The Danger of Attributing Malice to Stupidity

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I’ve written on a similar topic before, and it is a little against the grain of popular commentary,  but the quote along the lines of “don’t attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity” comes to mind.

I had an interesting week, which brought this into focus for me. I wrote before on this blog about the fact that I still serve in the US Army Reserves, which means that I have to be careful about political comments; the best example being the political office of President also being one and the same with Commander in Chief, thus leaving me open to disciplinary action under UCMJ if I was to be too disparaging about the current incumbent. 

When I wrote before, it was about my experiences in the US Military and never really coming across anyone or anything in my unit that would suggest we were suddenly about to become bad guys and go and fight the American public That does not mean that I don’t believe such a thing could happen, witness my book ‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises’ for an example of what I think about that. How about the guy this last weekend, who had an Obama-Biden sticker on his laptop, and happened to be black. Does he really know what this means and where we are potentially going as a country, or is he just an ignorant sheep voting along emotive lines for what he feels is best?

One of the things I want to say is don’t just make assumptions that because someone works for the government  or the military, or an agency, that they are the bad guy. We are obviously going in bad directions at top policy levels and there are many who are, or have the potential to be, stooges  But  not all, and life is too complicated to make broad assumptions.

So here are a few things that happened to me recently, that made me question assumptions a little:

1. You all know that I recently bought some out of the way land for training purposes. It just so happens that this is in West Virginia in an area that is not a bad journey from DC. The Realtor who we bought this from was telling us stories about multiple recent purchases by government workers, many of who worked for the three letter agencies that you would normally assume, in today’s climate, are the bad guys. Apparently they  saw the writing on the wall for  imminent collapse and wanted a place as a retreat. Multiple couples and individuals were mentioned, and even stories of leaving cell phones at the Realtor office and only using walkie-talkies at the backwoods properties. What does that tell you? They don’t want their agencies to know where they plan on going!

2. Government workers and contractors, although supposed to be sucking at the teat of government and tax payers money, have been treated very badly by the current administration. Pay and bonuses have been frozen for years. The current ‘scarequester’ is seeing contracts cancelled and government workers going on furlough. Not on the entitlement/social security side of course but across the military and similar sides of the budget. So these things tell you that not all the people in these organizations are the stooges you think they are, even if the regressive agenda of those in power may be damaging to American interests. Many are conservatives. Of course, others are or will be willing stooges of the regime, I’m not denying that.

3. I had to fly out of state for my ‘real job’ this week. I had to experience TSA both ways. Flying out of DC I was able to pull my military ID card out and go through ‘TSA Pre’. You could say that is an example of those on the ‘in’ getting advantages over the ‘mundanes’. You may be right. I was treated very well.

On the way back, I went through with the rest of the cattle! I was not treated badly, but when I got to the point where the lady could have chosen me for the metal detector or the naked scanner, she profiled me as suitable for the scanner. So I refused it. So they brought in the body searchers. What I found amusing was that they took me through a side gate to search me off to the side, without asking me to walk through the metal detector. That meant that I had not been pre-screened for metal, and the search was reliant on the hand search. Contrary to what people have experienced  he didn’t put his hands anywhere near my balls, so I felt pretty sure if I wanted to smuggle in something in my groin area, I could have. I did politely mention this the the supervisor, who told me that it was government policy and he just worked there. After that, the searcher asked if I was military, shook my hand and told me he was 101st Airborne, Vietnam 1969. So, it’s an interesting mixed message.

4. My wife recently flew and mentioned a TSA employee saying his Muslim prayers loudly off to the side, and then the Muslim TSA female in a headscarf selecting an elderly white woman for a special search. Possibly she profiled her as a white domestic terrorist?

5. Once in my hotel, I turned on the TV. I don’t actually have network television at home, we just stream off the internet. So I turned on CNN. WOW! I was right into a report from some moron at the southern poverty law center about ‘hate groups’. I mean, this guy actually LOOKED like a moron. He was equating such groups directly with Patriot and Constitutionalist viewpoints. One of his points is that apparently white people will soon no longer be a majority in the US, and as such are becoming desperate racists. It was pure propaganda  mixed in with other stuff about the evils of firearms. I was stunned. Wheel me away to the concentration camp, I must be an evil racist!

I mean, let’s call it like it is. I am sick of racism in America. And the place I see it mainly from, is minorities towards whites. The current Administration pushes it, dividing people. There are academic documents on record of Michelle Obama expressing rabid racist opinions. White Devils arrrrggghhh! Whites are supposed to feel guilty about simply being white. The gun clinging Christians are coming! Its just pure madness and it’s wrong. All racism is wrong, including programs that promote minorities not for achievement and merit, but simply for being a  minority. Just take people as they are. However, if they actually are an entitlement moron  then whatever their ethnic origin they are just morons, end of story.

Well, f*ck that. I’m white. I have guns. I believe in the Constitution and the Constitutional Republic. I don’t agree with racism, but I do believe that you just can’t fix stupid, and if you are a moron, then you should be called as such.

And NEWSFLASH: slavery was a long time ago, and it was never limited then or now to black Africans in America. And it was often Arabs and either other African tribes, so their own tribes, that sold Africans into slavery. So who is culpable now? Get over it and get on with being Americans. I call bullsh*t on the slavery and tyranny of Political Correctness and the revision of history to suit regressive agendas.

6. When on my trip, one of the things I had to do was meet with some people from DHS. Yes, DHS. Well, it was interesting. It just so happened that one of their bosses was visiting. He was in charge of a whole DHS region, same as a FEMA region. Well, this guy was cool. He was retired after twenty years in the military. He was a conservative. He had sought out and married a conservative woman, and he had firearms and the like. We hung out and had some drinks, and he had some choice things to say about the current political environment. He was not what I expected. Now, I can’t tell you what he will do when the hammer falls. Just like I can’t tell you what the rest will do. But I will say that it mitigates against a full conspiracy from the regressive left within DHS. Consider that the regressive agenda is not as strong as you may think, but perhaps the MSM is making it out to be strong?

But with all these things, and you can look at the last civil war for an example, it is never cut and dried and people have to choose sides, many for a variety of different reasons and factors. Some may become stooges simply to survive, or to allow their families to survive. I have attempted to shed light on that in‘Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises.’

However, one thing you can conclude from this is that the MSM is definitely on a deliberate propaganda mission. And that people in these agencies, although they may not be complicit and may disagree with current regressive policy  are not actually standing up and doing anything about it. The paycheck argues against that; we all have to pay our bills right?

What was that? All it takes is for good people to do nothing for evil to triumph? Hmmmm.


4 thoughts on “The Danger of Attributing Malice to Stupidity

  1. 2014 when Obamacare kicks-in. I say you will see the economic civil war take form and sides will develop. From there it will start the path to the inevitable…Just my opinion.

  2. He talks about the evils of PC whilst wallowing in it when he talks about Arabs being the traders of slaves.

  3. “After that, the searcher asked if I was military, shook my hand and told me he was 101st Airborne, Vietnam 1969. So, it’s an interesting mixed message.”

    Ex-military working for TSA? He should be absolutely ashamed of himself. I don’t care who you are. If you work for TSA, you’re an asshole in my book, plain and simple. I’ve had my run-ins with TSA and I 120% despise those assholes with a passion. And don’t give me that, “Well, he’s only doing it to support himself and his family during these rough times” bullshit. It’s the principle and morality of it all. You couldn’t pay me enough to do that job. It’s disgusting and sickening. I’d rather starve than to live my life in shame by working as TSA. That veteran ought to be ashamed of himself for working for them.

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