5 thoughts on “SONGBIRD 2020: The Fastest Movie Ever Made During a “Pandemic Lockdown”

  1. Thanks Deon, and I’m so glad some thinking person put those ending assertions together.

    I’m so sick of them telling us where they’re taking us. It’s a mockery of humanity, a mockery of the intelligence of humanity. Wouldn’t mind seeing Hollywood burn to the ground. Its contributions of last few decades have almost entirely been horror, doom, destruction ugliness, and hopelessness. I hate their vision. When’s the last time they showed a story about the joy of being a free man, free to explore and prosper. And not the Wall St. variety, built on theft and deception, but the variety of true free spirits, walking through the wonder of life. They must have a sickness of soul that only Satan understands.


    1. ‘Wouldn’t mind seeing Hollywood burn to the ground.’ Oh I so agree with this. It has always been a tool for propaganda.

    2. If I knew about Hollywood back in the 70s-90s what I learned about the music biz, my book characters would have been movie stars/producers/directors/handlers/satanists, not rock stars/producers/managers/handlers/satanists….. Bwahahahahahahahahahah!

  2. Yea I posted this a few days ago, too. This movie is nothing more than to get people indoctrinated with the whole COVID crap. It has elements of The Gray State trailer, too.

    There’s no way a movie could be made this quick. It takes at least a year just to get a script and pre-production going. This was planned well before the virus happened.

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