The 2014 American Coup in Ukraine

Aug 20, 2020The end of the Cold war brought peace to Europe and armies began to demobilize. The American empire exploited this trust and ignored promises made to the Russians to expand NATO and absorb former Warsaw Pact nations and even former Soviet Republics. Efforts then focused on conquering the large former Soviet Republic of Ukraine. The Russians had found Ukraine unproductive, corrupt, and troublesome so granted it independence in 1991. The American empire plotted to absorb Ukraine into NATO and sent military units to Ukraine to bolster the Ukrainian army with plans for building American military bases. An American instigated coup in Ukraine led to bloody fighting and major economic disruptions.

11 thoughts on “The 2014 American Coup in Ukraine

  1. Victoria Nuland (aka The Bread Lady) – Oy, her husband Robert Kagan (cofounder of PNAC), and with Brookings Inst. – Oy.

  2. How do you put this one investigation into the Ukrainian revolution into a nutshell? How the obvious geographic divisions between Ukraine and Russia, were exploited was one obvious detail of consequence that I noticed. For me, to grasp what was reported in this investigation, I would need to watch it over at least 2 more times, to catch what I missed, to clearly see through all that smoke and fire. It seems like Ukraine must have riches beyond their wildest dreams, otherwise, that “bread lady” and the CIA wouldn’t have any reason to be there.

    1. The whole thing, all sides we’re loaded up with Chosenites and their schmedriks. They were dug in like a tick on the communist, facist, and especially the puppet government side. The current president there is a Chosenite.
      I’m sure all the gold slipped away during the chaos.
      It’s like the play book for the Anifa/ BLM riot bs recently.
      Izzy and the schmedriks are usually behind it.
      I’ve met a few Ukrainians through my journey, they’re crazier than a shit house rat.
      One said to me once;
      Fight in America, the cops come and throw you in jail.
      In Ukraine you kill someone, drive around with body on hood and nobody bother you.

      1. Hal Apeeno, that is one heck of a nutshell commentary! I love the descriptive way you made it so interesting to read! Chosenites, schmedricks, dug in ticks, shit house rats! What a vivid picture you paint with words! Izzy, not to mention Aunt Lizzy! Maybe the North American truckers could take a cue from the Ukranians, and start making themselves some fine blue helmet hood ornaments.

        1. Well that’s how they are. Like Ferengi on Star Trek.
          Whatever it takes to make a profit.
          I did some searching ” Israel involvement in 2014 Ukraine Revolution”, “Azov Battalion”, “Nuland Coup”…
          Finding names and looking there, taking notes from comments, etc.
          Not much for posting here but reading between the lines takes us places to see bits and pieces.
          Generals Petraeus, and McChrystal had their todo’s there, as well as Senator Songbird McCain.
          All ya gotta do is get to digging. Of course it’s tougher finding things on the net, but it’s mostly there be it in pieces parts.
          Just gotta get the gray matter flowing

          1. Yep! Reading between the lines, that’s where the pieces of the puzzle of the real picture come into view.

        1. No doubt Isn’t-real and Russia got a thing.
          I believe that they have since the Bolshevik State.
          Putin is a cool cuke, which makes for good con men.
          Hell, maybe he’s a Rubberlipian as well Idk. 🙂

          1. Rubberlippians suck the slime off the surfaces of the fish tank. Looking from the outside in, Hal, with all that’s going on in there, that’s exactly what he is!

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