SONGBIRD Trailer (2021)

Oct 29, 2020
Set two years in the future during a pandemic lockdown, we follow the budding love story between a motorbike courier named Nico, who has rare immunity, and Sara, a young artist.
Songbird (2021) is the new thriller starring K.J. Apa, Sofia Carson and Demi Moore.

2 thoughts on “SONGBIRD Trailer (2021)

  1. Oh, that’s interesting.
    Prediction of what TPTB want?
    Everyone needs to take note.
    - Production Announcement:
    May 19, 2020
    - Filming:
    Principal production commenced on
    July 8, 2020.

    IMO, this is extraordinarily fast for a Hollywood film.

    During a pandemic lockdown caused by COVID-19, a young man must overcome martial law, murderous vigilantes and a powerful, well connected family, to reunite with his love.

    In August 2020, ...
    Critics and audiences reacted poorly to the trailer of the film, with criticism aimed towards the production and timing of release due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as well as romanticization of the topic; comparing it unfavorably to Romeo & Juliet.

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