Ted Nugent On Running For President: ‘Sure, Why Not?’

ted nugent running for presidentHuffington Post – by Madeline Boardman

Ted Nugent joined a Google Hangout with Detroit radio station WCSX this week, and the rock star didn’t hold back when given the chance to speak about politics.

“Politics in America are very embarrassing right now,” Nugent said. “They’re dire. I won’t go into the gory details because I think we all pay attention, I hope everyone is paying attention to what this administration is doing and what the attorney general does and how it doesn’t matter that four Americans died in Benghazi.”  

The 64-year-old musician, who has long been a vocal supporter of the Republican party, was also asked by the station’s program director whether he would ever consider a run for public office, or even for president.

“I have threatened to run for public office, because I have been prodded to do so, and pushed hard in Texas and other states, and here in Michigan. So it’s not off the table,” Nugent explained. “I am 65 this year but I’m still blessed with incredible energy. I’m going to get my knees replaced so I will be more ambulatory coming up soon.”

“I don’t know,” Nugent, best known for songs like “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Stranglehold,” continued. “At this point it would be up to Mrs. Nugent and my family. I would consult with my manager… but I’m being pushed pretty hard to run for public office and I believe my sense of logic, my sense of common sense, my connection to people who are in the asset column of America … I believe that I would perform an enormous upgrade in returning to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and most important of all: accountability.”

When asked if that answer was meant to be taken as confirmation that Nugent could see himself running for president, the singer simply replied, “That would be a, ‘Sure, why not?'”


16 thoughts on “Ted Nugent On Running For President: ‘Sure, Why Not?’

  1. He’ll be in the dog pit with the likes of the Trilateral Commission and Zbigniew Brzezinski. They’ll have a special folder with his orders laying on his Presidential desk on the day he gets sworn in.

    … but … I wish him well. I hope he can make a change “for the better”.
    . . .

    1. No Cathleen. I believe the great Bill Hicks said it the best and the scenario goes like this. Once you win the Presidential election, the boys whisk you off to a screening room and show you film of the Kennedy assassination but these show detail like you’ve never seen before and are from filming angles never seen before. At the end, they ask the President elect, “Any questions?”

  2. What ever happened to Pat Paulson for President ? Actually TN I hope you do run and get elected because it will be too damned entertaining to see your sorry a$$ shot and burried.

  3. What’s another clown to the puppet show? Until you get rid of the Puppet Master(s) nothing will change………Boycott all that the Evilists stand for even the entertainment world…….Continue to fight for Liberty, freedom, Justice & Truth

  4. Like the national draft registration, how about everyone throw their name in the hat, pick one like the lottery. No money at stake, let the best man win. Can’t be any worse than what we have now, only isrraHELL HAS NO SAY!

    President by lottery, only American Nationals need apply!

    1. Did you see the story about this man?

      In NYC, there were 20 candidates on the ballot for Mayor. 20 !!!
      I wish I could have taken a photo of the ballot. Who knew?! Where did They come from? Not a word. It was all about the false Left/Right. Nothing about anyone opposing the Elephant or the Donkey.
      When I was young, I always heard “Money Talks, Bull Sh_t Walks.”
      Seems to me, Money is the Bull Sh_t that needs to take a Walk.

  5. The only way any of this will ever be changed is when this den of vipers are burned out and destroyed along with their support systems.Anyone that thinks this can even begin to get better at the voting booth is delusional. This infection has spread way to far for a mere psychological injection to cure a thing. When something is as big and as corrupt as the government is it can’t be fixed and I do believe that even the ones holding on to this belief knows better.It has infected even the local levels of government in almost every town around the country too.We are in deep doo doo and the voting booth and the corrupted court system is only going to continue to allow the country to decline. Prepare for the inevitable because its coming no matter what you do.

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