Sometimes Mistakes Lead to Real Blessings

Sent to me by a friend.

I have a little story I thought I would share with all of you. I recently relocated, bought a house and moved in the first weekend of July.

Since I have been in my new neighborhood, I have had the pleasure of meeting a few of my neighbors who seem to be extremely nice people. For Christmas, I thought I would do something nice for each of the neighbors that I know. I sat down and counted. There were nine neighbors whom I knew by name or spoke with often when I was out in my yard. I also knew which houses they lived in.  

I decided to add one more person to my list for a total of ten. This lady that I decided to add lives down the street from me. I meet her every morning walking to work as I drive down the street. She always manages a contagious smile and a hearty wave. I had no idea what her name was and not even sure which house she lived in.

My gift idea was to make small fruit baskets and leave them on each of my neighbor’s front porches or door steps the night of Christmas Eve for them to find, either that night or the next morning. I signed the cards–Happy Holidays from 5104 Northumberland Road.

I saved the friendly lady for last, since I was still not exactly sure where she lived. I finally decided upon a house down about where I met her each morning and felt relatively sure that it was hers.

My neighbors really appreciated the baskets and would tell me as they saw me in the yard or they would call, and a couple even came by to thank me.

This morning on my way to work, I placed my mail in the mailbox and noticed a small note inside. It was addressed simply — Resident, 5104 Northumberland Road.

I opened the envelope and took out a Thank You card. I opened the card and read the message which really caught me by surprise.

The card said. “Thank you for the lovely fruit basket you left on the porch of Richard Kelly. It was very thoughtful. Richard Kelly passed away on January 19th. He never stopped talking about how nice it was that someone remembered him in his time of illness. He really appreciated it.”

I was sincerely stunned. I had no idea who Richard Kelly was or that he had been gravely ill. I had left that nice lady’s basket on Mr. Kelly’s porch by accident. I wanted to say by mistake, but that would be wrong. I believe that Richard Kelly was meant to have that basket and the Lord knew that he only had less than a month to live. I hate that the nice lady did not get to receive a fruit basket from me this Christmas, but I believe that if she knew what happened, she would have had outcome no other way.

I feel blessed to have helped Richard Kelly’s last days be more cheerful. This just further reinforces my belief that there are never any mistakes in life — just detours, shortcuts, and small excursions along the way.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes Mistakes Lead to Real Blessings

  1. What an inspiring story Paul. I too had an interesting experience of the sort a while back. A friend of mine in another town by the name of John Miller, had to go in for open heart surgery. Every day, after he got out of recovery, I would call the hospital and talk to John Miller for a while on the phone with words of encouragement. ( he also had lost millions earlier in the 2008 real estate crash and his wife left him) so I was trying to be a good friend and basicly reassure him along the way that everything would be ok because money isn’t everything. Anyway I talked to him every day for about two weeks. I noticed he sounded a little different but I figured it was the drugs they gave him. I would ask on occasion if he had any visitors but the answer was always no. Noone ever came to see him… nobody. Any way to make a long story short, I called the hospital one day and there was no longer a John Miller there. I called John at home and talked to him and it turns out he had been in a different hospital. So as strange as that seemed I felt as if God had intervened and I had given words of encouragement to a complete stranger who seemed to have needed them at the time. Go figure.

    1. Hey Swifty, thanks for posting this. Your experience proves that kindness can truly give joy to others in ways we don’t realize.
      God bless you brother.

  2. Thanks Paul, I love this posting about the very ill man receiving a fruit basket by mistake during the last days of his life. Very touching and very inspiring story. This goes to show that God meant for this man to receive this fruit basket.

  3. Hi Swifty I really enjoyed reading your comment about your calls to the ‘wrong’ John Miller. Wow! I agree, God did intervene and just think of the comfort you brought to this lonely man. I just know that he looked forward to your calls everyday. Thanks for sharing this experience with us. 🙂

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