Texas mass shooting: Two killed in attack at university homecoming party in Greenville


Two people have been killed and at least a dozen injured in a mass shooting at a university homecoming party in Texas.

Hundreds of students were gathered at The Party Venue in Greenville, near Dallas, to celebrate the start of a new term at Texas A&M Commerce College. 

With 750 people in the building, someone with a semi-automatic rifle opened fire.

Graphic footage of the aftermath posted on social media showed several injured people on the ground inside the venue and dozens running away from the building.

“We’ve got a bunch of walking wounded,” a Hunt County deputy said on the scanner, according to a WFAA reporter.

The shooter was still at large several hours later.

Deputies were already at the scene due to a parking complaint when they heard gunshots coming from the back of the building, chief deputy of Hunt County Sheriff’s Department, Buddy Oxford, told reporters.

Three air ambulances took some victims to a trauma hospital, while others were taken to hospitals in Greenville, and neighbouring Quinlan and Commerce, officials told reporters at CBS‘ Dallas branch.

No official information has been offered about the identity or whereabouts of the shooter. The FBI were also at the scene on Sunday morning, Mr Oxford said.

Greenville, where students were attending the unofficial homecoming party, is 15 miles away from the university campus.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims, families, and friends of those affected by this morning’s shooting in Greenville,” the university said in a statement.


3 thoughts on “Texas mass shooting: Two killed in attack at university homecoming party in Greenville

  1. Cameras everywhere and security officers everywhere and still a gunman comes in? Whatever! We know you want our means to protect ourselves & will do anything to get them. No deal!!!!

    1. Still haven’t released CCTV from Wal Mart El Paso “incident.” I take these events in stride. With special effects these days you really can’t trust anything the corporate media reports (not that you should anyways) unless you can verify it yourself. They could just be exploiting a legit event for nefarious political purposes as well.

  2. “No official information has been offered about the identity or whereabouts of the shooter.”

    College snowflakes are THE worst “See something, say something” idiots out there.

    My guess is that they already know WHO… just not WHERE WHO is.

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