Stop Feeding the Beast

Have you read the headlines today?  There is certainly plenty to worry about, isn’t there?

  • We may yet go to war with Syria (which will escalate into a World War with the Chinese and Russians)
  • The economic rug is about to be pulled out from under our feet
  • Food supplies are diminishing and are more threatened every day
  • Military assets are being put into place – WITHIN THE U.S.! – in preparation for civil unrest  
  • Those who still feel tied to the established Medical Industrial Complex are being thrown into the turmoil of Obamacare, a system for getting more money from and providing less actual medical care to the people

and on it goes, each day leaving the informed masses wondering which straw will break the camel’s back already!

To me, the bottom line is that the people are still falling “victim” to the same old games that have been played by TPTB, no matter what era those “powers” have been in.  We believe civilization has come so far, we have become so “enlightened”, but how far have we come if we’re still spending our energy on worrying about what “they” are going to do rather than living our own lives in a natural way?

“They”, TPTB, live off that negative energy — thrive on it, really — which is why they keep throwing things to worry about at us.  And we – yes, even the informed masses – keep allowing ourselves to be used as pawns in their ploy, feeding them with our worry.  We sit on our cases of freeze-dried food (don’t get me started about their ingredients) waiting for them to become useful.  We stock up on weapons and ammo, thinking that will save us from someone needing a meal approaching our door.  We shake our fists at the politicians, thinking that those who allowed the government to fall into such disarray (i.e., the stripping away of our once sacred freedoms) will somehow fix it if we just yell loudly enough.

But all these issues facing us today and throughout history have been planted by TPTB to cause us to emit negative energy to feed their sick needs, and those of even their masters (you didn’t think the visible “PTB” were at the top of the chain, did you?).  The system they have set up (way back in Nimrod’s time) was put there to keep your spirit in such turmoil and fear that you would be paralyzed to do anything other than what THEY want you to do – to labor for them and pay them for the privilege of doing so (taxes), to eat whatever poisoned bounty they place before you (GMOs, etc.), to be the chattel for their spending sprees (“the full faith and credit of the American People”) even if that spending is for wars in which you want no part.

There is a solution.  There is a better way to live.  There is only one true law to which we are bound and that is “Natural Law”.  Natural Law, simply explained, is 1) live as you wish as long as it has no ill effect on another person (does no harm to others) or their property; and 2) for every action you take, there is a consequence (equal effect, good or bad).  Everything else is an illusion, kept in place by our compliance with it.   As long as we choose to comply, we will be chained to those orders which limit our lives to what someone else wants us to do and be.

Most of those who comply do it because the don’t want the responsibility of caring for themselves, and TPTB know it.  So they keep the carrot dangling before our noses saying, “We will feed you when you are old,” and “We will keep death from your door with our medicine,” and “We will give you a job with which to support your family.”  What they do not say aloud is that all these promises, all these wonderful “benefits” they offer, have a price – a very dear price.  There are no free lunches.  To reap these benefits, you must spend your life under their control, paying homage and the sweat off your brow to their systems.  Oh, they will keep your mind occupied with the circuses placed before you on the TV to distract you from having any thoughts of what your life could really be, so you can live your whole life without ever considering what you really wanted to do with your time on this earth.

Focus on a new world – a world of your making.  What can that world look like? The world we know, sometimes called the matrix, uses all of our negative emotions to sustain itself.  Stop feeding the beast! Focus your life on love, kindness, sincerity – outwardly directed actions that help others, truly benefit others.  The Natural Law consequence of this will be that you receive these in return.

Next, listen to that voice in yourself that already knows right from wrong.  There is not one of you who does not already have this understanding within yourself.  But too many of us choose to ignore it so that we can be a part of the “in crowd” of society as it exists today.  We choose to accept, even cheer, unjust wars, even though we know innocent people – children included – are being killed for the sake of control of some natural resource.  We shout, “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!”  at the hockey game while we are told to “shelter in place” instead of saying, “I am a FREE person.”  We feed our children genetically mutilated foods that have been shown to cause cancers and sterility because they are quicker to prepare than foods that have real nutrition.  We work longer hours than we spend with our families and loved ones so that we can replace our loving relationships with consumer goods, even though it pulls our heartstrings to drop off our children, crying, at day-care.  Listen to your inner voice.  It gets its words from the universal truth.

Accept the kindness of others, but recognize it as kindness – not weakness – and forward it on to the next person you can help.  It all evens out in the end. The more kindness you initiate, the more will be brought to your door.

Depend on yourself.  Learn what your strengths are, don’t be afraid of them.  Don’t believe you need someone else’s acceptance to validate your choices.  Live your life as you choose, and allow that to bring you happiness as you overcome challenges you may face, and learn just how great you are.

Be an example to others that life can be lived in joy, not spent in fear.

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2 thoughts on “Stop Feeding the Beast

  1. This article is so true, so true! Thank you for being so eloquent about it! And thank you for your words to conquer fear and hate, the two biggest reasons the elites have been winning so far.

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