Was the Attempted War with Syria Meant to Fail in Order to Shift the Entire World Against the U.S.?

When the war with Syria failed miserably and all the escalated rhetoric for a global war came to a direct halt, people believed that our leaders listened and caved in to the demands of We the People. We thought we had the power to finally push back these elitists who have manipulated us all this time. While it may seem that we did just that, was it just another part of the elitists plan? Was it both a distraction and intentionally done in order to make the U.S. out to be the enemy and to turn the U.N. and the entire world against the U.S.?

If so, it would symbolize the dramatic shift from military warfare to social warfare. All the elites have done so far and are continuing to do is implement a social change rather than a military change, as social control rather than military dominance seems to be the key here.  

During the events leading up to an all-out war with Syria, Putin and Snowden were portrayed as saviors and heroes to our country and the world. Putin got world leaders together and made Obama look like a deliberate fool in front of the entire world and Snowden supposedly exposed the NSA to both the U.S. and everywhere else. Now, Merkel and other world leaders are angered by it in an almost orchestrated fashion.

With NSA spying on people, our treasonous government issuing threats, using false evidence and funding Syrian Rebels (aka the enemy, Al-CIA-da), our whole criminal government’s agenda, as well as the British agenda is being publicly exposed. Then you have the Prime Minister being voted down in parliament for the first time in decades, China and the BRIC countries creating an alternate currency, an alternate Internet and handing over more power and control to the U.N. This ALL had to be a part of their NWO plan!

When Syria intentionally worked with Russia after Putin, in an almost pre-meditated movement, jumped at the moment of subscribing to Obama’s demands of having Syria submit its chemical weapons to the U.N., it all seemed too convenient and designed to make it look like a “miracle” had been pulled off at the last minute.

So now that the “miracle” was pulled off, the momentum and social mechanism began to shift and did a complete 180 degree turn, as the Syrian rebels, funded by Al-CIA-da and our infamous government, attacked the U.N. inspectors. There’s no way this also could have been a mistake or a desperate move. It had to have been done for a reason which may have been to create a social change and to turn the world against the U.S. and therefore create further animosity towards America.

Back home, we have plenty of distractions of our own. The threat of drills becoming real, the ever-growing police state tactics, illegal immigration, jobs, government shutdown, social disorder, as well as secession movements, the rejection of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and the biggest distraction of all, Obamacare!

Obamacare is probably never meant to launch, as it seems to be merely a program designed to be the breaking point for the coming war with the U.N. No one wants it and We the People are ready to go to war over it if we have to.

In the meantime, the U.N. is trying to put pressure on our government to follow their U.N. global plan and charter. Obama’s role as Hitler is soon coming to an end and the U.N. troops are just waiting to step in. Our country’s fragile bubble state is ready to pop!

In addition, don’t forget we have Fukushima radiation and the HAARP weapon to worry about, which was also designed to destroy America. There is a reason why the government has stockpiled and set up underground bunkers for the past decade or so. They knew this would happen, as they planned it. An extreme false flag is coming. The surface will most likely be vaporized, while those underground will be watching the show on their monitors in their bunkers, waiting for the dust to clear so they can come out of their hole in the ground and claim their fame to whatever is left of it.

In analyzing the secession movements, although they may be a sign of rebelliousness against our government, they also seem to be used to divide us like the FEMA regions, in order to make it easier for the U.N. to come in and take us apart piece by piece. Furthermore, since the revolution will not be televised, they probably feel that by doing this, they will be able to accomplish their goal.

This is why it is urgent that we take back the MSM airwaves and not just use the alternative media outlets. I cannot emphasize enough to everyone how important it is that we broadcast the truth on the MSM airwaves, as it will not only be an extreme boost in morale factor to America (think of the movie, “V for Vendetta”), but it will be seen as one to the people who are being manipulated by their own governments throughout the rest of the world as well. Think about it. It could be hailed as the greatest pinnacle in the history of the entire world!

If we can expose their program on the MSM, the elitist rats will have no choice but to run, as their psychological manipulation through fear and torture will immediately come to an end, as their propaganda machine (their mechanism of social warfare) will explode in their face. The social war will be over and we will be free once again.

Remember, this is more of a social communications war than a conventional military one. As in all wars, whether foreign or domestic, the first thing to capture is the communications and our situation as American Nationals is no exception.

Like Hitler’s turning point in WWII at Normandy and how the Allied forces pushed back Germany and eventually setup the U.N., Obama’s turning point seemed to be at Syria and now the world government, world media and even RT News is doing whatever they can to turn the countries of the world on America and join together to push America back and take us over, so they can complete their NWO global government. History seems to be repeating itself right before our eyes.

It’s no mistake that our borders are open and that our ships are still in the Middle East. We are going to be invaded. It’s as inevitable as our coming financial collapse. The only thing that can stop it is if We the People rise up and take back control of our communications and our country. Otherwise, those who have firearms in our country will be seen as the enemy to the new U.N. government. Those who do not follow the U.N. world government, even if they also do not follow our treasonous government, will be executed. That is why they seem to be trying to get more sheeple to embrace Putin and the U.N. This is controlled opposition and is a grave threat that must be eliminated.

We are being setup for a U.N. global takeover and anyone who does not embrace the blue helmets will be purged from the NWO system.

At this point, it is imperative that we regain control of our MSM communications, arrest our treasonous government, bring our troops home and secure our borders with whatever troops, patriots and able-bodied people we have left.

We the People are being setup for a massive attack. It’s up to us to decide the fate our country and our lives.

War is coming and is already knocking at our door. It’s time for us to place our firearms through the peephole, cock them and get ready to pull the trigger.

So what’s it gonna be? Are we men or mice?


18 thoughts on “Was the Attempted War with Syria Meant to Fail in Order to Shift the Entire World Against the U.S.?

  1. Years ago we knew that the United States was going to become so corrupt and so “broken” that the people would beg for a new government, a NWO.
    Russia, China, and America are the three main powers in the world, and they are all three working together in forwarding this NWO.
    An interesting read on the net is titled “Albert Pike’s Three World Wars.”
    Pike was a Freemason who said he could conjure up Satan at anytime. He wrote this book in the 1800’s. The first two WW’s are in the past, but the third is coming up. You will find that we have all been hood-winked by the Freemasons, and Obama is Freemason as well as a Muslim Brotherhood member. Read: “How the Shriner’s created the Muslim Brotherhood.” The Shriner’s are 33rd Degree Freemasons.
    99.9% of our elected politicians are Freemasons.

  2. NC,
    Great article. It makes alot of sense. I keep thinking that the potus will be part of the take over. It makes sense that he will probably be thrown out with the trash. The UN is coming and we the people will be the only thing that can fight them.

  3. I have not read the article yet, but that is the big picture and the mexicans will make it complete…war right here usa.

  4. This sounds far-fetched and paranoid, except that it is not. It reminds me of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. So much of what appears to be random is actually contrived, and not a “glitch” or act of Nature. Shock testing is being done to us all the time, these false flags, the EBT system going down, and so on. Sure, some of it might be random (those would fall into the category of never letting a good crisis go to waste) but most of it, probably not. Be on your guard.

    And yes, taking back the airwaves would be an excellent move.

  5. They are not getting the people mad enough with the nsa spying to start a revolt so now they are using it to anger foreign nations who may decide to take out america.

    It is just another plan b or c to them.

  6. Great piece NC,

    Right on the money as far as I’m concerned. Iran will be the next article we will be writing about. They sure f@#ked up with Syria, no doubt about that as far as WW3 was concerned, but they did manage did create more hate. Iran will be their next shot. America has never been as isolated as we are now. No surprise we have been given a Kenyan born girly man for a president, and a bunch girly men with a few bull dikes mixed in for his disciples. All corrupt as hell. God help us.

  7. I enjoyed the article and the points made. However, the US was suppose to be drawn into this conflict. If the world hated us for Iraq and Afghanistan and it took a few years for most Americans to realize how bad an idea it was and then speak out against it. This would have sent the debt even higher, made the rest of the world hate us more, killed Christian soldiers, drove up oil to new highs, made more Americans pissed off at the gov., and isolated Iran more than ever.

    I also know at the same time that the elite have think tanks who come up with many back up plans just in case things don’t work out.

  8. To me, the bottom line is that the people are still falling “victim” to the same old games that have been played by TPTB, no matter what era those
    “powers” have been in. We believe civilization has come so far, we have become so “enlightened”, but how far have we come if we’re still spending our energy on worrying about what “they” are going to do rather than living our own lives in a natural way? “They” live off that negative energy — thrive on it, really — which is why they keep throwing things to worry about at us.

    1. I completely understand your point, Sheila. I, more often than not, have that same feeling, too. The negativity has become a nauseating sickness and the elite feed on it. It’s time we all start thinking positively and try to live our own lives, but since the elite crank out countless rules and regulations and more corruption and lawlessness every single day, it is almost impossible for us to do so unless We the People stand up and do something about it, rather than sitting on our asses worrying. It’s utterly frustrating.

  9. Nothing happens in politics that isn’t planned.
    The failure on Syria was planned and the failure of Obama/Hillary care was planned.

    What worries me is what is not being reported and covered up by these events filling the news

  10. “As in all wars, whether foreign or domestic, the first thing to capture is the communications and our situation as American Nationals is no exception.”

    Excellent NC! I fully agree. Hmmmm, that gives me an idea. Gotta start hanging around the tv and radio studios and transmitter locations.
    Commandeering both would be ideal, but for a small squad not exactly doable. Therefore, the TRANSMITTER site is the one to grab. A major plus of this is that most transmitter sites have at least rudimentary emergency transmitters inside. That were installed for such emergencies as the studio itself having been destroyed. Then again if you can read and follow instructions to set up a home entertainment system, you can probably figure out how to hack into a transmitter and begin broadcasting.
    Then we face the issue of defending a 50,000 transmitter with reduced squad strength. OR AN ALTERNATIVE, a mobile transmitter and plan to cripple the big guys. This 20 watter should do quite a job for little money.
    Ah, the possibilities!

  11. One of the “problems” that we face…is the ability to organize and coordinate our legal and Constitutional responses to their criminal conduct…partly because they are great at keeping us “divided”…but, also because of their increasingly violent police state tactics…

    …however, I think we forget a few of the advantages we have over them…and we forget that there (hopefully) have been men in power and conscience for decades who have been battling and preparing for each stage of the ongoing battle against these animals…and hopefully they are not just sitting by, waiting for the shoe to drop…and they have some kind of a plan for reversing most/all of this evil idiocy….at the national level…perhaps we will see the impeachment of Obama…or a real election that puts the people who have not been bribed into office….

    But, even if that fails…we the people need to recall that it is 300 million, armed, angry people….against an invading army of Blue Hats, or unmotivated American Soldiers who will have to go into the streets of Detroit…or L.A….they may end up winning simply due to world-wide resources (which is why American debt at this point is trivial, compared to the larger prize of the world economy)…

    But as I am writing in my fictional book about a fictional situation occurring in America…”should such a fictional situation come to be”…even if they win, we should be using 4th generation warfare techniques that grind down the illegal government that tries to spawn itself on to us….bring down surveillance cameras, knock down street lights …cause massive traffic jams….turn their NSA techniques around on them…cause them to personally investigate everyone, everyone is now considered a threat…so give them a million people a day that “pose a threat” (based upon their unconstitutional perception of the word)..and make them track everyone of those “leads” down ….follow the particular shift changes at your local police / DHS/Fascist “LEO Agency” and let everyone in the community know when and who is around…in my fictional book…citizens would already be meeting in small groups to plan how to cripple as many of the fascists as possible…do not attempt to kill them… instead …cripple them, maim them….light them afire in the groin, legs, arms and head section without trying to kill them…make the fascist rulers in our imaginary story care for as many crippled, maimed and wounded “employees” that you can create…on a fictional basis….armor up tractors with bulldozer fronts… and use them to ram right through local police stations, checkpoints and then go after the LEO’s families….kill and maim their children…burn their houses down….if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness…on a fictional basis… in my 4th Generation Warfare Book…dying people who love Liberty… buy themselves a pressure sprayer that they can wear on their back, under a coat….full of gasoline..and when they arrive at the illegal, unconstitutional roadblocks ….they jump out and douse everyone in the illegal LEO operation with a little petrol and light a road flare…I’m sure you can imagine the outcome …

    Never forget…these people are evil, ugly, gangsters who use “the law” to get what they want…and they do not care about us at all, not one bit… in any small manner…(I was a “federally protected whistle-blower for over two-decades, so I know it is all BS)…and I know…it is all just gangsterism on a global scale…

    So when the rubber meets the road….be sure not to care about them, their families…their children… …anything related to them….it will be the one true way to crucify them..and win your freedom back …when we have control of our government again… then we can convict all of these traitors and hang all of these pigs for treason..eff’ them….


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  12. Thank you, NC…my exact thoughts and why I won’t use RT News or any state run media (including US MSM News). They have an agenda and the people will be lead to believe RT is the savior of the truth movement media, then they will never research or question what is being reported ..just like we did in the US with the MSM News. We are witnessing the destruction of the breast bone of American via the middle class (sm business) and the TPP deal is NAFTA on steroids. They have most of their unconstitutional laws in place (esp. the NDAA and Obomba can kill Americans on US soil) plus the TSA road check points. Just rippin for the next crises and hopefully they won’t get their ‘order out of chaos’ intended agenda from the people. Thank you for writing this.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Julie. No problem. I never really trusted RT News. They are great at exposing the scandals and cover-ups in our government, but that is only because they are being paid to play the role of controlled opposition in this communications war.

      Remember, RT News is from Russia, often posing as an alternative news outlet. That alone tells you a Communist plot is afoot.

    2. Press TV out of Iran is fairly reliable, especially for news on the M.E., Julie T.

      Good article, NC, but I have doubts about the viability of mainstream communications once the shooting starts.

      The revolution will not be televised, I’m thinkin’.

      1. But how great of a morale booster it would it be if it was…?

        I don’t know, #1. I think it would be the ultimate fuel needed for the revolution.

  13. Yep, the elites have plan A, then plan B all the way to plan Z all drawn up in their various think tanks, but that is the beauty of randomness combined with their hubris and arrogance. It is a good thing that they are also divided…consider that while their plan to replace the US as the world’s policeman as well as reserve currency may be favored by some elites it won’t be favored by others, and not everyone agrees about what replaces the US, it could be that they just make up their plans as they go along, random plans for random events. Folks, as true as this article seems (and I love your stuff, NC!), never think that the elites have everything under their control. Just like Putin’s act was smoke and mirrors, so is most of the elite’s plans, A through Z

    1. Yep, the elite definitely have many think tanks, but most of their alternative plans are mere bypasses, leading to the same outcome. The plays may be different, but the goal never changes.

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