The American People of the American Race Support Occupy Wall Street

It would seem the protests are continuing in New York and as the protesters push their rights the police are pushing back with tyranny.  The exact composition and actions of the crowds cannot be known as the mainstream propagandists are avoiding the event like the plague.

Meanwhile FOX News blatantly pulled their online poll when it showed Ron Paul with a commanding lead.  I have to believe the elitists are more than a little concerned and the hints in the news of a change in US policy toward Pakistan, coupled with Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejan’s speech at the UN and the Palestinian’s bid for recognition, indicates that it is possible that anything could happen.

As for our US diplomats that walked out of the UN assembly when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad started speaking, I think they should be immediately fired.  Just who in the hell do they think they are?  Even the twisted mainstream propaganda polls say only 26% of US citizens oppose the Palestinian bid for statehood, yet our so called diplomats are going to the representatives of other countries and making threats of retribution if they vote in favor of the Palestinians.

I ask the question again.  What makes the tiny little piss hole Israel so important to us?  In fact the foreign state of Israel is more important to our so called government than the peoples of any individual state in our own union.  Look at Arizona.  The people there pass laws to protect the sovereignty of their state and were immediately attacked by the insurgents in our so called federal government.

Why are our people always left at the losing end of these double standards?  When the Egyptians protesting in Cairo are abused by the police, our so called government declares it wrong.  When the police in New York abuse protesters, well that is just something we are not going to talk about.

If the people could only realize the strength in our numbers.  If one million New Yorkers congregated and were determined to do so, they could go down to Wall Street and throw these arrogant CEOs into the street on their arses and they could not be stopped.  Because the only way to stop a million determined people would be to commit an atrocity that would be the trigger for the second American Revolution.

Ron Paul is now saying that the revolution may very well turn violent if the people’s avenues to a peaceful resolution for the restitution of the Republic continue to be blocked.  And is that not what is happening in New York?  How is the police’s defense of the palaces on Wall Street any different than the police’s defense of the presidential palace in Cairo?  There is no difference.  The elite in this country have transformed our peace officers into their police.  They no longer protect the people from violence but rather protect the violence being perpetrated on the people by the elite.

I hope to see the situation in New York continue to ratchet up to the point that the police agencies are forced to make that most crucial of decisions.  We must let them know if they stand with the corporate elite they will fall with the corporate elite and go down in our history as traitors to our Republic.  And their children and grandchildren will live with that shame for generations to come.

The fact is there are only two sides to this fence and everybody had better decide which side they are on, because the people on my side of the fence are going to send all the fence walkers to the same place we are going to send those on the other side of the fence.  And that is straight to a deportation barge heading for Somalia.  Any of you pompous elitists out there who think this is a joke; well I guess we will see who is laughing when the barge you are on hits the beach.

We are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution and anyone who tries to stand in our way is going to go down hard.  So if you think you can oppose us, step up and see how the American people of the American race treat with you after a hundred years of oppression and abuse.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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