Spinetics Prepares To Launch Eco-Friendly Bicycle Generator Accessory

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June 8, 2015 (Miami, FL) Spinetics, Inc. a tech startup is gearing to launch their ecofriendly, frictionless, bicycle generator system on Kickstarter this July. The bike accessory dubbed the “CydeKick” converts a cyclists’ motion into electricity for charging smartphones, headlights, and other electronic devices. Spinetics has begun rallying support from the community in preparation for its Kickstarter campaign launch. The startup is looking to raise capital to fund low-volume production of their CydeKick generator and make it available to the cycling community.  

Spinetics will offer two versions of its self-powered CydeKick accessory; the CydeKick Pro and CydeKick Mini. Both models employ frictionless generator technology capable of powering the high-intensity headlights included with the system, meaning no additional drag from friction. In addition to this frictionless, lighting capability, the Pro charges USB devices such as smartphones, GPS, action cameras, etc. This means you never have to worry about running out of charge while you are outside enjoying your ride.

The inventor of the CydeKick, Nicolas Zamora, who has been a cyclist for most his life was asked why he engineered the product. In addition to his passion for greentechnology and his love for the outdoors, he responded, “it was a combination of curiosity and love for cycling.”

Spinetics has a long-term goal of launching additional ecofriendly accessories to the biking community. Updates and future developments can be found at http://www.spineticsinc.com/blog-updates/

About Spinetics, Inc. Spinetics is a one-woman, one-man Miami based grassroots tech startup founded in Dec 2014. Our vision is to help shift society’s attitude toward a more progressive, environmentally aware and health-conscious mindset by developing products that make cycling a more convenient option for commuting and leisure. For more information follow us at www.spineticsinc.com

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One thought on “Spinetics Prepares To Launch Eco-Friendly Bicycle Generator Accessory

  1. It looks like magnets on the sprocket that will turn a generator with every revolution of the wheel. This only makes enough juice to power a light because of L.E.D.s.

    I had a frictionless cycle-computer on my bike that worked via a magnet on the front fork and it was a pretty cool gadget until it stopped working.

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