Teacher Fired for Calling 6-yr-old “Transgender Boy” Student a Girl

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A former Texas teacher has filed a federal lawsuit for discrimination after being fired from her job in Katy, Texas after she exhibited non-government approved behavior when she refused to refer to a six-year-old girl as a “boy”.

The child’s two homosexual dads insist the little girl is a transgender boy and requested the school call her a boy and refer to her with a boy’s name, but even the media is reporting that the female-born six-year-old was often “confused” at school, referring to herself at different times as a girl, sometimes using the girl’s restroom and sometimes the boy’s restroom.  

The teacher, Madeline Kirksey, says she is standing up for her religious beliefs and the rights of all the children in her class, not just one. Another worker in the lawsuit, Akesha Wyatt, was also fired from the school over the child.

All this story proves is that very small children are being used to push an agenda in this country. How a six-year-old comprehends gender identity issues has, at the very least, to be up for serious debate. Most child psychologists agree that child cognitive development happens in four stages, and it isn’t until sometime between age seven and 12 that kids are fully able to understand logical, rational thought — but that’s only in regard to things they can touch or see. The ability for most kids to be able to reason without dependence on visual or tactile aids comes in the pre-teen years.

Yet, so-called “experts” claim the parents are just advocating for the child expressing “his” true self.

What six-year-old knows his or her true self? Most young adults don’t even know that. Transgender identity is a concept that a six-year-old would not even begin to comprehend without it being specifically taught to him or her. This is a six-year-old child who has obviously been thoroughly confused on what is otherwise not an issue six-year-olds deal with.

There are six-year-olds who pretend they are dogs and cats or super heroes who can fly. Doesn’t mean that’s true, either.

And isn’t it ironic this story is coming out of Katy, Texas, a suburb of Houston, in the recent wake of the defeat of Houston’s HERO anti-discrimination law which would’ve allowed individuals claiming they are transgender to use whichever restroom they wanted to, regardless of biological sex…

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9 thoughts on “Teacher Fired for Calling 6-yr-old “Transgender Boy” Student a Girl

  1. this world is f#@ked , any chance we can get screened for tickets to a new planet…………….
    boy = penis
    girl = vigina
    at NO time does
    Boy = vigina
    girl = penis
    boy that lops off penis and digs a hole & takes drugs = boy thats mentally disturbed
    girl has penis constructed out of chuck of leg fat & takes drugs = girl that’s mentally disturbed

    boy on date to girl , have you at any time had gender modification or travelled to Indonesia?

  2. When do we say enough is enough. There’s no way I would have allowed my children to attend a school of perverts, sorry, that’s just the way things are.

    What’s the PC term for queers these days? They been around along time but when they throw their shit out on front street in sight of my children, that’s when I’ll walk up to them and bitchslap ’em hard for the “pre-crime” of disgusting fornication and “flaunting” it in front of my children, damn you.

  3. “The child’s two homosexual dads insist the little girl is a transgender boy…”

    I could insist that a pile of dogshit is chocolate pudding. Would either one of those putrid faggots eat it, just because I said it was so?

    Same difference.

  4. I think they just keep throwing a small handful of freaks in our faces to piss everyone off with the absurdity of it all.

    We have bigger fish to fry, and these lunatics will disappear as soon as real problems arrive. When they’re worried about where their next meal is coming from, they won’t have time for this nonsense, but now, they’re probably loving all the attention they’re getting, as fags always do.

    I think they’re a lot sicker then just their screwed-up sexual tastes. Being attracted to people of the same gender is just a symptom of some serious psychological issues that these people suffer from. (in my humble opinion). When things get ugly, all of these “issues” will vanish, and I think they’re being used now as a distraction from real problems.

  5. I wonder how a 6 year old mind got that F*#KN twisted around?

    Let’s see, could it be two fudge-packin FAG parents?

    Nah, that couldn’t be it…… 😡

  6. No worries. This little girl will be so thoroughly damaged, if she isn’t already, that she will spend the rest of her years on a psychiatrist’s couch feeding the mammon monster, and that’s the important part. (sarcasm)

  7. So then, what do we call IT? IT?

    “Alright boys and girls, it’s time to hand in your homework. Also, IT needs to hand in ITS homework as well.”

    Is that politically correct for ya?

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