23 thoughts on “Sprayed Like a Bug Today

  1. How can anyone still think these are “contrails?” Yet, a long-time friend of mine who is in his late 70s and was a pilot in the 1950s has told me that these are indeed contrails, and the appearance varies in “different atmospheric conditions, which is why you see them some days, and other days you don’t. See? This is how cirrus clouds are formed. We have always had this… and now we have increased air traffic…” in other words, that I am mistaken.

    But I do NOT remember THESE from my childhood. I have a very good memory. I spent a lot of time staring at the sky, clouds, and contrails in my childhood and over the years since. I am in my early 50s. I am speechless in trying to talk to someone like this, there is no convincing or openness.

    1. EE,
      Amen. I fought my wife for a while about this. I knew the truth, but I didnt WANT to believe. After watching what in the world are they spraying and a few other articles that she gave me, I finally came around. It is undeniable if people will just pay attention to the facts. I guess it is more of the titanic effect they were talking about yesterday.

      1. The truth is horrifying — that there is a powerful “they” not only out to get us, but actively engaged, right under our noses (or right overhead) in deceptive plots to get us, AND that they have succeeded in deceiving us. The plot has been underway for quite some time. Our protectors and watchdogs whom we entrusted to look out for our interests have NOT protected us. They have either been deceived themselves, or they are in on the game. I think it is very hard to wake up to something like that. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi thriller — in other words, fantasy or fiction. Like Dr. Evil. Not real.

  2. Strange, we’ve been clear here for about 3-4 weeks now. However now that i’ve said that tomorrow the sky will look like a bowl of spaghetti.

  3. Looks like a semi good day in L.A.

    We ALWAYS know when it’s going to rain for sure here. When the weather report says rain in 3-4 days, they ALWAYS start chemtrailing 2-3 days before, and sure enough, it ALWAYS rains.

    That’s one way to accurately predict the weather.

    1. Exactly, this morning they started claiming a big group of storms will be moving through my A.O. starting Thursday evening.

    2. made me think of something — related or not, who knows. I used to be able to predict rain 1 or 2 days out because my bones would start aching. But that doesn’t seem to be the case (reliably) anymore. I’m wondering, either this ability of mine is going away, or these fake storms don’t affect me that way. This ability never correlated with measurable changes in barometric pressure BTW.

  4. I’m in my 60’s and I don’t remember this when I was a kid, either. I don’t remember any of this cross referenced to other Countries, or other places – Does anyone know of some other place in the World, where this is, or is not, happening? I mean; can you see this sort of thing when you’re on a Cruise ship, out in the ocean? Are the Polish people complaining about this? Is it only happening over Oahu and not the big island? South America?

    1. Not likely to stop right at the borders of countries that aren’t.

      Kind of like the radiation from Fukushima.

      It IS airborne, after all.

      1. Well, of course a cloud can cross borders. I am talking about the airplanes. Like the Russian and Chinese, etc. do not spray their own people.

        Kind of like Russia and China built civil defense shelters for the public and America does not, anymore. Does that help. The American Govt think of it’s people as it’s enemy, where as other Govt don’t

  5. Roger That Bulldog ,They were spraying before the sun came up . It seems like they spray heavily ahead of cold front . Down here in south louisiana , we have not seen a frost yet . Terra Farming ?

    1. Definitely they were doing it before the sun came up. They were already spread out when we got first light. I am in deep south central LA where you at?

  6. Hey Bulldog, we had three or four long lines of criss-crossing chemtrails yesterday, too, here in Austin, TX. I was walking my dog and just looked up and said, “Really? Are you just gonna go around making it that obvious now? Yea, just keep poisoning people”. Then I looked at two separate residents walking their dogs who didn’t even care nor did they acknowledge it or notice that there was anything wrong with it even if they did care. I just shook my head and said, “Sheeple”.

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