Super Bowl Alert, Letters Containing White Powder Delivered To Hotels Hosting The Super Bowl

Before It’s News – by Josey Wales

Reported moments ago by the New Jersey Journal, a white substance found in envelopes mailed to hotels near Met Life stadium.

Update: It was first reported that three hotels were targeted, now the hotel count is up to six. I have included a second video report discussing this below.  

2nd Update I have added one more video for you to watch, it discusses how this white powder event may be related to other preditions about this years Super Bowl.

Live report here. FBI and Hazmat teams are on the scene.

EAST RUTHERFORD — The suspicious white powder enclosed in envelopes discovered at hotels near Met Life Stadium is believed to be cornstarch, according to the Bergen County Executive’s chief of staff.

Jeanne Baratta, the chief of staff at the Bergen County Executive’s Office, said authorities discovered suspicious letters and/or substances at seven different facilities located near Met Life Stadium, including multiple hotels. Investigators believe the white substance is cornstarch, but have not officially confirmed the nature of the substance, Baratta said.

No injuries have been reported and federal, state and local agencies have secured the various scenes, NJ State Police spokesman Lt. Brian Polite said in a statement at 1:30 p.m.

Law enforcement helicopters have been seen circling from the sky above. Hazmat units and the Bergen County bomb squad have been dispatched to the seven locations, Baratta said.

“The situation is developing,” she told

Among the seven locations are two hotels in Lyndhurst, two in Carlstadt, one in East Rutherford, and one in Hasbrouck Heights. A letter with a white powder was also discovered at the United States Postal Service in Rutherford, according to law enforcement authorities.

Details of the investigation, remained sketchy Friday afternoon.

Lyndhurst Police Chief James O’Connor said two suspicious letters were discovered at the Courtyard at Marriott and the Quality Inn. The letters have both been “isolated,” and police are awaiting further resources, he said. Neither building has been evacuated.

O’Connor declined to disclose the contents of the letters.

Multiple news outlets have also reported that a letter containing a white substance was opened in the Manhattan office of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giulliani.

Check back for updates on this breaking news report.

Now 6 Hotels targeted.

This video discusses how this recent white powder scare could be a precursor to the next big false flag event which could be this Sunday. Here are the reasons why.  If your going to the game, will you be using mass transit to get around?  He makes some good points.

22 thoughts on “Super Bowl Alert, Letters Containing White Powder Delivered To Hotels Hosting The Super Bowl

  1. Yea, once again they are speaking before they know what the f they are talking about. HaHaHa,yea they THINK it is corn starch. Well then just why do they try to start a scare when they don`t know what they are talking about unless they are just trying to stir up trouble. They got feild test kits tosee if it was poison or a drug or a explosive. Hell a simple portable black light would have said a lot about if it was a drug or poison or explosive substance.

  2. I dont think there will be a false flag…Wanna know what I believe? anything on mainstream media and half of what is on alternative news is here to distract us…Look at one hand in your face while not paying attention to the other hand.
    My fellow FTT’ers, everything now is becoming a matrix. Be careful.

        1. Hanging in there. 🙂 Been in a “Blue Funk” for a while now. It was the first Holiday Season without Mom (plus, everything I read/see PO’s and upsets or depresses me more. :/ Too angry to comment.) Lately, a good night of sleep would probably help A LOT. LOL. Too much military/police Air Coverage (and sirens) going on.

          1. I hope you start feeling/doing better Angel. #1 is right, haven`t seen you posting at all lately. RT hasn`t been here for a long time either. We Hope to see ya back soon eh Angel 😉

          2. Thanks, digger. We have more Trenchers now and they are often beating me to it at posting stories. (That’s actually a Good thing. Makes me Happy. 🙂 😉 ) No worries, I’m still here. 🙂

          3. 😉 . Yes Angel, FTTWR has gotten bigger these last few years asen`t it – and yes that is good eh 🙂 Hey there Angel, you can still comment can`t you. we kind of miss ya here lately.

          4. Sorry to hear that, Angel. I haven’t been up to snuff lately, either. There’ve been some days I’ve hardly posted anything myself.

            But when I start getting depressed about things, I just come here, read an article or two, and any depressing thoughts disappear.

            Mainly because at that point, I’m pissed off about what’s going on. I’d rather be mad than depressed any day. I can really go on a tear in the comment section when I’m mad, but not so much if I’m depressed.

            Stay strong, Angel. You know we all love ya. 🙂

    1. They’re getting desperate. More are waking up every day. I can attest to this, considering the number of aware I’ve met in the last couple of years compared to the number of those I met before then.

      The next false flag will have to be so spectacular, so horrendous, that it will shock the entire world (remember, EVERYTHING is ‘global’ these days). What better venue than the biggest game of the year, the SUPER BOWL, with a worldwide (‘global’) audience?


      Time is running out.

      1. #1, I think we got a lot of people trained to the sites we post from so they are doing work for us! What a deal! Sure, we can throw our 2 cents worth anytime.

        1. I think anything can happen at any time, Millard.

          For the first time in years, I’m going to watch the Super Bowl. IF anything happens, I want to see it live, because then the revolution will have to go live, imo. It could be far worse than the twin towers, insofar as the body count.

          A helluva lot more people in that stadium.

  3. This white powder and sniper bullshit is just their way of making excuses for ramping up security at the Superbowl and to continue with the fear-mongering and fake terror bullshit. If there were no Superbowl, I’m sure they would find something else to play with. I very much doubt anything will happen at the Superbowl as the only thing they care about is keep the sheeple constantly if not further acclimated with their police state tyranny.

    This yearly Superbowl thing is becoming about as notorious as the yearly vaccine and flu season rhetoric bullshit. It’s the only way the corporations can sell their police state products to the public.

    What’s the next big thing? President’s Day? Are we going to make a big deal about extra snipers protecting Barry on President’s Day to create more fear-mongering because DHS “intelligence” (what a joke) stated that there may be a high level threat at that time?

    What about Valentine’s Day? Is there going to be an anonymous source at DHS that says that envelopes with Valentine’s Cards in them may have Ricin or that boxes of chocolate may contain some poisonous substance?

    I mean really, the bullshit never ends. The only terrorist I see are the ones within our own government orchestrating this fear-mongering propaganda for every kind of event, holiday, party, etc.

    Hang the government terrorists!

    1. Yep, yep and yep! They’re trying to cover all the angles and doing a fine job on the naïve and simple-minded folks. Waking people up is like teaching them to fish instead of handing them one. It only increases in value in the long run and it does come full circle! Ye shall reap what ye have sown

  4. Here we go again. Instead of this bullshit why don’t they just line up all the jackboots in formation and march them down the street with tanks and missiles so they can show the world what it’s like to live in “The land of the free, home of the brave.” I’m so glad we’re free.

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