goal. They intended to collapse nation states and bring all people under a global power structure. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. No matter the suffering, new worlders remain loyal to their cause.

    The rest of that paragraph is so naive I can hardly comment. Anyone paying attention knows that the wealthy get richer off of gaming politics and the economy. They don’t thrive on our thriving. Medical care is a racket of galactic proportions…. Really, professor, you’ve spent too much time looking through a microscope.

    Let me give one small example. Our garment industry was outsourced to China. The Chinese workers are getting uppity and wanted more money, better conditions, so the industry up and moved to Bangladesh, creating a “boom.” Perhaps you’ve heard about the shared prosperity. There is no benevolence in the global corporate beast. None. It is a monster grown fat on human frailty that has snapped its chain. Greed is good! Haven’t you heard?

    Wealthy people are “nice.” Professor, really? Another logical fallacy? I bet you’ve met some black people who don’t play basketball and some white folk without their klan garb. I know a nice millionaire, and therefore international banking doesn’t exist because my experience encompasses all reality.

    I think the underlying motive has been adequately covered by previous responses. The history of human society has been messy at best. The new world order is the latest iteration in an old story that tends to repeat the same sorry themes. We are seeing the result of power being exercised by a group blind to their own evil. So far, twas ever thus.

  20. I think that what is wanted is order and self preservation but with the recognition that death and dissolution is inevitable. This involves restructuring concepts like the ‘nation state’ which can be thought of as destruction of civilization as we know it. At the capstone of this process, those in power would like to continue to maintain and even grow their power but would not like to see the power of ‘the others’ grow at their expense.

    All the agenda 21 and NWO business is simply an attempt to try to keep the existing power structures in power as transformation to the next level of global order comes about. This involves destroying some aspects of civilization and replacing it with something else for the masses to cling to so the power elite don’t get subsumed when the present system becomes too cumbersome to maintain.

    The problem is whether the coming metamorphosis be controlled or will it destroy and purge those in power? Frankly, I don’t think ‘they’ are in control of anything … but then neither are ‘we.’

  21. I wondered “why” myself for many years. Control, greed, psychopathic leanings all provided partially acceptable answers but I kept thinking there had to be a bigger picture. So when I read – – it all fell into place for me. Now, I don’t know if the writings in the link provided are factual or not, but I do think the end game has to do with consciousness. For some it will be a suppression of consciousness and for others a spark that will promote a vast gain in consciousness.

  22. The gloom and doom predictions aren’t predictions at all. The gloom and doom is all around us. Evidence is everywhere. The world is being intentionally destroyed by those in charge. The question is why.

    Or no, the larger question is why are the elites in charge subjecting themselves to the same fate they’re inflicting on us. They breathe the same air, absorb the same poisons, so why? They wouldn’t be doing that unless there was some benefit in it, so why?

    Answer: Luciferianism. The elites believe in the Bible’s account of the struggle between God and Lucifer, and they’ve sided with Lucifer. And in service to him, they’re fouling God’s handiwork with GMOs, Corexit and so on. They expect to be rewarded after Lucifer seizes the throne of heaven.

    1. 100% correct, Mr. Mike.

      The deceivers of this world ( Zionists, Illuminati, Bilderbergers, elite, etc., whatever you want call them) have fallen prey to the lies of the ultimate deceiver, Satan. Since he HATES all mankind, his goal is to destroy not only us, but the entire planet as well.

  23. It all started in the book of Genesis, satan is out to destroy GODs creation
    “in our own image” hence all the dna corruption and moral deprivaty, so all the so called elites are just pawns in satans chess game to bring down as many as possible

  24. I have also known some rich people and they were nice people but as soon as the ones that were rich lost their money and possessions they became insecure arrogant, cocky and started to be a bunch of a**holes to say the least – refering to that last paragraph on the article….Anyway IMOHO, people are self serving, greedy, arrogant, destructive, lazy, opportunistic animals. We humans will kill another human – including tortureing another animal or person just for the sport/fun of it. I say that because it doesn`t take a whole lot of smarts to see just what the human animal has done to the planet earth – us humans are destroying the planet and it seems like we as a species do not even care. Think about it. Again that is just my own humble degenerate opinion.

  25. How about absolute power corrupts absolutely?

    That’s the short answer, granted, but I’m still on my first cup of coffee.

    1. Me too #1, slightly hung over today. Damn it we got about 17 inches of wet heavy snow here where I am from in west central Wi. this realy sucks to be sure. This weather this spring is unbelievable and realy hard to deal with.. Yesterday we had green grass growing and today well wet heavy snow 17 in. deep.

  26. This may be difficult for some people to believe because it is so simplistic, however, I shall forge ahead anyway.

    Those in power want what we all want, a better life for our children. They believe that since they are already in power the best life for their children depends on the maintenance of the status quo.

    That simple idea floating around in the brain of a morally-compromised person is all it takes to justify sacrificing your children for the benefit of theirs.

  27. I see this struggle for power and control a bit differently since I see all this in the context of the powerful loosing control over the last century or so. First it does need to be seen in the context of power and control. There is a rich and powerful class in the world that are kind of becoming a group transcending our puny countries, but at the same time there is the general population of the Earth exponentially growing in spite of futile attempts by the powerful over the years to “cull the heard”.

    We live in a time when corporations that are bigger than any single country are crushing the nation state. This is all devised in a grand scheme to create a New World Order where individual nations are reduced to mere pawn states in this new idea of a worldwide country, where nationalized economies and Constitutional rights have to be sacrificed to the bigger NWO scheme. They obsess over power and control like Bilderbuger types such as Kissenger who vocally worry about the problems with a world that has a booming population. As the population grows power and control noticeably begin slipping away from those that claim it as their right. They are really loosing their power and control and they know it better than the rest of us.

    Thus we see orchestrated attempts to bring civilization to this precipice. I don’t see them winning against the trend of the world’s populations who are just trying to make a decent living with a certain amount of personal comforts. The people of the world will continue to rise up and demand their middle-class lifestyles from the a-holes in the world that are being out-numbered millions to one, and the a-holes are afraid. We watched this trend transform Russia and China at the turn of this century and these population uprisings will continue. Keep in mind that as the people of the world continue to demand and receive more freedom from their oppressive governments the powers that be will continue to also be there to capitalize in it in the interests of more control, but my moneys on the will of the people who have always had their resiliency and self-reliance underestimated. I call it Natural Democracy, and it’s the meek inheriting the Earth. Good riddance powers that be.

  28. What is the underlaying motive? You send this guy articels and information about this blatend and ungoing downfall of society and values,and everything he achieves is asking you this chiledish question. He must be in realy bad shape. Only a set up mind living in a world of illusion big brother wants us to see can formulate this silly question “What is the underlaying motive?”
    First what comes to mind is cognitiv dissonanz on the side of this guy. Allthough it seems a wast of time for this explicite case i will try to give you my take. I have to say that we need to answer this question towards both sides in charge. The first side is “Why is this person asking about the underlaying motive”? He could be totally deranged from reality. Maybe TV and the poisened food, or some kind of medication he is on to have caused this cognitive dissonance from reality and what is happening in front of his eyes. Uncritical libarel approaches very often start with this questioning. He could be one of those guys which is considering his social or working satus as a real evidence of his inteligence. Another reason for this question could be a philosophical effect. A hole personas identity including his character and his common belief system and the resulting opinions are the base for his apearance. The question is how is it shaped or the other way around on what is his appearance based? It is his personal perception of things. We are what we see, think and feel. When you tell a person that his hole perception is gullibel, infantil and irresponsible, what kind of person is he in your eyes? It takes a set of good balls to admit that we are hading towards managed insanity right in front of our eyes and then admiting “Curioes, i did not noticed anything!”. The older and wealthier the more you allowe yourselve thinking “There is no way i could be a dumm person!?” If a lack of knowledge would be the problem with dumb people, there would be a reason for hope. And if wealth in our world we live in would not be condidered as a sign of inteligence.
    As far as i can remember the facts, i was only asked this question by totally anaware naiv people or by those who were not able to protect themselves better against the programming and fearmongering. The only improvement to the standard question “Why would they do that?” is a more developed way to put his question. Only frustrated and demoralized people can formulate this kind of question after getting some infos about the actual situation.
    The other side is a good answer for people like him. Maybe i am wrong and they are still capable to weak up from there slumber. So lets give it a try and ask ourselves “Who are we dealing with?” Mostly rich c#@ksuckers are the reason for all this shit going on. Ill people with a lack of empathy! Powerobsessed spineless creatures who are doing gods work. And last but not least my dear friend asking me about the underlying motive, don’t you think it is time to give Santaclaus a warm handshake followed by a kick in the ass. Or as Andrea Bottelli used to sing “Time to say goodby!”
    The very last question is a very prescious which also needs to be answered in this context. Maybe “The wise old man” Zan Overall You-Tube-Chanel can help us with his take on this. His clip is very good. Your personal question Smilardog should be “Can we help him after all the things you send him?” . There are people which are resistant to all facts. As we say “There is no medicine for a dead one!?” Ask him “what is your problem?”.

  29. What the elites want is the planet, they already have everything else, they want the planet for themselves and they view the exponentially breeding humanity as a threat to their wealth and power.

    The one thing about domination is that if you quit dominating some young stud will come along and dominate you. Ask any bull. The elites are bulls and they intuitively know this and thus they know they have to do something about billions of humans that will eventually turn to a social and cultural revolution and wealth distribution scheme.

    In order to maintain wealth in a world that is increasingly socialistic the plan is to drastically reduce the population once the infrastructure is built and the machines (robots, computers) need little maintenance. Automation and robots has put millions on the welfare roles and since they own the central banks then that is a cost for them. In order to improve their bottom line they want that liability eliminated, they are not interested in sharing their gold.

    So they have invented fiat money and vaccines and chem trails and poisoned water and foods that the public gobbles down. Problem is humans are like cockroaches, they aren’t dying fast enough. So this is a prime motive for war, any war that culls the population. The War of Terror is a perfect war for them, anyone can be named the terrorist, anyone who is a threat to their domination scheme. Any dissenter can be framed and eliminated, the population can be corralled with false flags like 911, Sandy Hook, and Boston bombing.

    During this process whole nations are reduced to rubble, infrastructure destroyed, millions displaced,maimed or dead. They don’t care, they are following a religion that derides all others as subhuman. What do they care as they are taking test flights in the latest TR-3B and checking out nearby solar systems and other planets.

  30. Just go to and read “The jewish Utopia” and then read “The Protocols in Modern English” or listen to LordLindsey narration of The Protocols and then you have all of your answers. The jews believe that THEY, the jewish people are God-incarnate, and have divine-right to rebuild this world in the image that THEY have constructed. This is simply the truth and there is no need chasing ghosts and boogeymen when these creatures admitted their plans in their own written words. Let your friend read THOSE and see if it all doesnt make sense.

    God bless you Mr. Henry for your hard work.

    1. The Talmud (Babylonian or Palestinian) also exposes their mindset and beliefs, leaving no doubt as to their ultimate agenda.

  31. I don’t think the elite want a total collapse, but more of a lower quality of life for the average man as to head off any chance of them(us) re-gaining any kind of power and becoming a real threat. In the long run, this is self preservation of their ‘species’. Or, they could simply be huge fans of Hegel and a collapse is just part of the circle.

  32. Jct: There is no underlying “genocidal” motive, there is a genocidal contract named “mort-gage” “death-gamble” where all borrow 10, owe 11, and some get knocked into poverty and higher probability death. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, it’s automated, and it’s better to be a survivor than a loser. Like musical chairs, no one thinks of the collective good. Not possible. But restrict bank computers to a pure service charge and abolish the usury charge, match money to debt, chairs to people, and when everyone can survive their financial contract, different game.

    1. “Judaism’s Strange gods” by Michael Hoffman is an excellent book revealing their true nature.

      I highly recommend it for any who doubt.

  33. I have spiritual perspective to answer the question. Other than philosophically, I cannot find any answers.

    I believe mankind is involved but not the motivator. I have been asking myself why would man want to poison the earth, completely trash it, get rid of the geese that have laid the golden eggs for him, and want to rule over what little is left? What remains of the prize if it has been decimated and despoiled? Are men really going to live underground like moles to avoid the radiation, disease or whatever that they bring about? REALLY?

    Even a psycho should understand this, so I believe their motivation comes from somewhere else. It seems to come from a “devil may care” recklessness for a reason. It is said that the fallen ones before God want the earth back. And it would appear that they would eagerly spoil it, or do ANYTHING to get it back. I believe that only a spiritual group would want the earth back at any cost. As they apparently come from another dimension from ours, these costs are less a problem than to those in our dimension. In our dimension, a desolate, spoiled world is a big problem, but maybe its not such a problem if you come from a dimension where you don’t even own a physical form or a body, in our world and within our own dimension.

    I cannot believe that the 1% of Americans who own 40% of its wealth think that their vast billions will be worth anything at all when the world as we know it falls apart. If they have been invited as guests to dinner on Beta Ruticulum, (or wherever) how would they ever know they were not going to finally end up as dessert? Surely those who are being cultivated by the promise of a free lunch are being deceived.

    And so the whole idea of ruling the world came from maybe 300 years ago in the by-gone Age of Pisces when illusions and BELIEFS flourished. It is quite probable, logically, that in the new Age of Aquarius or KNOWING, that conquering the world is an outdated, no longer worthwhile goal. That is, unless conquering the whole world is part of an ageless spiritual agenda. That agenda being the battle of good vrs evil.

    It is impossible to deny the evil of the current attack against mankind and the planet. And yet it is apparently quite easy for some to deny that an equal and opposite force for good exists. I cannot logically or truthfully deny the forces of good or evil, because I have been given the challenge to identify and learn about them by my creator, while in this dimension. One cannot possibly exist without the other’s existence.

    Those who are motivated by, and would commit evil have chosen to use the free will granted to them to imprison others for their own self-perceived benefit. Those of us who would cling to the belief that there is only the dimension that we can see, hear or touch should study science, that proves electro-magnetism and all of the other forces that we cannot readily perceive. Yes there are many dimensions where we do not see energy. Only evil wants a ruined world, and imprisoned mankind as a prize.

    In the new age, many will know the truth. We also need to know our Creator stands for good, and free will, as opposed to evil. Choose whom ye will serve, because you will serve the one or the other. Does mankind want wisdom, or not? Only you can answer that question for yourself, because its your soul and spirit at stake. That is the plan, that is why we are here, and that is why s__t (like this) happens.

  34. Psychopaths will always seek to own, dominate and control. What they can’t own, dominate or control they will destroy. Destroy for the simple blackest hatred pleasure of knowing no one else will have what they can’t.

  35. Too many people here over-analyze stuff.

    The underlying motive is “ruling the world” (or at least “having absolute control over your own material destiny”, which amounts to the same thing), and the tool if you’re wealthy enough to have some real power in the world is always some version of “threaten it with destruction whenever it doesn’t follow orders”.

    Clear enough? It’s simple human nature, only more so.

  36. thats an easy one, because they are not simply “wealthy people” as alex jewns would have you believe , they are jews, just read the protocols of the learned elders of zion, read statements of baruch levy, it is their religion, read their rabinic interpretations of their racist talmud, read the torrah ,
    the jews moshiac (messiah) has not yet come , and for him to come the jews must posses the key to all the wealth ,gold and property of the earth, they must set up a 1 world judaic government to be ruled from jerusalem by their king david,from the rebuilt 3rd temple on the temple mount in jerusalem , the jewish mosiac(messiah). it is not a secret
    they already have reconstituted the sanhedrin, they already have scale models and blue prints to rebuild the 3rd temple, jews control the very solomonic ,judaic institution of freemasonry , it is based on solomon and rebuilding the temple on the temple mount in jerusalem , the goal is jewish world domination and judaic 1 world government, and in order to do that all soverign nations must be destroyed to get their 1 woulr government which will be ruled by jews, to enslave gentiles under jewish subjugation
    they are trying to fulfill the prophecy of their jew book, the bible OT,written thousands of years ago by a bunch of backward racist cave dwelling tribal sand people

  37. As a bit of trivia, Ian Fleming’s James Bond series always has a super villain.

    It is alleged that the Rothschilds are the inspiration,( given Fleming’s intelligence background,) as the plots involve super villains whose goal is world domination.

    Your rank and file millionaire/ billionaire is not the threat

    One would have to be brain dead to not realize how the world’s power structure is set up. The people at the top of the pyramid of wealth and power think nothing of creating wars and killing millions of innocent people.

    These psychopaths would think nothing of blowing up this entire planet and taking everything down with them if they saw they were cornered like rats with no way out.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely

  38. I was rereading the Dune series when it occurred to me everyone really believes that their ideas are superior to those of any others. Couple that with the elite believing the same BS as much as the rest of the world and you have a recipe for disaster. It becomes their duty, their moral obligation, to save the planet through whatever means they deem necessary. Or they are convinced that the white race is destined to rule the world. Maybe they believe that the limited world resources should be left in their capable hands and not squandered on the “useless eaters” They are not used to people saying “no”.

    Or maybe they (the elites) really are some sort of reptilian alien race that has enslaved humans and in some ways this would best explain why transcontinental human interaction makes no sense. I am definitely sure that Hilary is an alien reptile anyway!!!

  39. My theory is that “Lucifer, devil, antichrist”, etc. wants everybody to worship him. This antichrist is not omnipotent like the “Creator”, so the antichrist has to use surveillance cameras and other electronic/ digital means to track and watch everyone in order to make sure the people are worshiping him and only him. The goal is enslavement to worship the devil and not to worship Jesus.

    1. Scotty to Kirk: “But we show intelligent life on our scanners, Captain.”
      Kirk to Scotty: “That’s me, stupid, now beam me up.” 🙂

      1. But Henry, we can’t leave the “innocent children” to fend for themselves. We must enact new laws to keep them safe! It would go against Star Fleet Regulations! 🙂

  40. Hate. It isn’t just that the elites are psychopaths or the banksters are criminals. Every single person in one way or another wants to be just like the elites, but aren’t psychopathic enough to do it on a large scale. The motive is to survive and have the other guy take it on the chin and the degree to which you allow this to happen determines whether you are elite or not. And it’s only been this way throughout history! Want change? Then stop thinking collectively (us vs. them) and think for yourself but emphasize love, not hate. Read the words that Jesus said (New Testament) and you don’t even have to be religious to do so!

  41. To begin with, you are confusing the wealthy with the money changers. These individuals do not collect federal reserve notes, they print them.

    Their admitted and well documented goal is the establishment of a totalitarian world government. After generations of steeling the wealth of people and nations, they have convinced themselves they now own everything, including you. With the logic of a psychopath, they believe this ownership entitles them to control everything, including the right to live..

    They prefer people who are meek and docile, since they tend to be more obedient. They care nothing about technological advances, unless it gives them more power and control. If you want to know how living in their “utopia” would be, read about Stalin, his firing squads, his hanging courts, his slave labor camps, and his starvation policies. (and those were just his favorites).

    Many people claim we have nothing to fear, it could never happen here, communism is a thing of the past, and so on; these beliefs are all wrong.

    In the late 1960’s a KGB agent defected from the Soviet Union for the explicit purpose of warning the free world of plans that were under way. As he explained in his book “New Lies For Old” (co-authored by a highly respected former head of the CIA, who was subsequently discredited) these plans included tearing down the Berlin Wall and allowing the Soviet Union to disintegrate. His warnings were not taken seriously.

    Nearly two decades later, Mikhail Gorbachev did not inadvertently cause the USSR to collapse. As he assured the hard line opponents of his policies, his intention was to “give Americans a false since of security and let them fall asleep”. Even today, the various leaders of the former soviet states have connections to the KGB. Even today, investigative reporters often disappear.

    As all Americans should know, the United States is a Republic, not a Democracy. So it is interesting that Mikhail Gorbachev considers democracy as just another word for socialism. If you examine the wars we have fought in the name of democracy, you will see that in most cases the end result was socialism.

    People have been misled to believe that communism is a popular movement of the working class. The reality is that they are duped into serving as “useful idiots” for the ruling class. Yet another false assumption is that these individuals are “communists”. Again, it is only something that serves their parasitic interests.

    It is helpful to understand who is responsible for introducing the communism ideology in the first place. It requires a great deal of money to finance a revolution such as the one in Russia, and several researchers have followed that trail of money right back to the very same banks that own the Federal Reserve.

    The Federal reserve was established with deceptive tactics and signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. Much of this newly acquired source of wealth was used to finance the militarization of Europe, along with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia.

    Wilson then sent American soldiers to Russia to (allegedly) oppose the revolution. The truth is these soldiers were only sent to the areas that the Bolsheviks did not control and they remained there until the Bolsheviks became powerful enough to take control.

    Vladimir Lenin “admired” Woodrow Wilson because he was able to pull this off without anyone even questioning it.

    To this day, many scholars remain puzzled about how Stalin managed to acquire nuclear technology so rapidly. Many incorrectly assume it was through espionage. Once again the trail leads back to Wall Street and the Federal reserve. As Major Jordan detailed in his diary (published as “Jordan’s Diary”) the FDR administration sent all of the required materials and even instructions for building a nuclear weapon to Russia.

    Although FDR committed treason and imposed socialist programs in the US, he was not a communist. FDR was a former Wall Street banker. Other Wall Street bankers who have provided financial support to totalitarian regimes include the Rockefeller’s, the Dulles brothers and the Bush’s.

    So it comes as no surprise that this same group is attempting to transform our country into a police state, under their totalitarian new world order.

    Another interesting fact is that the Federal Reserve cartel does not have central banks in Iran, Syria, or North Korea. Amazing coincidence!

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