In Ohio, It’s Now A Felony To Modify Your Car

trapcarLiberals Unite

A law recently passed there means when you change your car from “factory” to “modified,” they can arrest you. It will be interesting to see if this gets challenged, as I think it should; there were no drugs in this man’s car, nor in his possession. The trooper in the clip says, “We apparently caught him between runs” – oh, really? Conjecture much, Officer Barney Fife?

4 thoughts on “In Ohio, It’s Now A Felony To Modify Your Car

  1. Total BS law. Unconstitutional on its face. Next they will outlaw secret areas in your own home. Where will it end? What are they really worried about? Firearms? Ammo? you betcha chumlee!

  2. Nothing too surprising here. They’re going to keep passing all the tyrannical laws they want to until they’re physically stopped.

    Everyone knows it’s unconstitutional, and everyone’s waiting for payback for the endless assault on our wealth and freedom.

    Just be ready for kick-off time.

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