7 thoughts on “The Armed IRS Training Video You Have to See to Believe

  1. how many muzzle sweeps can you count in this circus? every one of these Fcks is dead by one of his own traitor buddies.. this is gonna be easier than i thought , ill just sit on my back porch with my coffee and wait until they kill each other

    one shot goes off , and every one of these losers is going to start yanking rounds , without even the slightest muzzle awareness , I see a very panicked and dangerous government .. and all the panic they can blame on themselves, because of the treatment of its people

    look at that one clown in how far out reached is his pistol is , thats a good way to have it taken from you and used on you, it is very obvious to someone whos been trained , these guys and ladies are a fcken joke.. not to mention illegal and not recognized by our Bill of Rights .. TRE is exactly what this is .. and they talk about their pay , like they will ever get to cash many of those checks , dyin aint much of a livin son

    that one guy looks like he’s straight out of “Meal Team 6” hahahaaha big ass target

    1. exactly!

      the first guy in the room walks back and forth and the second guy locked elbows never modifies.

      they also look like they got recruited from walmart as far as fitness and common sense goes.

      one shot to shoot them all.

  2. Dont get it twisted this might be a deceptive video to make you think that your enemy is incompetent and weak.

  3. What ever the hell this is, it is SICKENING.

    America where are you? The Cruel King never left and he has increased his army. But our army is bigger and badder. America, RISE!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. These are just decoys to placate the masses. These are just college students on a “field trip” to see what
    this new job opening will entail. If impressed enough, they could then go on to more real training in the future
    if they could even qualify. I agree with deon

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