Status Quo Curs Showing Fear of Ron Paul Revolution

The mainstream propagandists are looking more ridiculous every day as they scramble to do damage control for the international elitist insurgency, which is literally coming apart before our very eyes.  I think the propagandists have given up on any hope of preserving even the smallest amount of credibility as they have thrown their lot 100% with the insurgents.

Just look at the absurdity right before our eyes.  A sitting president has had impeachment proceedings filed against him.  Not a word in the mainstream.  They continue to act as if Ron Paul has dropped out of the race when their own minions are crying out on the web that the Republican Party is being taken over by the Ron Paul Revolution.

Some are even now calling Ron Paul supporters “cultist”, and just what sort of cult would that be?  A constitutional republic cult?  A law and order cult?  How about a justice for all cult?  And who are the high priests of this cult, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry?  Remember, this is coming from the neo-cons who claim to be good Christians while supporting the US committing genocide in the Middle East.  They say Ron Paul wants to nuke Israel.  This is the craziest thing I have ever heard.  Ron Paul is the only anti-war, pro-peace candidate in the race.

What are they going to say next?  Well, well, he…he’s old….and out of touch with the times.  But wait, that won’t work as Dr. Paul has become the preferred candidate of the young voter.

Let’s see, they can’t call him a flip-flopper like Romney because he has spoken the same message for the past thirty years.

They can’t call him a religious fanatic like Santorum because, though he is a good Christian man, he does not put forth the notion that he will force his religious beliefs upon others using the power of the presidency.

They can’t say he is a criminal who should be in prison like Newt Gingrich because he has never paid $300,000 to get himself out of charges of fraud and he won’t even take a lobbyist’s phone call.

No, the propagandists are having a real hard time with Dr. Paul as they have literally no experience in dealing with an honest man.  Watch them on the rare occasion that they are forced to say the words, “Ron Paul”.  Their faces contort and they look like they are spitting deadly venom from their mouths.

Look close at Dr. Paul and you will see he is truly likeable and then ask yourself, what could make someone hate an honest likeable patriot?

Those who are a part of the insurgency are beginning to demonstrate true fear.  This is no little matter.  Think about what they face if our law is enforced, keeping in mind there is no statute of limitations on treason, fraud, civil rights violations, or murder.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. The whole damn country needs to be taken over by the Ron Paul Revelution. I can’t wait until he is the Commander in Chief. Just think, we will have a real President, the 1st since JFK.

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