Speaking of elections…

Speaking of elections… I made this sign. It can either be placed among all the candidate’s posters scattered across the local streets or it can be held up at the polls on election day.

Not that I expect any kind of answer from those who comply with the state, but rather to plant the seed that the people do not want their rights infringed. It’s really kind of a mockery.

Of course more than one sign is even better. I just hate election time, when all those signs go up with the candidate’s faces seeming to be screaming, “PICK ME!! PICK ME!!

It’s so good to be disengaged from that circus. Truthfully, it would be wonderful to see millions of these signs go up. – 🙂

9 thoughts on “Speaking of elections…

    1. Okay, funny, I’ll admit, but while they’re alive, I’ll do what I can to shame ’em and expose ’em. It might not be enough for some here, but it’s what I can manage. I think they should be called out as much as possible, with pissed-off Americans in their face. It could lead to more. They’re far too comfortable and get away with way too much.

      Is anyone else having a day of irritation? Geez, I can’t wait ’till tomorrow.


      1. It’ll be ok, Galen. Some days are tougher than others to control the frustration. You got your head on right and I know what you’re feeling. The kettle’s boiling and it’s whistling and you’re chomping at the bit, but breathe. You’re not the only one waiting in the kitchen. 🙂

    1. That’s the correct answer! Hooray!! I’d give ya a gold star but those don’t have a good reputation anymore.



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