15 thoughts on “The Common Law: What is Common Law and What Role Did it Play in England and in the new American government?

  1. It’s hard to take these two vids in without a discussion of the role The Bill of Rights plays in these proceedings. But I liked how it shows America “not havin’ it,” when it comes to England’s way of upholding government at all costs. We were so original. I mean was anything like this ever done before, anywhere in all of history? I ask in earnest.


  2. It is interesting how these propagandists manage to have a bullshit lying conversation about American common law without mentioning the actual common law ratified in 1791, which absolutely declares the individual free sovereign with the absolute jurisdiction to take the highest government employee and drag them into a common law court in their individual capacity, and of course the maximums and procedural due process guaranteed absolute to the every individual.
    They can make all this shit they want, it is without standing as it is without fact.
    The people as individuals are the highest jurisdictional authority. Their exclusive authority to prosecute cannot be questioned.
    They can do all these little videos they want. I will set up a common law court and have them tried and hung for conspiracy to sedition. They know what is going to get them and that part of the law that they will try to skirt, slip around, and sidestep, but it still leads them to those thirteen steps and that hemp rope.
    Very interesting though, that they are now trying to explain their government control over the people’s law, which is clearly a violation of American common law, et.al.
    Keep trying, fellas, it isn’t going to work. When this is all over every one of you will be hung and the common law Bill of Rights will stand superior as the only lawful authority in this nation.

    1. Exactly. These psychopaths make these bullshit videos in the hopes that enough people with non-functional brains and no common sense will believe that they can make up laws and rules that suit them. They totally side-stepped the common law ratified of 1791 and would rather have people not know anything about the Bill of Rights.

      1. You’ll also get an education by listening to the daily radio broadcast.
        Go to the front page of the website and look to the right and you’ll see the info for the broadcast.

          1. Joe, F-k you. This is how men talk when they are going into war, you know, life or death. If you don’t want to know the common law, don’t f-king listen. And if you don’t like the profanity on this site, go f-k your shill self, because you are going to hear a lot worse, troll, when the guns are barking and the knives and hatchets are being weilded.
            In short, go f-k yourself.

          2. A little programmed, are we? Sticks and stones… You know the rest.

            Each word is so important and valuable because it shows what’s really going on inside someone, or what severe set of circumstances is ahead. I personally could not live without the F word. I find it essential to authentic communication. And I include all the other “word obsenities” as well = little naughties telling the truth.


    2. Henry, I love the thirteen steps, and please put 13 twists in the noose, but may we dispense with the long drop? I want these scum to dance.

      1. You bet you, we can. And we can staple their eyelids open and put up a 20 by 30 foot mirror in front of them so they can watch their own shit dance. 🙂

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