5 thoughts on “Trailer park entirely inhabited by paedophiles and sex offenders | 60 Minutes Australia

    1. That’s what I gleaned from it but I think the sappy orchestra music was supposed to make us pity them.

      I pity the victims and those mf’s are curiously still alive after murdering their victim’s childhoods.

      1. Usually those places are plagued by tornadoes …one can only wish

        (nothing against any trenchers living in trailer parks )

  1. This “isolate pedophiles” scenario could be the solution to the world’s problem with the criminal psycho elites, and I’ve been saying this for years: round ’em up, try ’em in common law courts, then send them to the South Pole or at least the interior of Antarctica. No food, no shelter, no way to escape….they can warm themselves up in the Lake of Fire….

  2. So they examine the brain of a pedophile and say that the brain, makes the pedophile. It seems that another
    conclusion could be drawn from this research. Maybe the pedophiles brain activity causes physical brain anomalies, and these anomalies, are then being diagnosed as the cause of pedohilia.
    It’s quite common knowledge that people with various addictions have brain developments that appear abnormal when compared to people without addiction. I don’t see why pedophilia would be any different.
    This may just be an attempt to excuse pedophiles, after all they can’t help it, their brains are abnormal. They were born that way.

    I also recommend Norman Doidge’s book :
    The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science

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