Sulphur and Oxygen Miracles

Four Winds 10 – by Ed McCabe

This is what I said in the 6th edition of my book, Flood Your Body With Oxygen:

Msm and DMSO

Again we address more missing elements that should be in our diets. This time it’s natural sulfur. We’re 6% sulfur, and nobody has enough. I kept hearing about how in addition to its other properties MSM is a non-toxic natural sulfur-based oxygenator (liquid, granules, or creams) that users were reporting as extremely helpful.

According to successful users the whole key with MSM is to take it consistently (at least 6-8 months) at high enough dosages with vitamin C and possibly taken along with some DMSO. The most success we’ve seen is at 500 mg of MSM for every 30 pounds of body weight twice a day.  

I was first intrigued by MSM when I heard on a tape that it was found concentrated in ocean plankton, one of our two planetary oxygen generator sources.

I seem to be the first to reason that if it was that close to the oxygen and chlorophyll creation action while floating in pure ocean minerals, then surely it might have some special properties. If so, it might make an excellent adjunct to any oxygen supplementation regimen. It turned out my intuition was right.

Most of us don’t get enough sulfur from naturally occurring DMSO and MSM because the fertilizer used on our mega-crop agriculture is no longer natural manure. The sulfur cycle has been broken. Chemical fertilizers are not providing sufficient sulfur for the plants we eat. Researchers studying our body oxygen transport mechanisms are even declaring this lack of natural sulfur/DMSO/MSM in our diets as a major contributing factor to disease. The total lack of study in these areas is surprising and unsettling.

All our illnesses hinge on oxygen availability and food quality. Now name a food conglomerate that will fund a study to rat itself out.

Without enough dietary sulfur our cell walls become inflexible, they harden and can’t “breathe”.  Increasing loss of cell wall permeability means low oxygen transport into and low waste removal out of the cells!

You put the oxygen in the body but less happens because you can’t absorb enough of it through the hardening cell walls. Dietary deficiencies of sulfur, potassium, minerals, and other elements explain the rare souls that try ozone but get less than the full effect.

From Keith Ranch, Planet of Health: “Methylsulfonymethane (MSM) is naturally occurring biological active sulfur and serves many functions in the body. It is one of the third most abundant elements in Nature and within all living organisms. Its chemical formula is (CH3)2S02 and is formed when microscopic plants called Plankton from the ocean release sulfur compounds called (Dimethylsulfonium) salts. In the ocean these salts are converted into dimethylsulfide or (DMS), and then rise into the upper atmosphere to meet ozone and very high-energy ultraviolet light. This is where the magic of Mother Nature takes place.”

–When DMS collides with ozone and high energy ultraviolet light, the DMS is converted into MSM and DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) and returns to earth in the rain and enters into all living plants. This is one of the reasons why we all should be eating raw uncooked fruits and vegetables, because cooking and heating destroys MSM beneficial properties in fruits, vegetables and all plants.

–MSM is so important in maintaining good health and flexibility in the tendons, mussels, ligaments, skin and nerves and serves so many other vital functions in the body. Just to name a few:

–Oxygenates the blood so that red blood cells can deliver more oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

–Improves the lung and all cell permeability to increase lung capacity and increase oxygen intake to the body.

–Helps neutralize allergenic reaction to pollen, different types of foods, animals and fat allergies.

–Increases bile-function and has a cleansing effect in the digestive tract.

–Protects against the harmful effects of toxins, radiation, and pollution.

— Disinfects the blood, resists bacteria and protects the protoplasm of the cells.

— Helps to normalize, allergic reactions, stress, drug hypersensitivity, inflammation of mucous membranes, and inflammatory disorders including all forms of arthritis, muscle cramps, and infectious parasites of all kinds.

— Is excellent in maintaining flexibility in arteries, improving oxygen flow and keeping the arteries clean and clear of arterial plaque from forming.

–MSM is truly one of the most important supplements and naturally occurring nutrients in the ozone soaked heavens. Nature has magically provided MSM to all of us living beings on earth to keep us happy and healthy.

3 thoughts on “Sulphur and Oxygen Miracles

  1. Sulfur causes anaphalaxis for me. It could kill me. When people benefit from sulfur it is often because they are toxic with aluminum, mercury and other heavy metals which sulfur binds to and then excretes via the sulfation pathway. Be careful. If your sulfation pathway is damaged you could suffer indescribably torment from eating sulfur and your problems could get worse.
    Be especially careful giving it to kids with autism (low dose until you know it’s safe for them!). They tend to have problems with it.

    1. My mother is allergic to sulfur as well, But she can and does take MSM. It appears she isn’t allergic to natural sulfur.

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