Surgeon in Parkland ER Insists Fatal JFK Head Shot Came From the Front

JFK head shot angle from Limo driverEducate Yourself

[Editor’s Note: You can see from the description given below by Dr. Robert McClelland of JFK’s massive exit wound located in the back and on the right side of JFK’s skull, that this exit wound could only be created when a projectile enters from the front and exits from the right rear IF the shooter was located in front of Kennedy and somewhat to his left. That angle of entry and exist can only be created if the head shot came from Secret Service Limo driver William Greer’s gun and not from the Grassy Knoll. The Grassy Knoll is located at least 45 or more degrees to Kennedy’s right. If the fatal head shot had come from the Grassy Knoll, it may have entered the right front, BUT it would have to exit from the left rear.  

I’m sure that elemental logic hasn’t escaped Dr. McClelland’s powers of observation, but the only reason he made it to the age of 83 years and was able to give this talk is because he knows what he can get away with saying about JFK’s wounds, and when he can say it. Sticking with Oliver Stones’ movie script that the fatal head shot came from the Grassy Knoll, along with the first shot coming from the Texas Book Depository (illogical since the wound in JFK’s back is lower than the wound in his throat) is the safer route to follow since nobody in official circles wants to take on the obvious evidence of the Secret Service’s role in carrying out the assassination and its subsequent cover-up. Of course, not all of the Secret Service agents were in the loop as evidenced by SA John D. Ready’s perplexed reaction when told by supervisor Emory P. Roberts to stop running along the rear of JFK’s limo and to get back into the Secret Service follow car. But Roberts obviously knew something as did SAWarren W. Taylor when he fired the initiating Decoy Shot at 12:30 PM from the light yellow 4 door Mercury following behind LBJ’s car.

Larry Jamison’s article mentions that Dr. McClelland also told the Warren Commission that the head wound could have been caused by “a handgun fired at close range” (Ref: Conspiracy of Silence, Dr. Charles A. Crenshaw, High Treason, Robert J. Groden and Harrison E. Livingstone, and Murder from Within, Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams).

Personal note from Dr Crenshaw to Larry JamisonDr. Charles Crenshaw wrote a note to Larry Jamison in January of 1994 in which he describes JFK’s throat wound as a front ENTRY wound in the lower third of the neck, which means that Greer was responsible for both JFK’s throat and head shot as stated in Fred Newcomb’s and Perry Adams’ book, Murder From Within.

There was surely a rifle shot from the Grassy Knoll, as the majority of onlookers heard the shot, some saw a puff of smoke, and many people ran towards the knoll in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, hoping to catch the shooter. Whether that shot caused the bullet hole in the Limo’s windshield, or hit the curb, or some other location is unknown, but I have to concur with Newcomb and Perry’s conclusion inMurder From Within that Greer fired the two shots that hit Kennedy and the one shot that struck Governor Connally in the back when he turned around to look at JFK after he was hit by the throat shot. …Ken Adachi]

By Michael A. Fuoco / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
October 18, 013

Surgeon in Parkland ER Insists Fatal JFK Head Shot Came From the Front (Oct. 18, 2013, EY posted Nov. 23, 2013)

Surgeon in ER Insists 2 Gunman Shot JFK

12 thoughts on “Surgeon in Parkland ER Insists Fatal JFK Head Shot Came From the Front

  1. Let’s look at the original autopsy report on JFK…. Oops, that got burned.

    Gosh, so many coincidences surrounding this murder, one would think there was a conspiracy covering up Kennedy’s assassination.

  2. C’mon, already. How long do we have to beat the dead horse (or dead Kennedy) here?

    Everyone knows who killed him and why, and anyone who believes Oswald did it is probably too stupid to live anyway.

  3. Thanks WAS for this video post. I was not aware of this interpretation of the driver shooting.(some brief mention, that was it)…although I have followed this event, being 18+ at the time myself, and a first year college student…heard the coverage the moment it came on radio, saw live oswald gunned down on TV…as it was covered live because he was being moved from jail….AND personally knew that by the time the Warren Commission was published,,,this was an inside job. A Political/military coup right here in America….The whole truth has been covered up and still is to this day……
    I was thrown into Nam, into combat the latter 60’s, survived that and after going through all this and judging where this crime syndicate called the US Gov is today, if this CIA is not stopped there will come a day when this, our land, will be nuked big time by foreign powers….that event will likely take out half the living people in this country and leave a radio active mess of unimaginable consequences for those living to deal with……
    Evil only goes so far until it runs into itself. When that happens, its put down and out… a function of time!….In many respects, seems would have been easier to live under tyranny in Roman times, rather than what we see today.
    And I don’t get it! Just don’t get it. Makes no sense….from the point of view of Power, Money…nothing! I don’t get it.

  4. @WAS: I’m a big fan of the late Bill Cooper. I’ve read Behold A Pale Horse cover to cover at least twice, and parts of it numerous times. I used to listen, regularly, to “Hour Of The Time” on shortwave back in the 90’s. All this to say that I am in no way maligning the late Mr. Cooper by making the following case.

    I believe, with great conviction, that Bill Cooper was mistaken about Greer having shot Kennedy. I don’t think that Bill was intentionally lying to us when he put forth this theory, rather, I think he honestly thought it was true and was trying to give us what he thought was correct information. From what I can tell, Cooper was a Patriot, through and through, in the truest sense of the word, even with his various character flaws (which, God knows, we *all* have).

    If you watch the Zapruder footage, it does indeed look very strange when Greer slows down and glances back at Kennedy. It certainly appears as though he produces a pistol and aims it at the President just before we see the gruesome headshot. However, if you inspect it again and again, I believe what we are seeing is simply a strange trick of the sunlight and the construction of the windshield, visor, rear-view mirror, etc. of the limo. Notice that there is no muzzle blast, no recoil, and that Greer’s hands are oddly “not where they should be” after said shot – if he had been weilding a handgun.

    Was there a conspiracy to shoot JFK? In my opinion – hell yes, you betcha. Did Oswald do it? No. He was involved, but didn’t shoot. Did Greer do it? I can’t see it, having watched that particular footage over and over. Greer may have known… I dunno… there’s that whole SS “wave off” footage from Kennedy’s arrival at Love, so something was up with that bunch. Greer did slow down, some swear he even stopped for a second – which as I understand it was not what he was supposed to do in such a situation (slow down or stop). But I don’t think he shot Kennedy

    1. @ SCV Tennessean
      I too am a big fan of Bill Cooper. Unfortunately they killed him before I woke up to what was really going in the world. I have watched or listened to everything I could get my hands on video or audio and I do own his book also.
      I also am aware he is/was not perfect. Bill admitted that he was used by people to spread disinformation. I think that was in the areas of alien and UFO’s and the like. It has been a few years so I may have that wrong. He did get away from covering UFO’s later in his career.

      I do not know if Bill has this right. I put the video up because the Doctor in the article is the first person who was on site either at the assassination or the later cover-up to come forward with the same theory. There may have been others but I have not heard of them.

      Bill addresses the muzzle flash and recoil by saying it was a gas gun.

      That being said, I liked the video you posted and it does bring into question Bill’s theory. It may outright destroy it.

      It may be doctored film….both films may be doctored.

      I am not defending a position….. I just want the truth.

  5. I agree SCV….I’ts highly unlikely..the driver shot kennedy. If one will notice, the car rounding the corner just before the shooting, a SS agent has other agents back off, not do there duty, knowing its about to happen. So how many people knew it was coming, i don’t know…As few as necessary i suppose….the head shot or possibly two to the head, came from the right higher, the grassy area or a man hole cover that could have been used, located to the right also….
    Someone commented, why keep talking all these years…Here’s why to keep talking. The same mind set is yet there in power…USe killing of anyone, to get your way……look at the CIA, THE FBI, THe military……..the local police…what do they all do? Kill any time they want……….few are ever prosecuted…..To cover this up on the highest level, that of murdering a President in plain sight, a man who was not against the american people as Obama is, a man who was attempting to do the reverse, take back our land to its (closer) constitutional means…and he get’s it, plain daylight….
    I say, keep talking about this forever, until the absolute truth is presented, and without a doubt….then it can go into history. Not Until!

  6. Why does the driver look back at JFK as JFK is shot?
    Why does Jackie try to crawl out of the BACK of the limo?
    I think Jackie saw Greer shoot JFK.

    1. Why did Greer look back? I don’t know for sure. I think he heard gunfire, and was trying to figure out what the hell was going on. My personal theory on Greer is that he was probably not involved, and when all hell broke loose he had a “WTF” moment and slowed down. If you made a strong enough argument that Greer was involved to the point of slowing down on purpose, you might sway my opinion. I’m not convinced on Greer either way other than he wasn’t a shooter.

      I realize from reading your comments that you disagree about Greer’s role – and I just want to say I respect your thoughts on it. I appreciate differences in opinion, especially when the argument is made by someone who is articulate and intelligent and can engage in reasonable discussion 🙂

    1. I agree about Jackie’s actions there. I think she was in shock at that point.

      Also, I’m thrilled about your comment (above) “If one will notice, the car rounding the corner just before the shooting, a SS agent has other agents back off”

      I’d never noticed that. I’m a huge “JFK conspiracy” fan – it’s one of my all time favorites. I’m looking into that and re-watching. Thanks!

    Headshot came from grassy knoll not the driver. I live in Dallas and spoke with the top consultant to the JFK film by Oliver Stone. He’s there on the weekends to sell his dvd’s and books which are unique to his research. Robert Groden denies the driver shooter BS. His website is

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