The #1 Reason That Jon Corzine Is Not In Prison

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Corzine and Obama campaign ad.

A match made in donation bundling Heaven.

This clip from a 2010 Jon Corzine for Governor campagin ad is exhibit A in the cesspool of DOJ corruption that has resulted in Jon Corzine not currently residing in prison for stealing $1.6 billion from segregated client accounts during the collapse of MF Global, a collapse that was brought on by at least $6 billion of massively-leveraged bets on European debt.

James Koutoulas: “If anyone still thinks Obma has kept his promise to clean up Wall Street please review the following video.”

Justice For Sale

President Obama took over $49 million in campaign donations from Wall Street, his Justice Department is full of former white collar defense lawyers, and 4 years after our financial collapse, not a single senior Wall Street executive has been charged with a crime.

CORZINED – Urban Dictionary

When something of value is stolen, and everyone who was in charge of safeguarding the valuable claims ignorance of just about anything. People in charge who confronted with questions about the valuable items usually answer, “I just dont know where it is” or claim that the valuables were “vaporized” when it was their job to know.

Wall Street justice brought to you by Eric Holder and Covington & Burling:

Who is Jon Corzine – CNN:


Good clip exposing Corzine’s Obama connection.  A look at the career of former MF Global CEO Jon Corzine as he moved from Goldman Sachs titan to Washington power broker.

These two links search for the missing funds:

Janet Tavakoli – Analyzing the Fraud at MF Global

Email Ties Corzine to Missing Funds – WSJ


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  1. The United Corporate States of America, only a complete fool cannot see this is the reality. Just Us is their communist law.

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